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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rubbish Reminder

Just a simple reminder to people to please be thoughtful about disposing of your waste. The basura system here, I think, is very good and people should help suppport it by ensuring the correct waste is put in the correct bins and not leave general rubbish at the side of the bin attracting vermin etc.

Remember there are two days a month when the Consorciuo will collect larger items which can be left at the side of the basuras and that is the 12th and 27th. So if you have any larger item please place it by the basura the previous evening for collection.  

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Zurgena Fiesta

Now that La Alfoquia´s fiesta is over we are preparing for the Fiesta for Zurgena which is over the week ended 3rd September.

In preparation for this fiesta we will include any and all social events which are being organised by the expat communities.

So two things, firstly if you have any events (social or sport) during this week please let me know for inclusion in the programme and secondly if you are a proprietor of a business and wish to have an advert in the Fiesta magazine please also contact me.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Temporary Suspension of Free Doctors Interpreters Service & IBI Discounts

Unfortunately, and due to anti corruption legislation, we have to suspend the free doctors interpreters Service for a couple of months. This is to allow the bidding process for the contract to be completed.

We anticipate the service will be restarted in October but I will post on here once the new contracts are agreed.

Regarding the process for receiving a discount on IBI when paying by direct debit, we have now passed this in Pleno. For the process to be applied to your individual IBI accounts it is necessary to complete a solicitude in the Town Hall. The paperwork for this will be available from 1st October until the 31st December but can only apply from the next financial year. No matter what your current payment method is if you wish to avail yourself of the discount you will need to call in to the Town Hall to complete the form between early October and 31st December and it will apply to the following years.

The process for using CATS for your doctors appointments continues. It is just that you will be required to pay them for the services of the interpreter.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Dogs Fines

For information the Polizia Local have issued a total of 6 fines, in the past few weeks, to dog owners for allowing their dogs on the public ways without a lead. 

Charity Walk in Cantoria

On Saturday the 29th July there is an organised walk in aid of Association Duchenne Parent Project which is raising funds to help tackle Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

There is a timed run with microchips for runners. This run is for anyone over 16 years and is of 8.5kms and starts at 8.0pm. Registration for this event (ONLY) online at www.

There is also a walk (for those non competitive types!) over 8.8kms on the Route Peñon del Lugar Viejo which starts at 7.0pm from the Plaza de la Constitucion in Cantoria. Entrance for all events is €10. This includes a backpack, shirt and sweatband. To register for the walk go to a branch of Unicaja and pay your €10 into the  account Unicaja ES02 2103 5270 65 0030005139 against your name and event.

There is also a timed run with microchips for runners. This run is for anyone over 16 years and is of 8.5kms and starts at 8.0pm. Registration for this event (ONLY) online at

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Work Offer & Johnson

A friend of mine is looking to find a temporary replacement for her at her place of work due to maternity leave for a period of 4 month which could be extendable.

The work is in an Estate Agents office and is for 20 to 30 hours per week. It involves admin work in the office. The work entails writing contracts, checking paperwork, organising signing at Notary offices etc. Must have sufficient Spanish to have basic conversations.

If you or anyone you know is interested just email me or call.

Does anyone know of contact details for a Dennis Roy Johnson or his wife Amanda Gillian Johnson. This couple are the owners of 1, Calle Finlandia and we need to contact them. We have no contact details in the Town Hall and it would be in their interests to make contact. If you know of this couple or anyone else who may know them please pass the message on.

New Roundabout

I have had many people question me as to what the new roundabout is going to look like. Questions such as is it an advert for a new MacDonalds? is it going to have a fountain? etc.

The plan for the roundabout is to replicate one of the double arch railway bridges in the area.

We are still looking for something to erect on the top. Originally it was hoped we could get some old railway machinery but the prices for such were astronomical €30,000 for one so we are still looking at other options. One suggestion below!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Complaints regarding Electricity Cuts

I am grateful to Ron Tims for the below response (from Fenie Energy) regarding a complaint about electricity supply cuts. Interesting

In relation to your previous e-mail, we inform you that we are only responsible for billing you, the company that is in charge of the electric network in the area is your distributor (ENDESA DISTRIBUCIÓN).

