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Monday, August 26, 2013

Zurgena Fiesta 2013 Programme

For your information this is the programme of events for the Zurgena Fiesta 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August only Update

This will probably be the only update this month due to the amount of T.H. staff on holiday for the rest of this month.

The following were points I raised with Candido following your emails,

1. Where are we with the installation of the new pump for the sewerage in Cuesta de los Pinos? Candido said he thought that they were installing that a week or two ago. He then tried to ring Font Arboleas, who are the company contracted to install it, but he could get no answer. He assured me he would keep trying to get them to get it installed as soon as they can.

2. I asked if we had the materials for the pavement extension opposite La Vida and he said that we needed to get the materials for other pavement areas and we could use the surplus from that. So probably September/October.

3. I asked if there was any update on the water situation from Galasa. Candido said we would need to the official position from the Secretary. Manolo came in and Candido asked him what the latest official position was regarding the water. Manolo said words to the effect, why are you asking it is political, as usual. The water is the same as it always has been, which is, that if you are using an osmosis system the water is safe to drink but not directly from the tap. The reason the warning was put out was the differing political factions involved. Galasa is managed by the Diputacion (P.P.) whereas  the Junta is PSOE. I asked what about the results of the water tests showing it to be below the previous acceptable level and got the impression that it was all part of the political battle. It gets dafter. The T.H. staff all use osmosis systems and some even drink it directly but the advice is, as Manolo said, if you use osmosis the water is safe to drink or use for cooking but not directly from the tap.

4. I asked if we were any further forward in getting the lights on Calle Juan Ramon Jimenez in Los Llanos connected. He said that as part of that area had been made subject of a court order they cannot make any new connections. They were however, looking at whether there was  an opportunity to use an existing supply an think it may be possible. Paco and Candido will discuss after the holidays and see if it can be done.

5. I asked about the following tracks which need attention, a. Agua Arriba, b. track between the marble factory in Palaces at and the houses along the track towards Solas (where Anthonio had done some levelling) and c. Calle Mino in Los Carasoles.  He made a note of Agua Arriba for attention after the holidays. He said he was under the impression that Anthonio had done all the length of the track from Solas to the marble factory so he would get back onto him. Calle Mino is to be resurfaced in a few months and he will try and ensure that it is done for its entire length.

6. Internet situation. I asked why we are still having problems. He said that last weekends interruption was very strange as he was on holiday and only became aware of the problem from my email. He called into the T.H. on the Sunday morning but somehow the system was all working normally without any attention from anyone! I asked if we were any further forward contracting someone to look after it. He said he was trying but that the original telecoms engineer from Almeria could not take it on as he had too much work as it was. he is still trying to locate someone with the necessary skills.

7. I reported the problems with the loose lamppost at the top of Calle Abderraman which he noted.

8. As many of you have asked about what to do with garden rubbish and he said it is a problem. Arboleas tip which we all used before was denounced by the Medio Ambienete for not having the licences and so closed down the nearest now is at Antas but you need to pay someone to collect and then pay to dispose. We had a general discussion and Candido proposed that someone local could buy a pulping machine which people could pay a small fee to have their rubbish disposed of through such a machine. He is to ask a couple of local businessmen to see if any are willing to buy the machine. If they do I will publish on here the details and contact number. In the meantime the advice is to keep garden rubbish to a minimum during summer but during the winter collect i and obtain a licence to burn it from the T.H. between October and May.

9. The cochineal bugs on the chumba. I informed Cando of the fact that a number of people have reported infestations of these bugs which are a real problem. I was told that the Government of Spain is fighting a losing battle against these bugs which are spreading across many areas. He advised that if someone has a problem, on a property near theirs, to inform the T.H. of the address and they would send a letter telling the occupants that if they did not deal with the problem the T.H. would contract someone and they would then get the bill. I asked if there was any help for people who were trying to tackle the problem. He said that we have one or two people who have diggers who could be paid to dig up and bury the affected chumba. If anyone wants the number just let me know.

