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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Pleno for 2010

As a matter of urgency (whenever is it not) a Pleno meeting was held today at noon.
The purpose of the meeting was to agree the accounts for 2009 and basic expenditure for 2010 in order to apply for funds from the various authorities in order that we can meet our financial requirements for the coming months. I have a copy of the breakdown of these if anyone wishes to see them.

That was the only matter for discussion at the Pleno.

I was given details of a letter from Almeria regarding the timescale for anyone wishing to ensure they are registered to vote. It states that anyone who wishes to register must do so before the 15th January and these registrations must be forwarded to the Office of Electoral Censor by the 20th January. It is expected that all those who voted at the last election should get the forms in time for the next elections but anyone who didn't and wishes to ensure they can vote needs to call into the Town Hall before the 15th January.

This will be the last blog post of 2010 and to all the readers of this blog can I wish you a very happy Xmas and, hopefully, a progressive and enjoyable New Year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14th December

Managed at last to have some time with Candido this morning and below is a list of issues discussed and their results or otherwise.

Firstly I was aware that yesterday there had been many raised voices and discussions betweennt he various members of the council and enquired as to what that was about. It transpires that the main discussions were about the financial status of the Town Hall. We are in dire straits although not quite as dire as many others. It transpires that we paid for the Tanatorio work and now have to await reimbursement of that before we can have enough to pay the wages! A bit of an error! We need to have a pleno soon to agree that last years budgets so that we can apply for a loan for next year and enable us to pay the people and finance normal operations.

I then raised the issue of the pubic discussions on forums etc about next years elections. I informed Candido that on some forums they had discussed the fact that Zurgena's PGOU would go nowhere and was not being worked on and also that he was not going to be standing for reelection. On the latter issue he had attended a meeting with the President of the Partico Andalucista who this comment was attributed to. The President denied ever saying anything of the sort and that it was a made up story. He also said the same was true of the former comment. He, Manolo and Luiz (the architect) were all actively working on the pGOU and as he had intimated previously hoped to present it to Pleno in February or March and try and get approval before the elections in May. He provided me with a paper copy of where the PGOU was at the moment but said I should not release it as there are many changes yet to be made to it. He also added that due to the fact that the regional authorities keep changing the person responsible for negotiating the PGOU we are tyo go ahead with what, we understood to be the agreement of the previous holders of that office, and present that to the new one.

I then asked about next years election and Candido's position. He said that whoever started that rumour knows more than he does. He said yhe only problem about the next years elections was that there is only one fully paid up member of the P.A. and that is himself. We had a general discussion about what we need to do for next years election and he urged me to suggest further expat citizens who may wish to join the Partido Andalucista and therefore have a say in the compilation of the list for the election and have input into the Manifesto. If anyone out there is interested please forward me an email so that you may be considered for membership. He is particularly keen to see some ladies apply for membership as the only female member of the council (spanish) s resigning). I understand it only costs a few euros each couple of months and obviously to ensure I can have input on the list and manifesto I will be joining the party and becoming a proper card carrying member. So please consider this. We do need to get down to sorting things in advance of the elections and he urged me to get the expat community to give the manifesto some thought so tat any ideas we have are considered for inclusion. This is your chance to have a say.

There had a been a small problem for a number of people with the WiFi however, that problem has been resolved and should not recur.

Did manage to get a couple of Certificates of Expediente and will contact those individuals by email.

Also got a copy of the route of the motorway from Cucador to La Conception (well the bit past Palaces anyway) although he did say this may be years away due to the financial situation in Spain.

We have received some of the documents for us to start work on the IBI bills. I will be assisting Salvadore with this start
ing in the next weeks.

The regional authorities have awarded the contracts for the following works, the guard rails along the road to Llanos del Peral, the tarmac and lights for Palaces and some work on the bowling green. We should see progress on these issues in the next few weeks.

I asked about the Court Case for the Palaces case as requested by one of the residents but without a good deal more information it would not be easy to find . I will contact the individual to ascertain what I need to know to be able to trace that case.

I also asked about the issues which I was awaiting response from Paco on regarding the street surface in Cucador, the lighting in Cuesta de los Pinos and a couple of other bits, including the idea of increasing the fence round the football pitch at La Alfoquia. He noted each and said he would also speak with Paco. He asked whether people would rather the lights were switched on sooner or await the installation of the extra lights. I suggested that given how the winter is passing by sooner would be better.

I thanked Candido for allowing the expats to use the village hall in Llanos de Peral. He replied that he was pleased they were able to use it as that is what it is for and that it will be even better when completely finished.

I was unable to speak with the secretary as he was off work sick. I will try later in the week regarding other certificates of expediente and licenses.

I also spoke with Jose from the Correos today. He had called round following my email to him regarding the rumour that the Post Office in Zurgena was to close. He was a bit annoyed and wanted to know who had started this rumour as it is not true. I told him I did not know who had started it but that I would publish his comments on here. Zurgena Post Office will remain open except for Bank Holidays. There is also the possibility that it may move to the old doctors surgery in the New Year when it becomes available as it will be better for the operation.

Just as an aside, due to the sporadic nature of these blogs, if you wish to keep up to date with it, without having to check it, you can use the 'follow' feature on the side bar which will inform you of any updates.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Frustrating Day

As you know I have been waiting for Andreas to return to work following his fathers admission to hospital. Yesterday was his first day back so thought I would leave it until today - mistake!

Called in but there was no one working Juan Jose was off, the father of the secretary Jose seems to be very poorly and dying so he was not in, Maribel and Isa both off so Andreas on his own. It seems that family considerations certainly take precedence over work! Maybe thats the way it should be.

My lengthy list only saw a couple of points clarified firstly regarding IBI and working on our calculations this is awaiting a password from Almeria so that other documents which are online can be accessed from our offices. So that is not going to be before January.

Secondly regarding the WiFi new rates. If you feel that it is unfair that the rate you have paid in advance is excessive given the new rates you can try and see if they will uprate your connection for the remaining period but I would only do that if you have a good number of months to go. Otherwise the new cheaper rates will be applied to all from 1st January 2011.

I will try again on Monday and Tuesday to see the other councillors, the secretary and Candido.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andreas Update

Just to let people know that Andreas' father is recovering and the investigations have revealed no cancers. So that is a big relief for the family. I believe he hopes to be back in the office next Thursday. Monday and I think Wednesday are bank holidays.

We were able to allow some of the residents of Llanos Del Peral hold a Christmas Carol evening in the newly refurbished iglesia in the village. Apparently it went very well and they even had some Spanish locals there. I will feed that back to the Town Hall as they are keen to see such facilities used by all the residents. From the organisers words they may well make it a regular event.

