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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Post for Summer

As we all know nothing happens here during August so this will be the last post until September unless I hear of anything urgent.

I reported the problem with the lights on the west side of Cuesta de los Pinos and Candido has asked the public works guys to attend to it.

Regarding the new sign on the lamp post in Palaces it is a no parking sign not a no waiting sign. FYI.

Regarding the problem with the WiFi we had a long talk about this as it is becoming quite a problem. The engineer who has worked on the system is working his way through possible causes. It is a difficult one to locate as it could be anywhere in the system. Candido promised that they would keep trying to find a way to fix it but was considering paying a maintenance contract to a company to carry out this and any other maintenance or problem solving but he was unsure whether this was something he can do as Mayor or whether we need a Pleno to agree it. It would most likely mean increasing the charges but I said that I thought people would not object to paying a euro or tow more to prevent such a nuisance of a problem. He asked me to inform all readers that he is as frustrated as them as he suffers from the same problem but will continue to try and get to the bottom of it.

I asked what the position was about my budget for the 3rd Age and we then had a discussion about the situation regarding the Mayors position. As you probably are all aware by now Candido is back performing the role as Kiko is still signed off sick due to his accident. Ana is likewise signed off and it is suspected that it may be some weeks and months before either can be back fully to work so in that event Candido will carry on. I asked what would happen about some of our ideas for the next financial year as we had not agreed what to do with the financial grants. Candido said that we needed to get together with the other councillors after the holidays (in September) and agree what we wanted to achieve. This of course includes the planes referred to before about streets etc.

Regarding the Dizu vehicles which were travelling through the area of the pool bar Candido went last Wednesday but there was no one there. Since then he has been in meetings and unable to visit. He is going again tomorrow but he is sure it was work on cabling that they were doing. He rang Enrique at the Pool bar who confirmed that looked like what it was but he will ry and speak to the workmen then and if he finds out anymore will let me know.

Lastly obviously the programme for the Zurgena fiesta is not yet done (the La Alfoquia one was printed half way through the 1st day!) but just to remind you that the dates will be over the weekend of the 30th/31st/1st/2nd August September.

The Town Hall  will remain open during August but there will only be Juanjo downstairs and Maribel upstairs for most of the month.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 27th July

Nothing much to report today.

Candido did visit the area at the back of the pool bar to see if he could find a way to reduce the traffic but I have been unable to speak to him since. He was in a meeting in Olula del Rio  yesterday and Seville to day. Will try and catch him early next week.

I did ascertain that he knows about the nuisance problem some are having with the WiFi dropping the connection and having to be logged into each time. So hopefully he will be able to get that sorted too.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Few Updates

Managed to get a few minutes with Kiko and Candido this morning.

1. I raised the issue regarding the construction vehicles accessing the area behind the pool bar and causing disturbance and potential danger. Candido did not know what they were doing. He said they were doing cabling work a few weeks ago but he was unsure what they wee doing now. I told him that I had received half a dozen complaints regarding these heavy lorries going through the developement and could they not access the site through Barrio de Chicago. He promised to look into it this afternoon. I will chase it up tomorrow.

2. I had received a call from a resident of Llanos del Peral regarding a court case No 637/20078 which the caller stated had been lost by the Town Hall and they were worried about the outcome. I asked Candido and he told me that to his knowledge there had been no cases since about 6 weeks ago when in the Penal Court two cases against New Horizons had been won by the Town Hall and the next Court case he knew about was in regard to some houses on Cuesta de los Pinos but that was not due to be held until November. He did say he would make sure that this was the case by ringing the solicitors and quoting this number.

3. I asked if the project for the bowling green was still going to go ahead with our lack of funds. He said that it probably would but due to the outcome of the last election we need to have a meeting of all the ruling councillors, probably in September, to agree what we are to use our €360,000 for the 2012/13 year. I reminded them that this project was probably the most likely to lead to a return on our investment and he agreed, as did Kiko. So I think it will happen just taking a bit longer due to the last election.

