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Friday, January 28, 2011

28th January

Spoke with Candido about a few things this morning.

Whilst I was in the Town Hall it was obvious that their staff were getting as frustrated as me with the electricity power cuts (Andreas was kicking his desk in frustration). I asked why it kept happening and whether we could bring any pressure to bear. Candido said that they did often complain to Endesa regarding the interupted supply but it seemed to make no difference. It is caused by the sensitive computer systems that link all the solar plants with the grid, apparently!

Firstly I asked if they had heard about the ruling of the Judge in Almeria who had ruled against the Junta in a case where a Licence of 1st Occupation had been granted under a special ordenacion and they had disputed its validity. He said that they heard about it and it was typical that the following day all the newspapers, supportive of the two main parties, were then saying that they would be working to ensure everyone will be helped to ensure they have services and legal licences of 1st occupation. Funny how they instigated the case in the first place and then when the ruling goes against them they publicise how they will help everyone!

I suggested the following two dates for a "Meet the Mayor" meeting. The 16th or 17th February. He said he would check with the solicitors and let me know which date was best, as soon as he could.

I again asked about the street lights for Cuesta de los Pinos (still awaiting boletin from Endesa) and the parabolic mirror (still waiting on Salvadore and he wasn't in today).

Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21st

Called into the Town Hall this morning and it was bedlam. Everyone was dashing about for various reasons but I needed to see Candido about the election as my granddaughter has her communion close to the date I expected the election to be and so I needed to clarify things.

Firstly I have decided to stand for consideration for the Partido Andalucista in this years election. I think I can do it for one more term if elected. I asked Candido if the party would want me to out my name forward and he said that it was up to me but that he would value my participation. So I then asked what date the elections would be so that I could sort out flights for the communion. The election is always held on the 4th Sunday in May, which this year is the 22nd.

I then asked when we would be looking to compile the manifesto and he said that firstly we have to agree the list of 14 names for submission and those 14 together with the rest of the party would put that together nearer the time. Whilst we were having this conversation he asked what would be the biggest concerns of the expat community and responded that obviously the ongoing situation regarding the court cases was uppermost in most peoples minds. He then asked if I thought it would be worthwhile if he addressed a meeting at which, as Mayor, he could answer questions and explain how the court cases were going and what the current situation was. I said that I thought that would be very worthwhile. So we have agreed that he will meet with the solicitors to get updated with regard to all the cases and we would organise a date for a meeting at the Renfe building in La Alfoquia at which everyone would be welcome and he would inform people and take questions. Whilst discussing this Andreas voiced his concerns that his english is not good enough for such meetings as some words he could not translate. I told him that he did very well and I am sure we will manage. The format of the meeting would be an introduction from myself followed by an explanatory statement from Candido followed by questions. he would also be able to give his view as Mayor on any improvements that people felt could be done within the municipality.

Francisco entered the room so I asked how we were getting on with obtaining a Parabolic mirror for Avenida Europa and he told me it should be delivered next week! I then asked him why Endesa had not yet connected the lights in Cuesta de los Pinos and at that Candido rang the boss man at Endesa who stated that the boletin should be with the Town Hall by middle of next week and they should be switched on within one week of that.

As usual any questions or queries email me at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st Blog 2011

Happy New Year to all.

Had an hour with Candido this morning to go over some of the outstanding issues.

1. The installation of a Parabolic mirror on Avenida Europa, the connection of the lights for Cuesta de los Pinos and expedition of a request for the use of the Theatre by Los Companeros del Teatro for March. These 3 points are all with Franscisco but he has been off work due to his wife being in hospital. Candido will chase up with him, these points.

2. Confirmation of the dates of the Fiestas this year 15th July for la Alfoquia and 31st August for Zurgena.

3. Palaces tarmac and lights. This was discussed between Candido and the Diputacion yesterday and he is hopeful that the work will commence within the next few weeks. They had to wait for a set period after the issue of the contract in case there were any objections but that period has now passed and the work should commence soon.

4. I aksed about the date for everyone to register to vote as being the 15th january. Candido said that was misleading as that date only applies to South Americans. members of the EU have until March but he will try and confirm the exact date.UPDATE I AM RELIABLY INFORMED BY THE AUAN THAT THE 15TH IS THE DEFINITIVE DATE FOR REGISTERING TO VOTE FOR ALL FOREIGNERS.

5. I asked about the time frame for the bowling greens completion and he said that this was in amongst a number of projects all agreed with the Diputacion including the tarmacing of many dirt roads or resurfacing if these I have listed as best I can these tracks below. The completion of this work, it is hoped will be before May but it may go into June. Candido is obviously hoping it is done before the elections in May.

6. I asked about whether they need me to start work on the IBI stuff but as Salvadore was not around I will have to see him about this.

7. Only one english name on the notice board this week Wendy Maureen Evans. if anyone knows her please let her know.

8. Final point on the disposal of large electrical items eg Fridges etc. These are collected on the 12th and 27th of each month and should be placed by the basura a few days before in order that Consorcio Levante (the coy responsible) are aware of what is needed.

Roads/tracks to be surfaced re point 5 above; Zurgena both streets up the side of the main square, La Alfoquia streets near the square, by the doctors and the meat market, Los Carasoles Rio Tajo and Rio Ebro, Palaces main street from church to marble factory, Los llanos Avenida Poetas and Gerardo Diego and the rambla road from Los lanos through Almajalejo to Huercal Overa.