As those of you who are resident will know by now, the first part of the new road is open from Cucador to, up by the bridge. There is however no access from that end into or out of La Alfoquia. The only way in or out is by the Cucador turning.

Due to one individuals change of plans I have one available postal box for the Cuesta de los Pinos developement. I have lost my waiting list. So if anyone is interested in having this box (price 30 euros one off purchase price) then please let me know. First come first served.
Sorry now gone!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Andreas dad

Andreas' father is a little better today but they will be doing tests tomorrow to see exactly what the state of his lungs are and what else they can do for him. It does mean that for most of this week I will be unable to progress the issues outstanding.

I am hoping to sort out the keys for the group wanting to use the community centre at Llanos del Peral for a small Xmas carol singing on Friday and also to get an answer to the big question which has been circulating on the forums about Candido not standing next year for reelection.

Just as I was compiling this blog I took a phone call from Candido to the effect that he has not made any decision about next years elections but he is possibly going to stand but that it would depend on whether he had the support of myself and the other councillors. So again there is no truth in the Spanish press reports about the PGOU, Candido or the Town Halls position regarding the PGOU. I will try and get some time to discuss this in more detail when I can get Andreas and Candido to sit down, probably next week.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WiFi Reduced Prices

One bit of good news is that the charges for the WiFi have been reduced see below for new prices.

1 Mbps/128 kbps => 3 EUR
2 Mbps/256 kbps => 6 EUR
3 Mbps/320 kbps => 12 EUR
4 Mbps/512 kbps => 20 EUR

I understand a few of you were charged the old rates I will try and make sure Andreas is aware of the new prices when I see him this week.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Andreas' Father

Was having a surgery today and had hoped to see Candido regarding about nine points, but was thwarted, in that Andreas was not going to be available. His father has been admitted to hospital with water on the lungs.
Will try daily.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Forum Reports & Casetas

Firstly I have had a number of emails about the contents of some posts on forums about our PGOU and Candido Trabalon, Mayor of Zurgena. Firstly, for your information, I do not use the forums and have not for over 3 years due to the frequently unsubstantiated and often almost slanderous stuff that appears on them. As you know the reason I joined the Council in Zurgena was to try and be able to give people as accurate and up to date information on anything that appertains to Zurgena.

In relation to the stuff which has been circulating in the Spanish press(left wing controlled) about Candido and the likely events at Court in March this is the 3rd release of the same information and almost word for word what they said at the time of the arrests. Secondly I have not spoken to Candido for over a week and, if he has intimated he is not going to run, then he hasn't told me. I will be meeting with him as usual probably Thursday or Friday and will ask for clarification of this matter and the newspaper reports. Lastly as far as the PGOU is concerned there are no further developements, on what is actually being agreed, since I last reported on here.

Secondly the Post Boxes for Los Carasoles were being installed yesterday and so deliveries to that area should commence soon. The residents of Palaces have also initiated a bank of boxes for their area and Mrs Diane Drummond is organising that one. We have identified a location and Diane is finalising numbers for the boxes. If you live in Palaces area and are interested please get in touch with Diane asap her email is and herb telephone number is
950 064 322

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WiFi Problem

Most of you will have noticed a little problem with the WiFi over the past two days. This is due to a sizeable network problem across a large part of Southern Spain. They have allowed us 30% of our normal bandwidth so that it can keep working but hopefully they can resolve the problem over the next day or two. They are working on it.

Network problem resolved at 12.30pm today Sunday.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I had another meeting with Jose the support services manager for the Correos today to try and advance the installation of more Postal Boxes at Palaces and Los Carasoles. It was a bit awkward as I did not have my car(had to take it in for some work doing) and the lady doing the work for Palaces was already committed to a meeting but I had a nice brisk walk over the Palaces only for Jose to ring me from Olula del Rio (didn't need to have half run and should have realised) that he would be late!

Anyway he has agreed to commence deliveries to both Palaces and Los Carasoles as soon as Postal Box banks are installed. There is the issue of ensuring letters are correctly addressed. He did inform me that many letters for the boxes already installed are not being properly addressed and asked that I put out a reminder. So please if you want post delivered to an existing or future Buzon (postal box) you are reminded to show it as follows

James Smith? (necessary)
C1-B1 (necessary)
Caseta Postal Tahullas (optional)
Location (necessary)
Postal Code 04661 (necessary)
Zurgena, Almeria, Espana.

C1 or C2 whichever is your caseta.
B1 or whatever being your box number
Location being Cuesta de los Pinos, Los Carasoles or Palaces.

I will communicate to the people locally who are organising these boxes how each area should show its address for its individual caseta.

It would also appear that all other areas in Zurgena will require Casetas if they want deliveries as Madrid has quoted the law regarding deliveries and that will be the outcome. I was able to see a letter which had been prepared for a Spanish resident os a part of La Alfoquia and that was the gist of the letter.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Road Latest (Copied from Bruce's list)

Latest News regarding the new motorway as circulated by Bruce Hobday and one of the Forums for your information.

The Board will open one lane of the motorway Almanzora to avoid passing through the Alfoquia
The Ministry of Public Works has increased investment in 5.6 million to increase security and improve infrastructure
Posted on 17/11/2010 Teleprensa.

The Government delegate of the Board in Almeria, Maribel Requena, and the Provincial Delegate for Public Works, Ana Vinuesa, visited, accompanied by mayors and economic and social actors in the region of Almanzora, the works executed by the Junta de Andalucía future motorway link with Baza Huércal-Overa, through a transverse axis across the Almanzora communicate.

The aim of the visit was to explain the progress of works and detail the improvements that have been included in the projects of the two sections that are running, which is the variant and the stretch Albox Albox-Cucador variant. Likewise, the delegate of the Government has announced that later this month will service a road, enabling a lane in each direction, along 2.6 kilometers, to avoid vehicles passing through the neighborhood of the Alfoquia.

Along the route, which includes 14.7 km, has demonstrated the high degree of implementation of the two sections. Alternative Albox is at 78.5 percent of execution, while the section-Cucador Albox variant reaches 80.5 percent. The work continues at full pace, with 120 workers who are in the works. The Andalusian invests in the works of these two sections 59 million euros. In addition to the work under the project, the Ministry of Public Works has approved an additional investment of EUR 5,650,000, which is embodied by two modified are also running.

The modified response to the requests made by the mayors of the municipalities through which the future highway runs (Albox and Arboleas), in order that the infrastructure to respond to needs that have arisen after project approval, the result of growth region. This is the case of access to polygon Terdiguera or access to the neighborhood branch of the Molata and Almanzora. Additionally, increased measures to improve road safety and slope stability.