If there is a scheduled cut, they usually warn you through posters on the street or in your building.

If a breakdown occurs, it is not possible to notify customers so that they have to wait until it is resolved.

In any case we recommend that when you do not have electricity, always call 900.215.470.

Then, we send you the ways to complain:

1- Claim through your insurance. We will send you a breakdown locator code (data provided by your distributor company) to identify the incident date / time and then compensate for it.

2- Claim directly to your zone distributor. In this case, we will send you a document to fill in all the damage data and the damage produced. Once it is returned we will process the complaint. This process is the slowest since the distributor could take months to give us an answer.

Finally, we inform you that if it was a scheduled cut, the distributor could qualify the claim as improper as it has been warned by posters in the area or in the local press.

Albox Recycling Centre

This was posted on Facebook today and is of interest to many of you who have been asking about where and how you can get rid of stuff.

Lamps, wood, sofas, remains of work, oils, batteries all kinds of bulky goods, computer equipment ... We remind you that very close to the fire station all the neighbours have at their disposal the clean point of Albox with free delivery. For our health and cleanliness of Albox, do not deposit these products in another place other than the clean point. All kinds of information call Miguel 649 902 502

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

La Alfoquia Fiesta Programme

Sorry I thought I had already posted this.

Wednesday 12th July Exhibition in the Renfe until Sunday 16th 8.30pm until 11.0pm
                                   1800 Bowling Tournament
                                    1900 Football 7 tournament daily until 16th July
                                   2100 Music Renfe from 2100 with Charlie and others
                                    All day Childrens Day
Thursday 13th July     0000 Fireworks
                                    2200 Flamenco by Ria Pita
                                     2300 Music by Cuarteto Tucan
                                     2359 Election of Infant and Youth Queen. (Mister fiesta Miss Simpatia y
                                      Mr Turismo)
Friday 14th July           1130 Workshop in the Renfe
                                      Free entrance to the municipal swimming pool in the afternoon.
                                      1700 Games in the swimming pool
                                      2300 Popular Orchestra music Renfe from Maximus Show
Saturday 15th July        0930 Free Churros for 3rd Age
                                      1600 Table Tennis Tournament Renfe
                                      1900 Foam Party in the Sports area.
                                       2300 Music from Orchestra Carousel Show and Duo Musical a Contraluz
Sunday 16th July           2030 Celebration of the Saint in honour of La Virgen del Carmen
                                       2100 Solemn Procession accompanied by the village band.
                                       2300 Music from Kaos 57

Felice Fiestas.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


As most of you who have lived here for any length of time will know we are reaching that period of limited bureaucratic activity.

We are still working hard on things like projects and the PGOU but the administrative staff will be taking holidays over the next few weeks and this week of course is the La Alfoquia Fiesta so the Town Hall will be closed on Monday 17th (sorry just changed that from Friday my mistake). The Town Hall will not be closed for any extended time during the summer but there will be very limited staff.

Jose Manuel will not be in the office very much either as he is taking time off.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Aqua Aerobics and Walking Football

Just a few pics of todays first Aqua aerobics class (of the summer) and walking football.

Ian and June run both these classes voluntarily both are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1000 x1045 at the municipal pool and adjacent pitch. Any enquiries to me or to Ian or June on 634320636.

Provincial Plan Works

Many of you I know are awaiting (and have been for a few years now!) the work to repair the roads Calle Finlandia, Calle Escocia, Calle Dinamarca and Calle Irlanda amongst other.

These works were agreed to be financed by the Diputacion within the Provincial Plan for 2017. I have been constantly pushing for this work to get going. The contracts were put out to tender in the first 3 month of this year and the winning bids have now, I understand, been accepted by the Diputacion and the work should start in September. Will keep my fingers crossed and also keep pressuring to get them started.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Spanish Lessons for September start

For those interested in registering for the Spanish lessons (held in the room by the library) for the coming year, registration will take place at this location from 1100 on the 4th September.

The identity of the tutor will not be known until nearer the day.