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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in villages

The Town Hall announced that there will be Halloween activities in the villages tonight starting at 1730 in the Parque Gines Parra and at 1800 in front of the school at la Alfoquia.
There will be various events between 1800 and 2100.
Sorry for late posting only found out about an hour ago.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

British Embassy Circulation

 Below is a message from the British consulate in Madrid has sent out the below circulation for your information.

The Healthcare Team from the Department of Health, based both at the British Consulate in Alicante and in Madrid will be coming to San Miguel de Salinas nextTuesday the 5th of November at 12.00 to the Casa de la Cultura to give a talk on how British expats should be registered correctly with the Spanish public healthcare system and how temporary visitors should be accessing it with their UK European Health Insurance Cards: what it is & what it’s for.

We highly suggest you come and join us next week if you have questions and enquiries about registering for healthcare in Spain, especially since there have been many healthcare reforms in the last year. It is important for you to be aware that the EHIC campaign is part-funded by the European Commission and in partnership with the Valencia Health Authorities.

Apart from the event in San Miguel de Salinas, we will hold 3 other events up until the end of the year in Teulada-Moraira, Pilar de la Horadada and Algorfa that you can also attend. Please have a look at the attached Newsletter and feel free to forward it to any colleagues, friends and family to let them know.

For more information on the venues of the next events please visit our website here.

We hope to see you at the talks soon J

Kind regards,

The Healthcare Team.

Healthcare Team

British Consulate General | Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana 259D, 28046 Madrid TEL: 902 109 356 | FAX: 91 714 6403
British Consulate Alicante | Plaza de Calvo Sotelo, 1, 2, 03001 Alicante TEL: 902 109 356 | FAX: 965 14 05 28

Working in conjunction with the British Consular Network in Spain on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health. For more information on your pension, benefit and healthcare rights and responsibilities in Spain, click here.

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Any views or opinions expressed in this e-mail do not necessarily reflect the FCO's policy.
The FCO keeps and uses information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal information may be released to other UK government departments and public authorities.
All messages sent and received by members of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and its missions overseas may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded in accordance with the Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pleno 24.10

Luis chaired his first full Pleno meeting of the council at noon today. It went well and included the naming of the Deputy Mayors, the responsibilities of each councillor, the salaries being paid to those in receipt of such, the legal requirement of the holding of Pleno meetings and determination of the Fiestas for 2014. It was concluded by 12.45pm.

For information our local football team are playing C.D. Bellavista this Saturday in the sports hall kick off at 4.0pm, if you like footy and fancy it get along there.

Unfortunately I did not have much time today but, in passing, Luis said that we needed to get together to discuss developments regarding the PGOU. I am unavailable until the week after next but I will sit down with him then and keep you posted on any information that I can.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ex Pats Donation & Bits from today.

Firstly I was privileged (and to be honest felt a bit of a fraud) handing over the monies resulting from the benefit evening (Dreamboats and Petticoats) held at the Renfe last Friday night. Organised by Peter Dell of Los Mellizos bar, Gary Bowen and Mike Foulkes amongst many others. The event raised €350 which they wanted to donate to the local schools. The Mayor received the monies yesterday on behalf of the schools and today I took the monies to the schools and handed them over to the headmaster at Zurgena and the head mistress at La Alfoquia. Both were very grateful for the donation and the headmistress at La Alfoquia said how rare it was for schools to get monies without asking for it and that she intended using the money for books for the library. So well done to all involved in the event and a good reflection on our part of the community.

I then spent most of the morning in the car with Candido as we went to a few locations for various purposes including resolving an electrical supply problem in Palaces, areas requiring cleaning or tree pruning, areas where road surfacing will take place and miscellaneous works.

He informed me that the Town Hall workers are making their way through many areas including those on the list I provided. They are currently in La Alfoquia then will move to the pool bar area then Los Menchones, Los Carasoles, Cuesta de los Pinos and Los Llanos. Whilst in these areas they will attend to any other outstanding issues, such as the street plan for Los Pinos. These will take place over the next couple of weeks. Candido also told me that they hoped to get the street cleaning machine ITV'd this coming week. It has been out of commission for over 2 years!