The Government delegate stressed the commitment of the Government of Andalusia and the infrastructure in the Shire of Almanzora, which highlights the future Highway, which is part of the Mascerca Plan of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and represents a total investment of 425 million euros.

In this line, Maribel Requena said the regional government's continued commitment to this infrastructure, as reflected by the fact that it is included in the first package of works to be financed by the public-private model, "a formula to support great works with private investment without establishing tolls or change the specifications and use of infrastructure to be designed from the Administration to serve the public. "

The motorway project Almanzora is planned in two phases.

The first, which refers Purchena, Fines and Huércal-Overa, runs most of the track on the A-334. Includes 40 kilometers of highway, divided into five sections. One of them, including 7.9 kilometers and links Aims and Albox, is already in service. Two others, the variant of Albox and the links to the Cucador, are underway and include 14.7 km. Finally, the connection between Cucador and the intersection of La Concepcion, which will mean another 3.3 kilometers, is also awarded. So, the remaining sections, whose projects are drafted, the tender tare through this public-private formula, with an investment of 139 million euros.

As for the second phase, which will link Purchena Baza and is an investment of 200 million euros and about 3,016 jobs associated with it. These works will be put into service another 42.3 kilometers of highway and infrastructure connected with the rest of Andalucía through the A-92 north in Baza. The tender for the concession to these sections will be held in the first quarter of 2011.

The Almanzora Highway Baza improves the connection between (A-92 North) and Huércal-Overa (A-7) through the A-334, in order to promote social and economic development in this region of Almeria, making provide citizens a big cross shaft that communicates between it and linking to the two main motorways in the region. Thus, the highway will directly benefit the 70,000 citizens living in the municipalities of Valle del Almanzora, located in a length of 90 kilometers and the total investment is 425 million euros.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Voting Rights & How to Check

I have, as you know been waiting for the Secretary to try and get me a full censor list from Almeria but he has failed. I have copied the below from my friend Bruce Hobdays' circulation email as it is as comprehensive a list as it is possible to get. I would urge everyone to check, particularly those who did not vote in the local elections in 2007.

I will also ensure that Jose in our Town Hall is aware (para 4 below) that I have sent this out so that he knows anyone calling into the Town Hall is doing so from this advice.

If you want to confirm that you will be able to vote in the local elections in May 2011 you may do so as follows:

1.Telephone your provincial Electoral Census Office on 901101900. You should have your padrón, your passport number and your NIE/Residencia details to hand. An interpreter may be required as the staff generally speak Spanish.

2.Send an email to the Census Office at quoting your name, the address on your padrón, your passport number and your NIE number. Emails are accepted in English and a response may be sent in Spanish.

3.Post your enquiry via the Census Office website. Quote your name, the address on your padrón, your passport number and your NIE number. Queries are accepted in English and a response will be sent in Spanish.

4.Check at your Town Hall. According to the Census Regulations (Real Decreto 605/1999 de 16 de abril, de Regulación Complementaria de los procesos electorales, Sexta reclamaciones administrativas) ….. “At any time you can check your registration in the electoral census and make appropriate claims under the provisions article 38 de la Ley Orgánica 5/1985, del Régimen Electoral General (LA LEY 1596/1985). Both queries and complaints may be filed with the Ayuntamientos, consular offices or at the Provincial Offices of Electoral Census Bureau”. The census office has explained that the town hall may fulfil its obligation to resolve your enquiry by phoning the Electoral Census Office on your behalf on 901101900. If your town hall is not in a position to supply the required information and will not assist by contacting the census office on your behalf, we strongly recommend that you register a formal complaint. We also advise that you note the details stated in this paragraph in case your town hall is unaware of the regulations.

5.Visit the Census office in person (from 9am to 2pm) at the Delegacion Provincial de Almeria del Censo Electoral, Plaza de San Pedro, 8 , 04001 Almeria and make a personal enquiry. Bring your padrón certificate, passport and NIE/Residencia details with you. The staff generally speak Spanish so an interpreter may be required.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

Today being the 11th of the 11th the Royal British Legion held their annual remembrance day service at the San Ramon Nonato church in Zurgena. It was reasonably attended but maybe a few less than last year. The priest Padre Manuel Herada again issued an invite to all expats to use the church saying that it was there for all to use. He congratulated the organisers conduct and presentation of the service which he especially mentioned and thought was excellent. He does seem a really nice and welcoming person.

Had a few people at the surgery this morning and afternoon and as always, if anyone has any concerns or questions about what the council is, or is not doing, please make arrangements to come and discuss. As you know the reason I took this post was to be able to try and get answers (or to get things done, not always quite as easy). I would much rather people came and discussed things than set the hares off.

On a similar matter as many of you know the local elections will be taking place again next May. I have not yet decided whether to stand again or not. However it is most likely that should the Partido Andalucista field a list for the elections then I would expect to have input into the next manifesto. I think that will be drawn up about February/March next year but the reason I mention it now is that you can all put your thinking hats on and if there is anything you believe I should put forward for consideration for inclusion then please let me know. I will keep all suggestions until that time and then see what the response is.

I did ask about the Gun Club, as some people had emailed saying they thought they had been granted a licence. This is not the case, the Town Hall has no knowledge of any attempts to get permissions for the club to restart and, if anyone suspects that they are operating as a club, they should contact the Guardia Civil when the shooting is taking place.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday 4th Nov.

Called in this morning but it was a bit of a waste of time.

Firstly I asked if Luis (the architect) had managed to get me the CD of the Plan but he had not.

Secondly I asked if Jose had got me the Censor list or details of where to call to check the electoral list. Also no joy as Jose had dropped one of the large stones, which form the wall at the side of the entrance to the Town Hall, on his feet and so has been off work again for a few days.

Thirdly, as I am looking at the options for getting a plan of an urbanisation displayed in a prominent place, I asked if we had a decent street plan for Cuesta de los Pinos. When we checked we had maps of all the areas except that one. I will have to wait for Salvadore to do one, as the Town Hall needs to have one, and then I can get a copy and see what we can do with it. It was a suggestion from a resident that to enable emergency services or even just delivery drivers to find addresses that we put an illuminated street plan in a prominent position so that people could be located. I think it is a good idea and will pursue. I do not know if I can get the Town Hall or the builder to pay for it but I am sure that, if it is reasonable enough, the residents would help with the cost.

