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Friday, January 31, 2014

Technico from Tarragona

Following the meeting that Luis (TH Technico) and I had with the experienced Technico (Jose Maria) from Tarragona we had agreed to meet with him again yesterday and show him the area to see what his expert opinion was. We had a drive around most areas and he seemed more than convinced that there was plenty of scope to improve our situation as regards the PGOU and the outstanding court cases.

After we had driven round the area we went back to the TH and I introduced him to Luiz Garcia, our Mayor. I was really pleased to see that Luiz listened to what Jose Maria had to say and it appeared he accepted that he could be of value to us in our negotiations sufficiently to invite Jose Maria to sit in on our next discussions.

What particularly pleased me was that both Luis and Luiz listened to him. It would have been easy for Luis (being the TH's own Technico) to ignore his advice, and it would equally have been easy for Luiz to do the same. It gave me heart and reinforced my belief that they really are trying every avenue to resolve our issues.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Possible Reason for Optimism

Thanks to a friend, for informing me of this article, which together with the comments made by some in the Town Hall yesterday, make me a little more optimistic regarding a settlement of our PGOU this year.

The below article has been copied from La Voz de Almeria and is from a very senior politician in the Junta.

The President of the Board, Susana Díaz, has announced that the Andalusian Government "last a new decree on competence in management of the territory and urban planning" in order to "facilitate the reduction of deadlines for processing of their urban planning councils".

Susana Díaz has made this announcement in his speech yesterday morning, in Marbella (Malaga) at the Conference "the Costa del Sol: towards a new territorial model", organized by the Chair of studies on Rafael Escuredo Andalusia.

Before a month

The President of the Board pointed out the need for provincial commissions of urban development coordination "simplify, integrate and harmonize the mandatory reports" for the adoption of urban plans and has indicated that the Decree, to be approved by the Governing Council in February, is part of the objective of the Andalusian Executive reduce paperwork has been checked.

In addition, the President said that "we are analyzing standards as the law of urban planning of Andalusia, because we believe that we must facilitate initiatives seeking the development of the territory, always from the respect to sustainability".

"We have to encourage our economic growth and move all the economic assets of Andalusia to create jobs," said Susana Díaz, who has opted for the "development of an economic and social model that rests on innovation, human capital and entrepreneurial culture compatible with the respect for the environment". In that sense, it has emphasized that "we will encourage economic growth that does not endanger the natural heritage".

New framework

Susana Díaz, along with Rafael Escuredo and Juan Cano Bueso, has impacted on the importance of spatial planning in a new economic framework "in which we want that urban areas are source of wealth creation" and has considered that Andalusia "has to be an attractive land to live" because "the quality of life attracts investment and innovation and retains talent and entrepreneurship".

New economic model that works the Andalusian Government is committed, has exposed, with increasing growth, productivity, quality of life and well-being and commitment by the science, innovation and technological development within a "equal society" and a "vertebrate and balanced," territory as stands out in an official note from the Board.


The President has shown also supporter of impulse and"revival" of the construction sector, "it has to be compatible with the defense of the natural heritage", at the time who has expressed his conviction that "we've learned the lesson" and they won't repeat the mistakes related to speculation.

Diaz has pointed out, in addition, the "advantages of sustainability", which combines "quality of life, protection of the natural heritage and economic and social progress", encouraging that cities are "most livable".

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Good Meeting and Good News

Sometimes it is who you know! Some years ago I visited Bedar to help them set up Neighbourhood Watch and a lady, who assisted me at the time was, Jeanne Hennie. Recently she got in touch to tell me she had a local friend whose brother is a very highly qualified Architect who advises courts and solicitors on points of law regarding property issues and she was volunteering to arrange a meeting between our Town Hall architect Luis Sanchez, and this architect, Jose Maria, who may be able to help in our endeavours regarding the property situation in the municipality.

I asked our TH architect, Luis Sanchez, to meet with this chap, a man called Jose Alvarez, at 11.0am today at the Ballabona to see if there was anyway he could help. We had a good 90 minute meeting during which he gave Luis a lot of information and we have agreed to meet again in the Town Hall tomorrow at noon. I do get the impression that he will be able to find things to assist us.

Secondly and the good news from the Town Hall is that Ana (concejale) and Luis (architect) are expecting their first child. The due date is 24th September so hope all goes well for them.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Andalucian Health Website

I am grateful to a friend for pointing me in the direction of this website which, although in Spanish, if you have a default translator on your PC, you can gain a lot of information about health services in this part of Spain. The reason he informed of this site was that he had read in La Voz that by ringing this number you can obtain electronic prescriptions and advice in the event of a flu outbreak but there are so many more things this site can assist with. There is also a contact number for all calls 902505060.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last Nights Meeting

We had a meeting of the administering councillors in the TH at 5.0pm.

Luis had called the meeting and, after expressing how important it was that we continued to work together as one united group for the benefit of the villages, we discussed the following,

1. The upcoming meetings and strategy which the TH has with various bodies and people in relation to progressing the PGOU. There are many strands to this and people can be assured that much work is continuing to move it forward in all possible ways.

2. The ongoing problems of getting a full resolution to the repairs necessary to the Las Lomas hillside that collapsed. At the end of the meeting a gentleman entered the meeting and presented an estimate for the works needed to ensure there was no further problems with this hill, total cost one quarter of a million euros! Candido explained how some work which had been done by a utility company had levelled the top of the hill and this is what had led to the rainwater penetrating the hill and causing the slippage. More meetings are to be held to try and get the funding needed.

