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Friday, October 31, 2014

Court Case and Tragedy

Firstly Candidos court case yesterday has been adjourned until Monday!

Secondly, and very sadly, a local 31 year old man from our village, died in a tragic road accident early yesterday morning on the main just before he cemetery in Overa. He was in a small Seat car which was in an almost head on collision with a BMW X5. The tragedy of the event was that he was one of three children and his siblings both died at a young age from cancer and now his parents have lost their last child and have no grandchildren. Makes you count your blessings!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bank Accounts and Cherrys Quiz

A couple of bits of information which you may already be aware of but I think are worthwhile mentioning.

Firstly due to EU money laundering rules all the Spa wish banks need their customers to confirm their identities. This merely involves taking your passport into your branch so that they can take a copy and confirm your identity from it. I am led to believe that any accounts where this has not been done could be embargoe'd!

Secondly just been speaking to Cherry Hayden and she is in the process of moving her popular quiz from bar La Vida to Glenn Randall's new bar near the pool bar in La Alfoquia. I think it is called Bar Cilio or something similar. It will be held at the same time and day e.g. 2000 hours on Monday evenings.

Another Court Case

Tried to speak with Candido this morning but he was in with the solicitors as there is another court case against him on tomorrow. So unfortunately I will be unable to progress the outstanding issues which fall under his remit e.g. Public Works. Due to other commitments it will be the end of next week before I can sort some of these .

I did pass on some evidence regarding the dumped glass panels near Los Llanos del Peral. This happened a week or two ago and is the second time that strange things have been dumped in the same location. I was able to get some documents from the scene and the Polizia Local are going to make enquiries to see if they can identify any likely suspects. The TH will try and arrange collection of the broken remnants of the glass.

It looks like the work to repair the dipuradora in Cuesta de los Pinos will be completed this week, as there is only a few more things to be done. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Internet Suppliers

The following is information for anyone who is interested and is not using the Town Hall wifi.

For the past many years I have been hosting (to my wife annoyance due to the bird muck!) the aerial for Eurosat Wiz, but, lately I decided to change to another supplier.

In order to minimise any disruption, to the people already supplied by this aerial, I informed the company of my intention to disconnect this aerial over 3 weeks ago. I was informed by Eurosatwiz that I should seek permission from Albox Online, (who were the company I was changing over to anyway) before doing so, which I did. They obviously had no objections and therefore I disconnected the original aerial the night before last.

Part of the reason I decided to change was to get the faster speeds on offer from Albox online who at the moment are supplying 6meg for €25 pm plus iva, but who are installing more equipment to enable them to provide 25meg. I am informed that Eurosatwiz will also be offering similar speeds but I do not know when or how much.

This is not an advertisement for Albox online or Eurosatwiz merely an explanation for those affected by any disruption. I have also been asked by Albox Online to let people know that these are two distinct and separate businesses.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PGOU Pleno

Sorry for the delay in the organisation of this Pleno as I know a number of you were waiting to hear of its progress.

We held an ordinary Pleno meeting last night at 6.30pm to primarily address two issues. Firstly the amendment of our budgets to ensure that we stay within our financial constraints and manage to clear all out debts this financial year. In order to do that we had to approve a number of changes which were unanimously agreed.

But even more important, and pleasing, was the motion to approve our provisional PGOU. This plan, which has undergone many scrutinies, alterations, adjustments and improvements and has been considered favourably by the regional authorities, was unanimously approved by ALL the councillors including PSOE and PA. This is yet another good sign for the outcome of this plan. A number of the councillors put forward their thanks to the political parties for seeing the importance for the future of the village in showing a united front in approving this plan. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Junta follow suit.

Unfortunately the work on the dipuradora for Cuesta de los Pinos is taking much longer than anticipated. It has been discovered that more remedial work needs to be done than at first thought but they will continue until it is working.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Big Padron Checklist, Please CHECK

Sorry about this folks but I need to try and contact all the below named people and for them to pop into the Th to confirm they should still be on the Padron (if in fact that is the case).
I kinda suspect that the Junta are trying to reduce as greatly s possible the numbers of expats eligible to vote in next years local elections and therefore are hoping to knock as many off the Padron as possible! If you know of any of the people on the list please contact them and ask them pop in when they can. There is no real urgency yet! But the sooner the better.