The Correos has now altered its operating hours to just one hour a day between 1.0pm and 2.0pm. Not only that but the good staff have all left and it is a new young man who does not even know the area. A reminder to sign the petition that Mike has out in various locations. We are hopeful that the buzon for Los Carasoles will be installed soon and I have heard from a resident at Palaces who, through Neighbourhood Watch, is canvasing residents of that area to see if they want a similar bank of post boxes. If you live in Palaces and have not been contacted by Diane Drummond (email ) and you are interested then please do so.If there is sufficient interest we will approach the correos and see about getting one installed there.

Lastly I asked that our thanks be passed onto Paco and his team for their prompt and good work in tidying up the trees which were blocking the road view when exiting Palaces last Friday. Sometimes things get done!

On another matter and just for your information (this is no recommendation merely information). There is a newish company which is offering a service whereby they manage your electricity supply to get the best and cheapest electricity supplier. As you may know there are various ways that your electricity costs are going to increase over the next year or so.
The company is called Iberswitch based in Alicante but they have the contract for the South of Spain. They charge a one off fee of 30 euros then 30% of each months saving and they promise to save you money for various reasons up to about 30%. Their local agent based in Huercal Overa is Joanne Williams mobile 634346942 email

Finally local english sounding names displayed on the Town Hall notice board are Maxine Louise Cottrill and Dudley Vincent Reilly, both of Cucador. If you know of either of these people it may of benefit if they were to check out the papers displayed.

Any problems email or mob 661147554.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 29th October

Managed some time with Candido this morning and the following is a resume of our discussions,

1. The meeting which the AUAN had with the Consejeria de Andalucia last Monday, and which Candido was informed of too late to be able to attend, transpires was a bit of a waste of time. The main reason for this being that the person chairing that meeting, Rosa Aguilar, the big boss, was, two days later appointed by Zapatero as a minister, and therefore anything she committed to would have to be renegotiated by her successor. Candido asked me if I would attend any future similar meeting as he had discovered that what was said to the expat community was different to that which was told to the Spanish politicians. As I could sit in on the one hand as a councillor and in the other as an expat resident they would not be able to do the same thing next time. He has a meeting arranged with the new Consejeria on the 2nd November (he showed me the invite) and promised to let me know how it goes.

2. Jose has been unable to provide me with either the electoral list or the CD of the plan. Candido asked the architect if we had a copy of the plan which he could let me have but, it transpired that the only ones we have in the Town Hall are old ones and of little value. The architect has said he will try and get a copy from Almeria or see if they can do one for us. In relation to persons checking whether they are on the voting list for next elections we will try and issue some advice soon. We need to get the telephone number in the public domain although anyone wishing to check may need to be able to speak Spanish. We could alternatively get one of the Town Hall staff to ring up on the individuals behalf and whilst this may be time consuming for the Town Hall I think it may be the way forward. Will let you know.

3. The state of the road entering Cucador is now getting quite serious and I told him that the work done, by the Spanish family who built the house, to install their pipework etc stretches about 100 yards and is a real mess. We agreed to send the Polizia Local to speak to the people and tell them to put it right immediately or we would get it done and bill them for it. The case regarding the illegal erection of this house is obviously still going through the process.

4. A rumour that the Gun Clb has permission to open from 31st October. Candido checked with the secretary and no such permissions have been given.

5. The untidy mess around the Aurora homes in La Alfoquia. Candido said this was the same houses that we had discussed before, which were built by Dizu, but that, due to the Court orders, we could not do anything with it either. However, he said that because it was such a mess he may risk the wrath of the courts and try and get the area tidied up.

6. The lighting for Cuesta de los Pinos. He said there was a slight delay as we have to await the signing off by Endesa and the publication of the boletin, which should occur in the next couple of weeks.

7. I asked if I could put a link from this blog to the Town Hall website and after discussions it was agreed that we need to await clearance from the Diputacion who pay for this site. Andreas will make enquiries over the next few days.

8. Work to start on organisng our papers to process the IBI bills. We are still awaiting the files from the Catastral office. Salvadore has asked for them 3 times now and we are still waiting. Candido said he thought we may need a lorry to bring the paperwork back!

9. Reminded Candido of the British Legion church service on the 11th and he said he would be attending. I undertand you are all welcome. Service starts at 10.30am on the 11th.

10. other information. a) I have to chase Francisco re the Parabolic mirror and the traffic calming measures for Cuesta de los Pinos. b) I gave Paco the list of street signs missing wthat we need to order and erect. He said he would do that in November. c) Also asked Paco to look at the tree which is causing an obstruction to exiting traffics view from Palaces. He sadi he would look at that today. d) the Correos is considering reducing the hours that Zurgena Post Office is open to one hour a day and is also considering moving the best staff. Mike Foulkes has organised a petition copies of which are at al the usual locations including the Town Hall. e) A new Spanish bar is opening tomorrow night in La Alfoquia next to Bar Trabalon (it is in what was to be the front office for the big developement in Llanos del Peral) and is called 'bakkama'.

Finally a great bit of news and that is that the Town Hall have won another case in the High Court just this Wednesday past. The case was the one in relation to Los Cabreras and Los Puntales and the High Court ruled that the Junta were too late in bringing the action and it was thrown out.

As usual any questions or clarification just email me at or ring 661147554.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drugs Raid

For the information of those who were aware of something happening yesterday about 3.0pm in Zurgena it was a huge Police anti drugs raid. They were targeting suspected cocaine dealers from the houses at the top of Zurgena. Apparently they used an elite group of Police Officers armed with sub machine guns. They closed off the topmost part of the village whilst they carried out the raid. The local Spanish described the action as like something out of a movie.

I was unable to see Candido today firstly he was in a meeting with Jose and Isa and then dashed out with the solicitor. I asked Jose about the Censor list and the CD of the plan. He still does not have it. I will keep asking until I get it or until we decide how else to manage the checking of peoples names on the electoral roll.

Road Progress

On my morning walk this morning I noticed that the tarmac road surface is being put down on the new road. There were 10 lorries loaded with tarmac and two road laying machines all busily working. Looks like they are starting at the Cucador end and then working towards Arboleas.

Candido has been with solicitors all this week but I am hoping to see him today. I am also taking in a few queries and the list of street signs names that we need to order. Thanks to those of you who informed me of the ones that are missing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Los Carasoles Correos

We have now got confirmation that the new bank of post boxes can go in at Los Carasoles.

Anthonio of New Horizons has said that we can place it behind the bus stop outside his offices and the Town Hall have agreed that that is a suitable location.