10. I asked Candido if he knew what the pipe was that was being installed between Los Llanos and Los Cabreras. He said he thought it may be the gas pipe from Albox to Huercal Overa but asked me to confirm the exact location to ensure that that was what it was.

11. Asked if he could confirm the timescale for the surfacing work for Avenida Poetas. he replied that he believed Nila would start in September or October at the very latest.

12. I told Candido that for my part I have opened discussions about trying to organise a trip for the 3rd Age for later this year and that I have commissioned the manufacture of the street plan for Cuesta de los Pinos with Publi part in Albox but do not yet have a date for completion.

My next meeting with Candido will be the first Friday in September (the first of our regularly to be held weekly meetings as discussed at my last meeting with him) unless there is any urgent need.

As usual any questions or issues just email me.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cuesta de los Pinos Correos

In trying to ensure I get the message out to all who may be interested I decided to put an entry on the blog but it only relates to residents of Cuesta de los Pinos.

We already have 2 banks of postal boxes, but I have an increasing list of people who do not have, but still want one. In order to ensure that I get a final list of those interested please contact me if you want to be added to the list . I will consider it once we see how many there are and if it makes economic sense. The last bank of boxes I think cost each new owner about €35.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Following my letter to Candido on Wednesday, he rang yesterday morning to say that he was free for me to speak with him, either at La Vida or in the Town Hall, whichever was most convenient for me. I agreed to meet him at La Vida, and Andreas joined us. We had a 2 hour conversation during which I was able to make my feelings known and he explained his position.

Firstly he explained the reasons for his being unable to meet with me the past 2 weeks, suffice it to say that I accepted his explanations as being valid, one of which involved the hospitalisation of his youngest child, however, I did stress that we seemed to have very poor communications as, if he had told me of his reasons on the days, it would not have come to this.

I opened the conversation by asking Candido to convince me of why I should remain a) on the council and b) with Partido Andalucista (P.A.). We then had a long discussion about all the options open to me and the likely outcomes of these.

Candido explained that he thought I should realise that P.A. was by far the most effective political body which has, and continues, to fight for improvements for the expat community. He gave many examples of this which I know to be true. He also re-emphasised the reasons why he asked me to join them in the first place and why, on both of the last elections, he placed my name high enough up the list to ensure I had a voice and a seat on the council. He did this to the detriment of some people who were friends and thought they should be above me on the list. I countered this by saying that that was all well and good but what if I could not get to meet with the other councillors or get anything done, as was the case recently.

He agreed that the ad hoc way we got together was not good enough and proposed we return to the previous system of meeting with all the P.A. councillors once a week for example on a Friday at 11.0am and this we would start in September, after the August holidays. I also think we need to improve general communications but at least with a once a week meeting things should improve.

He highlighted the fact that, working in a coalition, was not the easiest way to govern and that he had had many issues with our partners, some of which he had not told me about. He had worried that I would put details on this blog which would prejudice his discussions and he knows that our political opponents and partners read his blog. I said that I would not put anything on here that he did not want to go on. He agreed to allow me to judge what should and should not be published on here.

There is little point in my listing all the things we discussed but, suffice it to say, that in the end I was overwhelmingly convinced of the argument that P.A. were the best option for our issues and that my staying within that party would be best for our community. I therefore agreed in the meantime to continue, as long as the issues we discussed and agreed did take effect.

Finally due to the length of this meeting, and the upcoming holidays, I did not have much of an opportunity of raising your outstanding issues but have agreed to meet again on the 14th August for this purpose. I have given Candido  the list of street lights not working which he will give to Enrique. He did also tell me that the street laying contracts from the Provincial Plan should start by mid September.

As you all know little happens during August but I hope to publish the agenda for the Zurgena Fiesta and the result of our meeting on the 14th.