I have already tried to telephone or emil all those I have details for and some of you may have already had a message left on your phones. If so please ignore. So here goes (hopefully alpha order)

Judith & Paul ABEL, Karen Anne BABER, Jeanette Rosemary & Mark Andrew BASTIN, Christa Helga BETHGE, Paul Martin BLACK, Patricia Mary BRAND, Kevin BUCK, Janet & Jeremy BULL, Terence and Helen BURNELL< Nora Agnes BYRNE,   Bernard R J Carroll, Leslie & Mary Davies, Julie Ann CARTER, Rachel Mary & Steven Michael  COATES,  Christopher W COLE, David William COLE, Patricia Ellen COLE, Rosalyn Jean COLE, Dorothy Claudette CONNOR, Simon COOK,  Lee John COXON, Victor Henry DAVEY, Emerald Cloda DAVIS, Kenneth Sydney  & Susan E M. DAWKINS, Julie DODSWORTH, Stephen John DODSWORTH, Jane Lesley DONARSKI, Robert Charles DUGGAN, Susan DUKE, Liam Joseph EVANS, Warren Austin & Michelle Teresa FABES,  Noel Micheal Feely, Michael Ernest & Sarah Jane FERRE, Dorothy FOX, Jamie Steven FRIEND, Angela GLOVER, Ian & Angela Emma GOULD, Brian & Joan Irene GRIPTON, John & Susan Hardie, William Charles & Carolyn Ann HARDY, Graham & Marion A K HAWORTh, Denise Avril HEYWOOD, Peter & Wendy Ann HIGSON, Ricard Anthony HOLMES, Michael Raymond & Beverley Ann HOLT, Thomas & Eva LEWIS, Eileen P HUTCHINSON, Alun Paul & Claire Margaret JENKINS, Chritine Rosina JONES, Michael John & Joy JONES, Bryan Stewart & Carol Ethel KEAR, Elaine KEBBLE, Kirkley James & Margaret Patricia KEEPIN, Jeremy Derek LEE, Jacqueline LEWIS, Rebecca Michelle LILLEY, Ross C K LYDDALL, Patrick Joseph & Patricia McCOY, Derek George and Ann Mackay MARNOCH,Jamie Richard MacPHERSON, Dennis & Christine A MARSHALL, Graham Denton MEDCROFT, David MILLER, Keith Graham & Mary P MOORE, Linda K MOORMAN, Margaret E NEAL, John Alfred NICOLSON, Anna Katalin NIELSEN, Styeven Douglas NEWBERRY, Eileen Joyce NORRIS, Christopher Frank PALMER, Richard Newton & Julie PALMER, Derek & Sarah Marilyn PARTINGTON,  John Leonard & Jacqueline Ann PAXTON, Graham PERRIOR, Aron Christopher PRIEST, Gerald James QUICK, David Henry RICHARDS, John Stirling & Diane Mary RICHARDSON, Doreen RIGBY, Lee RUSSON,Brain David & Margaret Ann SCANLON, Howard Michael & Susan Beatrice SCOTT, John & Kathleen SHARPHOUSE, Callum & Rebecca Louise SHAW, Christopher and Alaine J SINGER,  John & Kathleen SMART, Bernard SMITH, Janet Margaret SMITH, Margaret C & Clifford SMITH, Michael John & Gillian Phyliis STEADMAN, Dennois James STONE Stephen Anthony STRINGER, Daniel SUCH, Lesley Patricia SWAIN, Barbara Jane TAYLOR, Donal Sean & Karen THOMAS, John & Joan TRIMBY, Carole & Joseph Edward TURP, Joseph & Alexandra Sharon VINCENT, Brian C C WAILES, Katrina Victoria WALTON, Barbara WEST, Frederick Allen WHITTLE, Lloyd Llewellyn Pete & Patricia WILLIAMS, Howard & Sally Ann WILSON,Lee & Barbara Betty WOODHOUSE.