This post is to inform anyone who may be interested in having a box, and who has not yet let Carole Doran know. Carole can be contacted by email on or by telephone on 950432021

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Macael Meeting and List

I called into the Town Hall this morning to give the Polizia Local details of the latest stuff from NHW. Whilst there I took the opportunity of seeing Jose the secretary to ask him for the censor list and the CD rom of the plan. He said he had been off work ill last week and that he needed to go in person to Almeria to get the list personally. He said he would do that in the next week or two, or by a week on Friday. I will chase him up for that. regarding the CD rom of the plan he said he would have to see the architect. That he had forgotten all about it but would try and get it this week.

I also then asked how the meeting had gone at Macael (this was the meeting which the Junta were trumpeting between Ana Vinuesa and the Mayors to help progress the PGOUs) but as Candido was not there (he was at the Solicitors office in Vera) I thought I would have to wait until later in the week. I set off home and then got a call to say Candido wanted me to see some papers regarding this meeting. So I returned to the Town Hall and Andreas was copying an article from La Voz newspaper and a letter from the Office of the Dept of Public Works and Housing. The meeting was held at 11.30am Monday 18th in Macael. The letter informing Candido of the meeting was stamped as having been received at the Town Hall at 11.29am Monday 18th October (a bit too close to help attendance). Closer examination of the letter shows that it was typed up on the 11th October. Left the Dept of Works on 13th October and probably posted on the 14th October. Huercal Overa Post Office was closed over the weekend 15th 16th October which was why they did not receive notification until it was too late.

Will try and meet with him late this week to see if he has heard anything further although the other councillors suspect that it was more of a,publicity stunt than a working shop we will have to see.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Street Signs & Lists

Firstly I tried again to get the Censor List from Jose today but again he was not in. I asked if there was any other way we could ensure people were on the voting list well before the elections and was told that there is a telephone number for people to ring but it has to be the individual and they would need to speak a bit of basic Spanish as the person at the other end would have to ask questions to ensure who they were talking to. The next way would be for each individual to call into the Town Hall and for Jose to ring on their behalf. Both these options seem to be very laborious and so I said I would advise people to wait until I can see if we can get the list which the Secretary promised. I said I would give it until next week. Same applies for the CD of the plan.

Regarding the missing street signs Paco has informed me that he has checked their store and they do not have any signs for the streets named below and we will need to re order them. Before I compile this list I want to make sure I only do this once. I have listed the streets which people have told me do not have signs and if there are any others please let me know by 20th October when I will compile the list for them to order.
Calles Hungria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Grecia, Letonia, Islandia, Montinegro, Moldavia, Pedro Salinas, Nalon, Segura, Odiel, Ulla, Rafael Alberti, Juan Ramon Jiminez, Avenida de Aracen y Picos de Aroche.
Added Calle Reino Unido and Calle Carl Von Linneo.

I had fun trying to find documents this morning, AGAIN. It was the case that someone had asked me to check if they had been granted a Licence of 1st Occupation. When I checked the computer it showed that they had but, when I checked the file, all the other papers were there but no Licence of 1st Occupation. It was explained that this was amongst the many files removed and subsequently returned by the Guardia Civil They (G.C.) did not do an inventory of what they took and therefore the Town Hall does not where this paperwork could be. They also cannot issue a new one as the signatories to the original paperwork would have been different. So I am afraid this was another case where the owner will have to await further developement before a new certificate could be issued.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heurcal Overa Fiscal.

The below entry is a translated copy of a blog entry fom which is a blog run by a local man Juan Pardo Navarro, who was born and lives in Zurgena, he is married, two children (Ana and José E) Ana is a lawyer, Joseph E. says he is studying. He is obviously not frightened of sticking his head above the parapet given what has happened to him in the past. The entry relates to Juan Sanchez Martinez (referred to in post a few days ago) who for the past few years has held the post of Fiscal at Huercal Overa. I have put my possible interpretation in brackets after each paragraph. These summaries may not be accurate. It seems that as time goes by we are identifying more of the people behind our problems.

There is an evil and corrupt fiscal dean for the courts of the Almanzora, Juan Sánchez Martínez, of which only I will relate some of their outrages, all, all, NO .... hit me or put me on his knees. If nothing else, for parents who have children legal practitioners, not afraid that you have "coconut" and sole benefit of what little remains of Justice in Spain.
(Self explanatory, mostly)

Just act 1.-tax appointment Huércal Overa Area, without being the son of the town, or seen, or Catholic, and apostolic people only lose, he was appointed "official crier" is unusual in this town.
(Summary Unusual that he be appointed to the post with no local qualifications)

Act 2 .- Shortly after being appointed judge of the No. 2 Huércal Overa, David Alvarez Villagra go evening element, Juan Sanchez and the unique and determined to "make" their territorial domain, CAGARAN CONTROL THAT IN THE OFFICE OF ...... judge, Villagra. This sent my eggs
(Summary Through control of the courts to gain control of the area. The eggs bit is, I believe, an insult)

Act 3.-It is unusual to appoint a substitute judge Degree in Law to be the daughter of people much more if the population is less than 25,000 inhabitants. But using their machinations, the judge appointed replacement Esperanza Collantes, Eye to the data on August 8, 2006-August-The judge, of course, at his request, ordered the stoppage of all works of Zurgena where worked more than 4,000 people, normal is that awaits in September and is the holder to order such cessation. What is original sin committed Zurgena? Not have a socialist mayor, have a person in front of the consistory, honest and efficient and firm whose sole purpose was and is "growth and prosperity of its people." Of these outrages emanating famous SEWING OPERATION.
(Summary The unusual way that he waited until all staff were on holiday in August 2006 to make an appointment of a substitute judge from whom the actions against the Town Hall of Zurgena were initiated, including Operation Costurero.)

4.-As act these vile, they often rely on professionals regardless of their clan, orders, commands, and formalized his wife, clerk of the court instruct THAT IF THIS OPERATION. For them, the Incompatibility Act is an assumption that say the law, or tax law clerk, officer and interim judge of the same clan. Do you know the name of his wife?, CHARITY. SEND EGGS
(Summary How strange and against the laws of compatibility that he appoints his wife as clerk to the court, which I understand is against the law)

Act 5 .-
Judge Marina Hidalgo filed a complaint of harassment against the Attorney Dean Huércal Overa, Juan Sánchez Martínez.
The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía has opened an investigation into the criminal courts. Two prosecutors have asked to go to Lorca.
"They stole the robe, he slashed the tires of the car and flooded the court copies of bad taste ... until his father had come to protect." Do not put in doubt the authorship, is engraved: Yes, John Smith, but his true vocation is to subtract the cash flows of the court.
(Summary This is a short resume of that referred to in an earlier post regarding the investigation initiated by the Judge from HO Marina Hidalgo and her complaints against Martinez)