4. I again asked about the street signs for Palaces. He immediately rang Paco who agreed to put the no entry signs up tomorrow but he could not find the no parking sign! I asked if he could try and sort that out.

5. Enriques' application for the road closure for the mini fiesta by the pool bat is being granted.

Does anyone know the identity of the people who used to, until recently, ran the restaurant at Sabor. If you can email me their contact details or ask them to drop me an email.

Lastly the usual list of people who need to confirm to the TH that they should remain on the Padron. I have contacted, all I was able to by telephone, however, the below persons could not be reached

Daniela Cenuse, Emerald Cloda Davis, Michael O'Connor, Mark Anthony Seaborne, Michael Coulson, Marie LOuise DeBock, Denis James & Pauline Ann Dickinson, Julian Charles & Alison Estelle Earl, Wendy Maureen Evans, Malcolm Neil Gilbert, Trevor & Linda Maguire, Adam Daniel & Shaun Richard Shaw, Carl Van & Jenny Louise Rock, John Peter Drake, John Stirling & Mary Richardson, Sharon Von Asma, Bernard Robert Carroll, John Vincent and Mary Louise Donnelly, Margaret Diane Faulconer, Ian Meg and Aaron Hamer, Matthew Harris, Jill Morris, Diane Marie Robinson, Angela Seguss, Paul Raymond Tebbs,  Joseph and Alexandra Vincent.

As usual if you know of any of these persons please ask them to pop into the Town Hall when they are next passing and tell Juan Jo that they should still be on the padron. They only need to take NIE or passport. This is the regular check carried out on randomly generated names from the padron to ensure the TH is not getting money for people who are no longer on the padron.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Music Weekend

Well that was an interesting and quite enjoyable weekend, if a bit long!

Each night Friday Saturday and Sunday I was on parade for about 6.30pm and made sure there was something for Ann and Dave to do. This was usually to parade in front of the marching bands prior to the concert. Whilst they were doing that I went with Kiko and Candido to await the arrival of the bands and welcome them outside the Renfe. The bands then went and had a sandwich and drink before commencing their concerts at 9.0pm. The quality of the bands varied but I must say most of them played with amazing ability excellent. So many of them were very young mostly between the ages of 14 and 25 years. It was so heartening to see so many young people involved in supporting their traditional village/town bands. I did see quite a few ex pats in the audience but, as I was sitting on the front row I was not able to see everyone who did attend but I hope they derived some pleasure from the experience. I did get a bit of a shock on Saturday night when at about 11.0pm I heard my name called out by the presenter, but having been there throughout, I knew it was only to present a photo/diploma to the youngest member of the Tijola band.

The whole concert was broadcast live over the internet. My favourite tune was one which, I think, the band from Abla did and it was a Trumpet Boogy. Just like Glenn Miller! Another of the bands did an Abba medley but mostly it was traditional Spanish tunes and one the last night some of the favourite Spanish tunes led to dancing and clapping throughout.

During one night I was sitting next to the Delegate for Urbanisation from Almeria and I can assure you that Salvadore gave him a real satirical dousing over our difficulties.

Tried to upload some video footage of our band but failed.

For information the festival continues in Cantoria this coming weekend same times and format.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oops Sorry

My description of the route for last nights band marches was the wrong way round. It commences outside the Bakama bar and finished at the Renfe! There were refreshments available at a few stalls. The same format will be followed Tonight Saturday and Sunday. Marching from 7.30pm and concerts from 9.0pm. Amazingly both times were adhered to last night.

The event was very good with about 300 spectators. The quality of the music was very good and besides it being broadcast live over the internet it was presented by a young and very professional presenter. The bands last night were from Huercal de Almeria, Macael, Berja, Nijar, Viator and Taberno. Each band played about 3 pieces lasting a total of 15 minutes per  band.

The two expats who volunteered to assist see photograph below processed in front of 2 of the marching bands and did a great job. Thanks Dave Belsey and Anne Cottis Karlstrom.

From Mike Foulkes,

The Post Lady in Zurgena Post Office informed me recently that she had an inspection
visit from her boss from Huercal Overa.

He was insistent that she explained to all customer that....

