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Friday, December 20, 2013

Zurgena Xmas events

 Zurgena Town Hall announces a full programme of Gastronomy, Music and Entertainment  for this Christmas:

The Town hall of Zurgena have developed a comprehensive program of cultural and leisure activities ahead of Christmas. The program has been prepared for residents of all ages and interests to enjoy this special time.

The Medieval fair held last weekend was the kick-off of the numerous acts driven by the Town hall of Zurgena. Hundreds of residents of the municipality as well as other towns in the region have visited Zurgena and enjoyed crafts, music and games in this event, which has proved a great success.

During these dates, the 'Concurso de Belenes y Árboles de Navidad' (contest of Nativity scenes and Christmas trees) allow all residents who wish to participate in the activities of this year. Originality, innovation and size are desirable. Registration can be done in the Town Hall lobby.

Even the youngest in the municipality are also able to participate with the 'Concurso y Exposición de Tarjetas de Navidad'(contest and display of Christmas cards). The children in the schools 'Juan Andrés Toledo' and 'La Alfoquía' will compete for the prize for the best card of the conetst. On Friday 20th December free gifts will be delivered and the cards will be exhibited in the town hall this Christmas.

As usual, the cuisine of Zurgena will also star this Christmas thanks to 'Concurso de Repostrería Navideña' (contest of Christmas pastry’s), with a prize for the best sweet. Taste, presentation and originality will be assessed. The presentation and tasting will take place on Friday 27th December, from 4.30pm in the Old Town Hall. There will be coffee and games for adults. On the same day, from 11am at the train station, the Children of Zurgena will have the opportunity to enjoy craft workshops for children. These will be on again on Saturday 28th December from 11am at the old Town Hall.

Music and Parade

The Town hall of Zurgena have wanted to make music an integral part of this Christmas. On 29th December, students of music teacher Mary Legs and school dance 'RIA pi ta' will carry out a great performance in the city theatre from 6.30pm.
On the same note, on the 4th January, the Church San Ramón will host a will host a spectacular Choir Concert, with performances from 7.30pm, the 'Coral María Auxiliadora' Zurgena with his children's choir and the subsequent participation of 'Voices del Almanzora'.

Neither can you miss the traditional parade of the Reyes Magos (Three Kings). On Sunday 5th January their Majesties will visit Zurgena. At 6.30pm they will start the parade, once it is completed they will be giving gifts in the Municipal Theatre in Zurgena and the Neighborhood Association of Alfoquía.

The Mayor of the area, Luis Díaz, recalls that the Town Hall of Zurgena “have worked on the development of this program so that all residents can participate, attend and enjoy" all of the activities that are available. Like the mayor, the Councillor of Culture, Noelia García, wished "Happy Holidays to all neighbours," inviting them to "take an active part in all events organized and driven to make this a memorable Christmas in Zurgena ". In addition, she thanked "the enormous effort and cooperation of all associations and individuals who have been involved" with the prepared events.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Street Plan

Hooray. First street plan erected as Candido promised today. Only taken us a few years!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre Xmas Update

This will probably be the last post before Xmas unless anything noteworthy comes out of tonights Pleno meeting.

Firstly I handed over to Salvadore the files for those of you who wished to have amendments made to your IBI records and he said he would get back to me with any further action required or what will happen next.

Secondly I asked what stage we were at regarding the recent adverse court rulings about licences and I was informed that these cases are still open and the T.H.s solicitors are still fighting this ruling and are preparing a very strong case to defend the licences. They asked that people understand that these cases are against the licences not the properties and there is no likelihood of demolitions emanating from this situation. Additionally they are in heavy and developing negotiations with the Junta, regarding the PGOU, and they hope to have news, regarding this, which they can publish in a few months.

I asked when the sewerage plant for Cuesta de los Pinos was going to be sorted, as we have been telling people that it was to have been repaired by last summer. Candido said definitely by next summer! Apparently they have been given a promise by the Diputacion that if they submit our plans for this sewerage system to them before the end of the year they will help finance it and all works should be completed before the summer. This plan which will be included in the Provincial Plan will also connect the sewerage from Los Llanos del Peral to the same system. If there is any delay in this process Candiod has got a supplier who for €5,500 can install just the pump to help but it would be better if we get the whole job authorised.

I asked what has happened with the WiFi as it has been off more than it has been on lately an Candido said that there had been a few major problems which had impacted on the repeaters in some areas. They are trying to provide a temporary solution to keep things running which should all be in place before next week. After that it is intended to find the money to pay for a technical guy to help maintain it by February. We have been trying to find someone since earlier this year but it looks like we have found a candidate at last.