Act 6 .- Knowing how I, Juan Pardo Navarro, ID 75206120F, I "launched" when committed injustices, much more if they, fall upon my people and I Zurgena spokesman in a demonstration, he ordered the local police of Huércal Overa that "where the sooner they could beat me to death if necessary, an attitude that was put into effect the night of 5 to August 6, 2008 DP 2967/08.
As such beating is "practiced on the premises of the local police, only to be presented this recording outside or inside the barracks, they were acquitted, right? No, first they say the camera was damaged, and then he had lost in court. Now it hints that when I replace "kill me" just do not let him.
(Summary. Not sure but I believe it refers to an alleged assault on the author in 2008 by Police.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Certificates of Expedient

I had a couple of appointments in the Town Hall today and, whilst there, Andreas had been having some discussions regarding the above document and he asked if I would put another explanation on this blog.
The Certificate of Expediente is merely a form signed by the Town Hall to state whether, to their knowledge, there is any legal proceedings open or being considered. Therefore when considering whether to apply for one (cost thirty euros) you are advised to bear in mind that the certificate may not be what you want e.g. that it in fact certifies that there is a procedure open which refers to your property. This document was rarely used or asked for prior to the tribulations that the Town Hall of Zurgena have been suffering. Since the legal action was initiated some solicitors and estate agents have insisted on sellers obtaining this document, in an effort to protect their purchasing clients. On receipt of the application for a C of E it goes to the secretary who liaises with the solicitors and once checked out completes the certificate either confirming that there is or is not any proceedings that impact on that property.

The secretary was not at work again today so I will try and catch him on Thursday for Censor list and CD rom of the plan. Tomorrow (Tuesday 12th) is a National Holiday, Columbus Day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

IBI, Court Case, Dirty Tricks

Managed to get some time with Candido today and it was helpful as I needed to understand better how, and what, we were doing, regarding the roll out of IBI (Council Tax). Firstly I got another lesson in how to use the inventory computer which we are using for this process. I can now interrogate and update that software programme which will help me. It will also help me when dealing with queries from people.

I then asked about a number of areas where people had contacted me to say that they understood about the IBI bills but that they felt they needed things such as tarmac roads lighting etc before they felt able to pay IBI. I used as an example Los Menchones and Los Carasoles. Candido explained that we do have a problem in that our finances are in a dire situation he showed me a document from 2008 which showed the amount of money we had received from the Junta (415,000 euros) but that the Junta wanted a repayment due to an over calculation of 64,000 euros for that year and double that for 2009. So that, not only is our income reducing, but we are also having to find monies to repay the Junta for over calculations. Candido said they were trying, where possible, to tidy areas up and put in extra infrastructure but this was very little by little. I asked whether, if IBI was being paid, everything would be attended to and he said ,"for certain." They are applying for subsidies to do this work bit by bit and applications have gone in for every area but these only get granted in a very slow manner. For example the road which leads to Calle Albert Einstein in Los Menchones (a very short stretch), actually leads to the camino, and would need to be done in its entirety, which is not such a cheap option. We are really struggling to keep up with staff wages at the moment so I can understand the delays in trying to get these things done.

I asked what stage we were at now regarding the IBI and how the process would go forward. He explained that they had had another couple of meetings this week with the taxation people and only a couple of more signatures were needed. Once we had these we would have a lot of work to do (I believe I am to help starting next week so you may hear ) to get things ready probably by early 2011 to be able to send it off to the taxation office who, if everything was okay, would issue the IBI bills in September 2011. This is the only date when the office issue the bills, once a year. I again asked if he had any idea on how much these bills would be and he listed some of the factors that would be taken into account. Rather than fill a whole page with these factors I can tell you that every possible thing is taken into account down to distance to airport, year built, condition etc. Loads. Salvadore was there, whilst I was discussing this with Candido, and he said he thought that for my property (3 bed detached 6 year old on 1,000 sq metre plot with pool and garage) it would be in the region of 300 euros a year and Candido thought it would be nearer 200. One of the other councillors walked past and said, "zero for councillors." I thought yes like the zero expenses we get now.

So to summarise we should have all the details sent to the taxation office by January. If all okay bills would be raised September 2011 and can go back up to 4 years to the date of grant of Licence of 1st occupation.

I then wanted to know more about the court case which was due to be heard in the Almeria Court on 8th,9th,10th & 11th March 2011. Candido explained that this action was not one brought about by the Fiscal (see more below) but by purchasers of properties in Barranco de los Pinos. He said the Fiscal had failed to bring any charges, as he had failed to find sufficient evidence, but that this action was being brought by British people, who were informing the courts that their houses were illegal and summoning the entire council and the builder and architect to court. He said that he felt they would have been better advised to take an action against the Junta but that he felt the council would win the case as they had dealt with this area the same as the others. He said it was a difficult situation, as the Council would have to defend themselves but, that the petitioners would have to pay any damages if they lost. He also found it difficult to understand why those petitioners would want to record their properties as illegal when no such finding has occurred for any of the developements in Zurgena. It will be interesting to see what happens when this case appears at court. Might even go down to it myself.

Dirty Tricks: Just when I thought I could not hear anything more disgusting about politics in Spain I was told about a breaking story in La Voz de Almeria (bearing in mind that this is a PSOE controlled paper). It also impacts on the Barranco de los Pinos case. Apparently the fiscal in Huercal Overa, who ordered the stoppage of work on Barranco de los Pinos, was one Juan Sanchez Martinez (who is, I believe, the son of the Mayor of Taberno). It transpires that when he tried to do this the first time there was a female Judge in Huercal Overa (Marina Delgado) who objected and said that they should look at all the facts before making any decision. Martinez, as he is an active member of PSOE ignored her and went ahead. It subsequently transpired that Martinez had his wife working within his office as a secretary, which is against the rules as it negates the natural checks and balances of having someone independent in the Fiscal office. Also subsequently, Delgado suffered a number of strange incidents, anonymous letters, all four tyres on her Mercedes car were slit, items went missing from her office and a pile of human excrement was left on her desk. She moved fom Huercal Overa to Lorca but not before asking and getting permission for a camera in her office, on which she recorded Martinez entering her office. The case is being investigated by the Superior Court in Granada in the meantime, we are led to believe, the Court in Huercal Overa has been closed. Just another example of the level malicious politicians can go to here. Details of the allegations are in La Voz de Almeria dated 8th October.

We spent over an hour discussing the above issues, so some other matters were left but, those of you who had asked what the position was regarding the Town Hall, issuing licences of 1st Occupation please give me a ring (between 11.0am and 1.0pm any day), there was a small developement on this issue which I can only discuss by phone or in person. In general they still cannot issue these licences but there is hope for the future.