We also visited the area past the pool bar, Calle Amapola, and streets around. Candido asked if I would ask people not to prune the trees themselves as this is leading to more problems. They will be pruned by the TH but they have to be done in a certain way otherwise they become ugly. He said they would try and remedy the ones which have already been cut, by well meaning residents, but it may take a year or two to get them back to a nice shape.

I asked if they had heard any news about the 2 houses demolished in the Cantoria area and he said that he had only 3rd hand knowledge but believed there to be another 2 to be demolished, in the same area and that the reason for this action was that denuncias had been taken out by Seprona on the plots before anything had even been built (a number of years ago). He stated that this is only hearsay and he could not verify these facts as genuine.

I forgot to ask him if he could chase up the contract re Avenida Poetas but I will do.

Finally there is a rumour in the village of Zurgena, that someone tried to abduct a child. This is a hoax and is totally false. We have confirmed with the Guardia Civil that no such event took place.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday 15th October

This week the Town Hall workers are working on cleaning various areas including those reported to me. Pictures are on their Facebook page of the work so far.

Additionally The Mayor, Secretary and Architect were back in Almeria today for a meeting to try and sort out the financing of the work that was carried out to the land slip at Las Lomas. This affected a meeting I wanted to have with the architect regarding one residents issues about electricity but I have had to delay this until tomorrow.

They are also working on the intermittent fault with the WiFi which has, and continues to, affect Los Llanos, Palaces and areas of Cucador.

Seems more IBI assessments are reaching people. One thing I discovered today, when doing some work on their computer, was that if your reference begins with 5 numbers and then a letter then this is one which had been shown on rustic land BUT it is being amended to show it on urbanisable land by the Diputacion and will shortly be allocated a new number. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Article from La Voz de Almeria today

Below is a translated version of an article in La Voz today.
I have attached a group photograph of the 8 councillors with their names and responsibilities.
From left to right they are
Anabel Sola Gonzalez (communication and formation), Noelia Garcia Jimenez, (Dep Mayor, Sport, Culture and youth), Me (3rd Age and British Community) see how I hid behind the good looking ladies, Ana Gonzalez Morata (Social issues 3rd Age, Education and Health), Luis Diaz Garcia ( Mayor and Hacienda and Urbanism), Sampo Kullervo Penttila (Commercial and Tourism), Salvador Sagarra Robles (Agriculture and Catastro), Candido Trabalon Fernandez (2nd Dep Mayor, Public Works and Services).

The eight councilors (four and four independent PA) that make up the municipal government Zurgena already know the areas that will be managed. after two weeks ago, to support the motion of censure against former alderman, Francisco Ramos (PP), promoting a change of local government.


The deputies have shown excited about the project, which has as one of its great aspirations "approach the City to all residents alike." Upon learning of his duties, the councilors were open to "cooperate with all authorities and have announced that they will" every effort "to promote the participation and integration of the British community which attempt to offer a solution to the Zurgena suffering urban problems.

In addition, council members and mayor have advanced the development of a "comprehensive action plan" to support such important sectors as youth, seniors, associations or entrepreneurs. "The intention is to maximize the time remaining term to seek a more immediate response. It's time to exploit the full potential of Zurgena from the standpoint of cultural, sporting, community, economic and business ", both highlighted.

"It is fundamental that the participation of individual citizens as well as form, we can promote workable ideas and projects in order to improve our welfare. The council is to channel all kinds of initiatives have ensured the Consistory.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IBI bills + Padron

We had our pictures taken, to publish the new administration this morning, and fortunately I was able to hide behind the 3 good looking lady councillors! If I can I will circulate the picture with Councillors names and responsibilities when and if I get a copy.

Prior to the photographs being taken, I had a short conversation with Salvadore (those of you following the blog will know that he is the councillor who has own all the work on the files for the Diputacion to enable IBI bills to be assessed and issued). We have been waiting for these for some time now but we have seen a slow trickle of assessments coming out. Salvadore advised me that more will be coming out in the next couple of weeks so check you mail.