I asked when Nila would be starting on the road surfacings. He confirmed that they would start after 3 kings day and it would only take them 1 to 2 weeks.

I asked when we were going to trim the trees in Calle Ampola. He said they had a big problem there as some of the residents had taken it upon themselves to trim the trees but that they had cut the main stem. This left them with a problem as they cannot now cut the side branches or the trees will die. They have put some fertiliser down to see if they can stimulate the central stem to regrow but if that fails then the trees will die.

The street plan for Cuesta de los Pinos should be installed in the next few working days and then I can start to try and get the other areas done. I have shown Paco where to put it and he said ,"manana posiblemente."

I also reported a number of more minor issues which he promised to get attended to in the next few weeks.

As usual any questions or queries just drop me a line.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Los Llanos Carols

A reminder for those in Los Llanos del Peral that the Xmas carols is to be held in the village hall tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4.30pm with Christmas songs and then at 5.0pm in the hall for traditional carols and at 6.0pm a community meal.

Please bring your own plate of food and whatever you want to drink.

Electricity Interruption etc

Endesa have notified us of an interruption to the supply in the area of Avenida Andalucia from 0800 until 1300 on Monday 23rd December.

We are having continuing problems with the WiFi and we are trying to get to the bottom of it.

Found 6 street signs in the T.H.s workroom today and have distributed them to the appropriate places. Unfortunately we are still missing quite a number.

I will be taking the files for those wanting to have amendments made to their IBI records to Salvadore tomorrow morning, if you can let me have those, that require amendments.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Medieval Market

The Medieval Market is opening today at 6.0pm in  the square in Zurgena.

There are over 30 stalls and performers and should be worth a visit

The market is open on Friday (yes, the 13th!) from 6 till 9 or 10 pm, and on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm or later.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

IBI Amendments

At last I managed to get hold of Salvadore regarding those of you who have a need to amend your IBI assessments.

Primarily, from what people have told me, these amount to differing dimensions or pools being shown where there are garages or something else. Or something missing from the plan.

If, when you check your IBI letter, or the web page at Sede Catastro, and you find something like this amiss then please let me know the detail, (including dimensions to be amended if necessary) and let me have a copy of your NIE or passport and I will see if Salvadore can amend it without recourse to solicitors or some other paid agent.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Caritas Food Collection

For your information the below is published to help publicise the efforts of the Town Hall os Zurgena through the Caritas to provide food for needy families in the village.
Please show your generosity by donating some food as described below.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PGOU etc

I had a good talk with Luis (Mayor) and Manolo (secretary) regarding the ongoing court cases and I got an update on the solicitors views on strategy going forward. I was also made aware of the developements regarding the PGOU. Luis has a series of meetings in Almeria and we have, on the agenda, items to be included in the next 2 Pleno meetings to address issues around that plan. There does seem to be some movement now regarding the PGOUs, at last.

Candido was very involved with the men from Nila who have the road surfacing contract and he was taking them out today to look at the various locations. So we should see the work start before much longer.

I have not yet managed to get the definitive way forward for getting any amendments to the IBI assessments as I have ben unable to get hold of Salvadore but I will keep trying. I have left the question with Andreas should he see Salvadore before me.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Orphanage Presents

As usual there is a collection of presents for the kids at the orphanage at Vera Orphanage.
The collection points are at CATS, Corner Bar and what used to be Sabor. If you can spare a few euros to buy, wrap and donate a present for the kids please drop it off at one of these locations.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Court Case, Market and IBI

I am trying to organise a meeting between various parties regarding the recent court decision to annul the building licences for some 140 properties and will update the blog as and when there is any developements. Obviously there will be none for the next few days with it being a Bank Holiday Friday and Monday.

There is to be a Medieval Market in Zurgena from 1800 x 2200 on Friday 13th December and 1100x1400 + 1700x2200 Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th December. There will be live music, jugglers, street theatre, kids workshops and traditional food stalls. In all I understand there will be nearly 40 stalls. It is being organised by Amata and further information can be gained by visiting there website or by ringing 639979678.

Additional properties including mine and others on Cuesta de los Pinos have been added to the Diputacion Catastro website. Keep visiting to check for yours at any problems just email. I am trying to ascertain the exact process needed if the dimensions shown on the assessment letters are inaccurate an you need to have them changed and I will post when I get an explanation.