I gave an updated list of the missing street names for Paco's attention and again mentioned the state of the road into Cucador for Paco's attention.

Just a note that October the 12th is Columbas day which is a national holiday. I know this because they told me that as a councillor I could attend at the behest of the comandante, the office of the Guardia Civil. As it was too late to get Andreas to attend I will not be going. It seems some offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday next week.

Finally just another mention about voting rights. If you voted at the last election you should receive a voting paper prior to the next elections. If you did not vote at the last elections you will need to complete a form to say you wish to vote. This form can be obtained from me, the AUAN or most NHW coordinators. I am still awaiting a full election list which the Town Hall are trying to provide me.

Lengthy post if any queries as usual just email ( or phone 661147554 preferably between 11.0am and 1.0pm (definitely not between 2.0pm and 4.0pm).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday 7th Oct

Called in to Ayuntamiento to meet with some people today. Meeting was okay but no one else was about. Andreas had had to go the doctors and the other councillors were all out.

Did discover that Candido and Salvadore had met with the main man from the Tax office yesterday regarding moving the IBI thing forward and apparently it went well. I will call in again tomorrow to try and find out more about how we are going to roll that out.

We have now got the new part for the street cleaning machine and it has started cleaning the streets again. We have only waited nearly 2 years for the part!

A few people have asked me to clarify the position with regard to people using their homes as kennels when in residencial areas. I am led to believe that the process is the same as for any business but I will try and get clarification.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

IBI Queries

I had a feeling that the last post would generate much correspondence!

Just to explain about the IBI bit. Any Town Hall can, and will, raise IBI on all properties which it deems are properly serviced. That is any property where the Licence of 1st Occupation has been issued as this is the form which  a Town Hall issues to say that the property is correct as far as they are concerned and as far as there registration is concerned. I can remember a friend of mine, who sold his house on my developement some 2 years ago, and the solicitor acting for the purchaser asked for a 1,000 euro deposit to cover any future IBI bill.

The amount of the IBI bills is subject to many variables and I therefore cannot give an accurate figure. The one I quoted was a guesstimate made by a councillor some years ago. I am aware that, many areas pay much less than this, but I am led to believe they are also going to get a shock because, when the new bills go out, everyones will be increased.

Hope this helps. I will be discussing many issues around this point with the Mayor over the next few weeks and before the bills are issued will report on here any issues etc that are pertinent.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

National Strike

To remind you all of the planned National Strike called for tomorrow.

Having spoken to staff in the Town Hall most of them will not be striking and about 70% of spaniards think it is a waste of time, given that the necessary legislation, to counter the credit crisis, has now been passed. However, there is still a fairly militant faction within the unions who may intimidate some people from working so it is very unclear who will and who won't be going out on strike. It is suspected that transport will be sizeably affected.

Left the list of missing street signs for Paco's attention. The list was dated and I let him know I have retained a copy of the list.

Jose from the Correos called to see me today about my complaint that some mail was still going to Zurgena rather than to the Buzon. He explained that he had a change of staff but that he would re brief them about this which should correct it. The mail is sorted at Huercal Overa into post for delivery through the post lady or direct to the Post Office therefore it is the staff in Huercal Overa he needs to re brief the sorting staff.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pleno, Bits and IBI

We held a standard Pleno meeting this morning. Lasted from 12noon until 1.30pm. Nothing dramatic in the content, things such as, agreed date for next years Fiesta and various administrative things. After meeting went across the road to the bar where I had my usual discussion about outstanding issues with Candido (points listed below) at the conclusion of which the secretary, Jose, said words to the effect that I should not be bothering Candido with such things as I was a councillor and could approach the responsible person within the council directly. I told him that until recently I didn't know that a) I could do that or b) who the responsible person was but I would take it on board and where I knew the appropriate person would speak directly and save Candido's time.

Points discussed,
1. Provision of CD Rom of the outline Plan for the information of AUAN . To be supplied by secretary next week.
2. Electoral List in whatever form we can get it. Again to be supplied by the secretary next week.
3. The issue of all the missing street signs. I provided Candido with a short list as my original list is lost (if anyone is on a street without a sign please let me know and I will give it to Paco, sorry to have to ask again). The ones on my list today were, Calle Letonia, Chipre, Austria, Grecia and I said a few in Los Carasoles but didn't remeber the names. Please remind me.
4. Location for the Buzon for Los Carasole. Discussed and Candido is to speak with Anthonio as the place we feel best is on his land. I will communicate this to the organiser in Los Carasoles.
5. The lighting on Calle Rio Palancia not working. Paco to attend next week.
6. Parabolic mirror for junction of Cale Bosnia and Avenida Europa. To be chased up.
7. New Web Page for the Town Hall to be linked to this blog and vice versa. To discuss next week.
8. Potted road surface on entrance to Cucador. Paco to be directed to deal with.

As we were wrapping things up Salvadore wanted to speak to me. It transpires that we are getting close to being able to sort out the IBI bills. Salvadore has a number of meetings next week, at which he expects to get the authority signed off, for the Town Hall to start raising these bills. The problem is that there is a lot of work to be done. What will be needed is for each home owner to attend at the Town Hall with a copy of the Nota Simple. This form should show the square meterage of the property and needs to be checked against the inventory computer in the Town Hall. The home owner will then need to sign a front page of a Form 902 and the Town Hall will do the rest. As you can imagine this is going to be quite a bit of work. I have asked Salvadore that when he is ready for me to start on this work to let me know. I will then work through all the properties area by area and inform each individual home owner when it would be best for them to call into the Town Hall to progress it. As you all may know the retrospective aspect of IBI can only be to a maximum of 4 years and can only commence from the date the Licence of First Occupation was granted. In my case the licence was granted 5th January 2005 so the amount of back dated IBI can only be 4 years. I do not know, as there are so many factors which are taken into account to calculate the IBI, exactly what each home owner will need to pay per year (the last time I asked I was told roughly between 180 and 400 euros per annum but that was some time ago). I do not know how accurate that will be at the end of the day.

Also discovered that regarding the WiFi the Town Hall today took delivery of 5 UPS (uninterruptible power supply machines) which should greatly improve reliability when power outages occur. I also believe they are looking at installing a new aerial on Limaria which would greatly improve the coverage.

As usual any queries or clarification just drop me an email at or call 661147554.

NHW & Expedientes

We had an excellent NHW AGM meeting last night with over 100 attendees. Hope everyone found it informative. Its all meetings these days EGM in Torrevieja Wednesday, Zurgena at night and a Pleno today at midday. Will try and get a few more points answered this afternoon.