By the time we had covered these subjects it was 7.0pm and councillors had other meetings arranged so it was concluded.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Avenida Poetas

Was up with Candido at the road works in Los Llanos del Peral this morning and was really pleased to see that he had, after lengthy discussions with the owner of the land, which bounds the middle part of Avenida Poetas, got agreement to extend the width of the road so that it is the same along its length and not narrowed for about 20 metres. Those of you who live that way will know what I am talking about.

Additionally it may be pertinent to mention now, that no occupants of any houses which now have, or are about to get, tarmac road access, that they will be asked to pay anything for it. Something which many doom sayers were predicting years ago.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Couple of Bits

Just a couple of things I ascertained today which may be of information to some readers.

Firstly if, due to circumstances, the names of the people shown on an escritura change, e.g. through death or change over in ownership, then the regional authorities eg Diputacion need to amend their records. In any such case just take a copy of the escritura to the Town Hall for the information of Salvadore and he will organise the notification, or let me have a copy and I will take it to him.

Secondly the TH is trying to get round all the areas where trees etc need to be tidied up but there are only a few workers and many tasks so please be patient.

The main office staff this week are very busy with accountancy jobs as one of the budgets has to be completed by Wednesday evening. So please bear in mind if you have to wait for attention just now.

We have a meeting of the administering councillors this Wednesday evening at 5.0pm and if anything of note I will post.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 17th January

Not a very busy week, for me, in the Town Hall this week. Mainly been out earlier in the week with Candido liaising with the Nila guys doing the road surfacing.

Had intended having a conversation with him about some outstanding issues this morning but failed due to meetings will try again next week.

Passed details, of the reported street lights not working, to Paco and they will sort through them.

Trying to organise a meeting between our Architect and a visiting highly qualified one for Bedar later this month. Apparently he has had success in helping Town Halls fight unjust actions by the Junta re property issues. Just another line to possibly help.

Popped in to see Andreas whilst he was doing his outlying, mobile, Town Hall thing in Palaces on Wednesday. For those who do not know where he is doing this, it is in the old village school which is the white building, just below street level on the right hand side, when going down the main road into Palaces, before the church on your left. It is quite an interesting little building which the TH is trying to improve. The details of the times when he is in Palaces and Los Llanos was on the post a week ago but to repeat he in there 4.30pm to 7.30 pm Mondays at Los Llanos and Wednesdays at Palaces. This is a facility which if we do not use it we will lose it. So if you have anything you need to talk to the TH about pop in and see him. He does not have all the facilities of the Town Hall but, from reports I have so far received, he does follow any up that he is unable to do in the halls.

Latest list for people to confirm they should be on the Padron is a very short one Alan Kantor, Joy Sharon Cole, Robert Anthony Fowler, Susan Elizabeth Fowler and from Decembers list Christine and Philip Hamdorff, David James Hargreaves, Linda Hargreaves and Michael John Roberts.I will be trying to contact these people by telephone but if you know any of them please let them know and ask if they can call into the Town Hall to confirm they should still be on the Padron.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Road Works

Due to being contacted by some readers, to the effect that the contractors Nila ended up blocking people in whilst doing their work, I have asked that they let people know, where possible, if that is to be the case. However, they did say that there may still be occasions where they could do work which would restrict access and not be able to warn people. I suggest that if you have any important appointments etc and you are aware that a street you rely on may be subject to surfacing work, I would, if it were me park my car beyond that street during the next couple of weeks.
Just worth bearing in mind.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday 9th January

Managed to get a bit of time with Luis today and he firstly informed me of how his discussions with the solicitors and the AUAN had gone. There is a lot of work being done by various members of the team regarding the PGOU and this work will continue and, as and when there are any developements of note I will post on here. We, that is the governing team including the Mayor, and the TH solicitors are to have another meeting next week when further papers will be examined which will help us identify the best way forward both publicity wise and legally. We hope to agree that next week.

Those of you who reported defects in the detail of the Catastro letters, which I informed Salvadore about, do not need to do anything further at this stage as he is trying to get the necessary amendments made to the records. If he requires anything further I will let you know.

I then joined Candido up at Los Llanos del Peral to see how the workers from Nila were getting on preparing the road surfaces for tarmac. There were one or two problems such as levels not good enough widths not set wide enough so Candido will be trying to maintain supervision of this work to try and ensure it is completed satisfactorily. He did say they would be spending the next week or so clearing, cleaning and preparing the surfaces and then the road laying machine would come along to top them off and that all work should be completed within 3 weeks. I did ask that if the work was going to prevent people getting into or out of their homes that Nila inform people. He said he would ask.

I mentioned that in some areas we needed to ensure ducting was laid under the surface to be tarmaced so we did not have to dig it up as soon as it was laid, to lay electric cables for street lights etc! He said he was bearing that in mind, but did inform me that some residents of one street had informed him that they did not want their electric street lights turning on as they liked the lack of light pollution, so it was not necessary for that street.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Firstly Happy New Year to you all and lets hope we at last see some progress with the PGOU. The Town Halls solicitors are to meet with the AUAN solicitors later this month but I do not yet know the date of this.

Secondly, Nila S.L. the company who were given the contract to do our road resurfacing work have started today in the Los Carasoles area. I am not privy to the order of works which they will work to but I understand it will only take them a few weeks to complete the works.

Bit disappointed with the street plan as, due to the violent winds last Saturday night, the bottom panel was blown off. I will see whether we can get it repaired by the TH staff or whether it will require a new panel!

I have been away over the holidays so I will get into the TH probably tomorrow to see if there is any developements of interest.