If you are not resident do not worry I will try and keep an eye on when each area gets its bills and post on here. There is a website ,"" but I have found it difficult to research it without a digital certificate. I have asked for advice on this and will post when I know (unless any of you are more efficient in finding your way around the site). I understand that if you research this site you can ascertain whether your property has been assessed and obtain the reference number.
UPDATE.. Salvador has forwarded to me the link to the website of the Catastro Office website and it is
On the front page enter 'localizacion' then 'Almeria' then 'Zurgena' and then enter the name of your street. Then click 'Cartografia'.  You can then dig into the site. Do not worry if your street is not yet on they are working on it and Salvador told me that my street would probably be added in the next week or two. So I will keep checking.

Change to layout in the TH. There has been a change to layout in the TH in that all the administrative staff now occupy desks on the ground floor, rather than upstairs. So when you go into the reception area, where Juanjo occupies the reception desk, you will see all the other staff t their desks in the open area in front of reception. This I am sure will help particularly when it is busy as the other staff can then help. A bit like it was in the old Town Hall up the hill.

Secondly the perennial issue of the Padron. We have seen a reduction in persons registered on the Padron this year and as you probably know the Town Hall is funded by the numbers registered on the padron. So this is a plea to everyone if you own a property here (whether holiday home, rented out or full time occupied) please register on the Padron. It merely requires you to pop into the TH with your passport or NIE and see either Juanjo or Andreas and let them record your details for us to receive the monies due.

I have appended to the bottom of this post the latest randomly generated list requiring confirmation that these individuals  should still be on the Padron. If you recognise any of the names or you know them please ask them to pop into the TH to confirm they should still be on the Padron, if that is the case.

Terence R Kebble, Pauline Ann Clarke, Helen Jane Cook,Michael John Cook,Maureen Elizabeth Gibbs, Peter William Gibbs, Andrew Wayne Miller, Nicola Jane Miller, Joshua D T Hearn, Wendy Alison Hearn, Antony David Scanlon, Barry R T Walker, Delene Bailey, Elaine A Midgley, John M Midgley, John Harold Pickbourn, Margaret R Pickbourn, Enesa Bell, Liam P Bell, Alice M Butterworth.

Petanque Tournament and bits

Firstly Noelia (Councillor for Sports etc) has announced on the TH Facebook page that there is to be a Petanque Tournament for all the villages in the valley. She and I would also like to see ex pat teams enter this tournament. Registration for it is on the day of the first tournament at Seron on the 13th of this month at 10.00 hours. Teams can be of one sex or mixed only condition is that the entrants are over 10 years of age.

"Good morning! one year more Zurgena will participate in the tournament of regional Almanzora of petanque, organized by the provincial Council of Almería and the aytos. from: Cantoria, Finnish, Macael, Olula del Río, Seron, Tijola and Zurgena.
The tournament begins the next day 13 at Serón, scores obtained on each day are cumulative, and to the completion of the next tournament on November 24, the winner will be who obtained more points throughout the Conference.
Zurgena will host the tournament on October 20, registrations will be made on the same day just before, and the price is €8 per person.
From the Department of sports of our City Hall I encourage you to participate in this tournament."

Secondly we are to have a new set of photographs, of all the new administration, taken today. Once available I will circulate and it will show the individual councillors roles and responsibilities. So that you will know who to address any particular issues to.

I hope the newly established parameters for information and actions work better and I have a feeling that they will, I have already noticed an improvement.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Candidos Birthday

We had an urgently convened meeting this morning at which Luis allowed us all to discuss roles etc going forward. It was a good meeting at which Luis explained how he wanted all of us to take control of our portfolio and work hard for the community. We also agreed the structure for the Mayor and his deputies and a new process for communication is to be sorted out for the future. Once these are formalised I will post, if agreed.

After the meeting the lights were dimmed and Maribel brought in a cake with candles denoting 48, as it was Candidos birthday.