Whilst in the Town Hall yesterday noticed that there were two certificates of Expediente awaiting collection in the names of Anthony Pyle and James E Wright. If anyone knows these people please let them know.

Additionally on the notice board there was a mention of someone called Marie Govern. If anyone knows this person please ask them to get her to check it out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meeting with AUAN and Candido

This morning we had as previously arranged a meeting between the Mayor and the AUAN. At the meeting and taking an active part in it were Maura Hillen and Brian Reade of the AUAN together with their interpreter Mrs Samson. From the Council, apart from myself, were Candido and the Town Hall secretary, Jose Anthonio. It is good to se that all the Town Hall staff are working together now to achieve what we all hope will be a comprehensive PGOU.

I was happy that the meeting went well and satisfied that things, as explained by Candido to the AUAN, were still progressing as I understood them to be. Candido set out the history of our negotiations with the Junta and where we were in the process. There was one bit of less than good news, and that was when we were trying to understand the timeliness of the process, when the secretary explained that he thought the initial plan would be put before the Pleno session of the Council but, that that would be in February or March. Where I was hoping that it would be before the end of this year. Additionally once it is agreed in Pleno there is, of course, the one month publication period, before it is for the Junta to respond. The pleasing aspect was that he, Candido, still maintains that he hopes to have all properties included in the agreed plan. I guess I was particularly pleased that everything that the Mayor and the secretary said was in accord with my understanding and previously published articles within this blog. I have undertaken to obtain a CD rom of the plan for the information of the AUAN although obviously, as this is a working document, it would not be for publication.

We also discussed the method for residents to check that they are going to be able to vote in the next elections. According to the AUAN each Town Hall is supplied every month with a list of those eligible to vote. After much discussion amongst the Town Hall staff they confirmed that it may be the law but that we often only receive a list once a year if not once every four years. I have undertaken to try and find out what possible listing the Town Hall have and let the AUAN know.

I then asked about the installation of street lights on the Cuesta de los Pinos developement. Candido explained that the Town Hall was ensuring that this was done and that the developement was tidied up. I was able to confirm that I had seen 3 of Paco's workers clearing the weeds away yesterday. The reason this was happening is that once the street lights are installed the Town Hall will be taking responsibility for this area. Candido asked if it would be worthwhile having an inauguration celebration when the lights were ready to switch on and to celebrate the Town Hall taking it over. I thought this a good idea so watch this space for details of what and when we will do to celebrate this stage of the process.

I was also told that an area in the Jardines del Almanzora area, which was to be a green area developed by Dizu, would also be done by the Town Hall as, due to the continuing legal actions by the Junta, Dizu would not be able to do this work.

The Town Hall has developed a new website. I am hoping to provide a link on here to theirs and vice versa as soon as I can.

Just as an aside I have been asked, by a couple of the internet forums, if I would join in their discussion groups to discuss local politics between now and the election next May. I have informed them that unfortunately I will not be taking part. The forums attract people who like the anonymity to launch tirades against others. I saw this happen last election. People know that, if they wish to discuss anything with me, they may do so through this blog or face to face in my surgeries or by email or telephone.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dogs & Los Menchones WiFi

I try to make this resource informative and not one for complaints, however, my email inbox has, over the past few weeks, become overflowing with queries and requests for action about dogs.

The main two issues have been noise nuisance from excessive and uncontrolled barking to the problem of owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

As a result of the emails I have asked at the Town Hall about the rules regarding noise nuisance from dogs and been advised that there is little that the authorities can do about it and that it is for those who have a complaint to record the problems and take out their own denuncias. However if the noise nuisance is during the night there may be action that can be taken, each case would have to be judged on its merits.

In relation to the problem of dog mess I asked if we could buy and provide special bins for this. The response I got was,"why don't they take their dog mess home with them and dispose of it in their own waste bin" This was an answer I could not really argue with!

Let us hope that sense will prevail and all pet owners will try and respect their neighbours/areas.

They have installed (last week) a new node to allow better service for the WiFi in the Los Menchones area. I have also been told that the UPS will be installed next week which should protect us from problems with power outages.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 10th Sept

Held a reasonably lengthy surgery yesterday and managed to arrange a meeting for the AUAN with Candido for later this month.

Still have lots outstanding including location for the buzon for Los Carasoles and outstanding Certificates of Expediente amongst many others. I suspect I am going to have to leave these until Andreas returns to work which is on 21st September.

It seems the lighting for Cuesta de los Pinos is being installed roughly in line with the plan we gave Anthonio 2 or 3 years ago. I did not keep a copy of that plan so I am unsure how accurate his installation is however most people seem to be happy with the scale and style of the lights. There are of course areas where people would like more lights but as, those of you who live here will remember, there was quite a lobby for no lights and so I suppose we cannot please all the people. There are also tidying up and tarmacing where they had dug up the road.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WiFi Pool area

I was approached by a resident from the Pol bar area of La Alfoquia who was complaining that the WiFi service was no longer good in that area. I informed them that all problems should be posted onto the Forum so that the engineer can pick it up and see what needs to be done.
I contacted Juan (who is very good at trying to resolve issues) and I have copied the gist of his response below.

Hi Jim, I recommend that users of the pool area, to install antennas NanoStation Loco M5 (55 Euros) if they want a stable connection and fast (as have you). The antennae was changed the antenna without telling me and instead of improving the situation has worsened, and have been asked to place three NanoStation M2 by the pool area. Also this week will receive 20 new antennas AirMax. 
Anyway, due to the saturation of frequencies in the 2.4GHz band is becoming more difficult to provide good service, even with very good access points. The future is the 5 GHz band. We'll place UPS very soon and we are planning to bring more bandwidth to Zurgena to offer speeds of 20 meg and 2 meg up (actual speed) to our customers while maintaining current prices.

So as you can see it is a couple of reasons that led to the poorer connection speed including the massive uptake of the service but they are working on improving the speed and the stability of the signal. Sorry for any inconvenience.

PS New Nano station M5 arrive in the Town Hall tomorrow although Andrew is not back in until the 21st September.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Blog

Welcome to those of you who have managed to find the new blog. I intend to run it just the same as the other although there does seem to be more functionality to this blog and I hope you find it easier to navigate. I will leave the old blog in situ and I believe it will still be searchable for sometime to come so no need to import it. There is a simple process to enable following this blog and ensure that you get all posts. If you click on the follow gadget it gives you two options in how to follow it.

Called into the Town Hall today as Andreas was in and hoped to catch Candido but he was in court somewhgere so I missed him again. I left a list of issues I need to get answers to for people and so I hope he will respond before to long.

I also discovered that the secretary hopes to resolve all the outstanding Certificates of Expediente by next week. Lets hope so.