Sorry it is such a long list but hopefully there will not be too many more checks between now and next May!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday 10th October

We had a meeting this morning to discuss how the PGOU had been received by the authorities in Almeria before we officially send it for approval. Manolo and Luis had been down to Almeria yesterday and they were pleased to say that the authorities down there gave a nod of approval to our preparations of the plan. So hopefully another good sign. We will be having the official Plenary meting to approve its submission probably next week.

We then had a meeting, at which the administrative staff, Isa and Manolo (the secretary), explained to the councillors the new rules about how we can act financially as a Town Hall given that these changes greatly impact on the way we can assign expenditure for capital or running expenses. Suffice it to say that the rules are very complex and require the admin staff to completely revamp the way the TH operates financially. The only good point from our point of view is that we have been managing the finances within our ability and if we follow the advice of the secretary we should be clear of all debts both capital and loans by the end of the year but we do have to restrain our expenditure for at least that period.

I have been given the latest pardon check list and it is huge. I suspect that the junta want to try and reduce the ex pats vote for the next elections in 2015! I will try and contact all on the list by phone but, as usual, many will be unreachable. I will the either email or list on here for their information.

Remember Monday 13th October is a Bank Holiday throughout Spain.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday 9th October

Sorted out a few things this morning.

Firstly have placed the order for new street plan signs for Los Llanos and La Alfoquia (pool bar area) with Publipart in Albox. These should be ready in a couple of weeks for installation. We are also completing the plan for the same type of sign for Los Carasoles.

The TH workers are continuing with the work to install and complete the woks on the dipuradora at Cuesta de los Pinos.

In relation to a query from a resident I can confirm that the TH does not retain the services of a dog warden. It proved too expensive and was cancelled some years ago.

Still waiting the Mayor 's decision as to when to have our PGOU meeting. Was not able to see Luis today will try again tomorrow.

The secretary has been discussing the issue about the electricity supply for those 5 or 6 properties in Los Llanos with Endesa. It transpires it is a complicated situation but he is ursine another avenue which he hopes may lead to a proper supply being installed. I will chase this up again next week.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday 6th October

Had a quick chat with Candido this morning about issues under the Public Works heading. Luis (mayor) was in Almeria with Manolo (the secretary) so I could not get confirmation of the Pleno for the PGOU or whether the meeting had been held regarding the discussions to be had with Endesa re the elctricity supply in Los Llanos so I will speak to hi about that later in the week.

He informed me that today and during this week he was concentrating on

a) the dipuradora (sewerage plant at Cuesta de los Pinos) and that the electricity supply was now in but that they need to do some more repairs to the 3rd tank before installing the pump. He apologised for the delay as he had hoped to complete it last week but the rains demolished part of the 3rd tank!

b) the light installations at a number of locations around the municipality. They had discovered some problems with a number of these are are working to get them up to standard and connected. He hoped to have these sorted within the next one to two weeks.

c) the were also doing tree pruning.

I raised the following issues,

1. The Bowling Green in La Alfoquia. He informed me that we have still not got the works finally completed by Nila and so we cannot progress anything until that is done and it is handed over to us as being completed to our satisfaction.

2. I informed him of a number of roads within the area which people had reported were suffering from subsidence as a result of the recent rains and that we need to see if there is anything we can do to minimise the possibility of these roads (some very new) of falling apart. He made a list and said he would check to see what we could do.

3. I asked about the gymnasium. He said he had no news yet and how the arrangements were progressing to get someone to take that on.

4. I mentioned the deterioration of the road between Los Llanos and Los Cabreras and he said he would look at that.

5. We discussed the two quotes we had for the new street plan signs for Los Llanos and La Alfoquia North (Pool bar area). We have agreed on the company to contract to provide the signs and we will place the order for them this Thursday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Poco Poco

Well we managed to get a few things done last week. The new parabolic mirror erected Avenida Europa, the missing plate from the street plan replaced, and 3 new stop signs at various junctions erected. Little by little.

Candido did say that he was concentrating the workmen on the electricity for the street lights at the moment although he leo said he hoped to have the ned pump for the dipuradora fitted this week although I suspect that due to the storms the electricity for that has not yet been connected.

I realise that there are a few more road issues as a result and we are trying to get around to them.