ALL OUTGOING MAIL should have a RETURN ADDRESS on the back 

to ensure it can be correctly returned if it does not reach the 

It would be helpful if you can ensure this is done.

On behalf of the Lady at the Correos

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Band Nights

I have only just been made to realise what a big event this weekends assembled bands concerts are for our area. It is probably going to be the only time in our lifetime when this happens in our town.

As I previously published the bands will assemble near to the Renfe and starting at 7.30pm one band at a time will process from there along the road towards the petrol station turning right to go down the main road and then turn right into the road towards Latinos. They will then have refreshments in the square and the concerts will start in that square and be displayed on a large screen so that all can see. I believe that the event, in part, will be televised but I do not know.

The bands come from Macael, Taberno, El Ejido, Velez Rubio Pulpi and Carboneras, to name just a few. There will be 6 bands each evening Friday Saturday and Sunday following the same route and timescale. I think it will be well worth calling to see.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

La Alfoquia Fiesta & Ana

Below is the agenda for the fiesta this weekend sorry for late publication but it is hot off the press!!

Today (Thursday) kids events.
Friday 13th July

Midnight Fireworks to start the fiesta.
1100 x 1400 Music for the young  people between 12 and 17 years
1800 The corrida for kids where they have to skewer strups of fabric dangling from a wire
1900 Games for young kids
2030 x 2330 Semi finals padel tennis
2330 First concert by the orchestra.
0000 Dancing by fitness group.
0030 Election of the Fiesta Queen and maids of honour.

Saturday 14th

1100 x 1300 Games for kids in the renfe
1730 Painting exhibition in the Renfe.
1800 x 2100 Football matches at Sports school
2100 x 2300 Semi finals of football 7s.
2100 Service in the church Virgen del Carmen.
2130 Final padel tennis.
2330 Orchestra

Sunday 15th July

1030 Petanque tournament in front of La Campsa.
1800 Foam party.
2130 Horse Spectacular in the temporary ring in front of the Renfe. (Please note this is an event put on  by a private company NOT the Town Hall but the TH has allowed it by providing an ambulance) Admission s €10 for adults and €7 for kids
2330 Popular music.

Monday 16th July

1000 Free churros for the 3rd Age in the recinto ferial (near Renfe)
1100 Childrens games in the Renfe
2030 Celebratory Service and procession accompanied by guitarists of the patron saint Senora del Carmen.
2330 Popular music
0000 Presentation of trophies
0130 End of fiesta.

Also very good news Ana is now home and out of hospital.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Civil Protection 1st Job

We had the first meeting of the newly formed Civil Protection unit for Zurgena tonight.

There were only 2 out of the 3 (expat) volunteers and 5 of the Spanish volunteers present but it was enough for Celia to be able to go ahead with planning for the first event, which is a parade of bands from all over Andalucia and is in La Alfoquia over the weekend of the 20th, 21st and 22nd July. Our role is primarily the protection of the musical bands before and during their march through the village.

The bands will be assembling at 6.30pm and marching through town at 7.30pm with the concerts at 9.0pm. There will be drinks and sandwiches at the concert.

If anyone considered volunteering for the Civil Protection but missed the earlier chance it is still not too late. If you get your names and details to me in the next week we can get it sorted. It is a great opportunity to integrate.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Good News and E Access

Firstly we can now reveal, although I think many of those affected are now aware, that the case I referred to a couple of weeks ago was one against Anthonio of New Horizons and related to the houses he had built, in part of Los Carasoles. This case has been won and not appealed. Another one down!

Went to the Town Hall for a meeting about Civil Protection at 11.0am this morning. Sat until 12 noon no sign of the meeting starting so went home!!

Discovered from Salvadore that the Catastral records are now accessible online. Although I am still struggling to work out how to access individual records you may want to have a fiddle about, until I can get more clear instructions on how to access it in depth, without an electronic signature. The site is at and if you access through the top left box which shows free access you can then drill down to street level. It would appear that the first 230 houses to be registered for the IBI will be in the area of the Pool bar at La Alfoquia.