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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update Tuesday 31st March

At last managed to get a substantial meeting with Candido this morning. The problem for him has been in getting time free from the various (and believe me very complicated) negotiations going on in advance of the local Elections in May. The horse trading etc is to be seen to be believed!

Anyway first things first. The PGOU. The junta waited until the last minute of the last day to return our PGOU with a list of about 4 issues which they required changing. These changes (and believe it or not one of those changes was to ensure that all the pages in each part of the document were numbered!) were all attended to the same day and returned to the Junta the same day. We now await their approval. The process now is that the Junta have to pass the plan to a commission (which they set up) who give final assent to the document. We do not envisage any more issues and expect the plan to be agreed by this commission. We had originally hoped that it would be in April but being a little sceptical I think mid May is more likely.

We are still awaiting a response to an inform we asked for which could help the situation regrading the court cases.

I told Candido that the AUAN were again circulating details of his next case to be heard in the Criminal Court No 2 at Almeria on the 15th and 17th April. he looked at the paperwork and confirmed that this was one of the outstanding cases which surprise surprise are being represented just before the elections AGAIN!! The case refers to a piece of land upon which there are no houses but which had been divided into plots on our old plan. So he was surprised to see this being circulated as it has no bearing on any residents and would appear to be just another one of those used to stymie Political parties other than the PSOE.

W are trying to get the contract for the bowling green signed off so that we can start to use it, even if we cannot get it fully operational as a club in the near future. I know a couple of people have informed me they know where the basic equipment can be obtained from for a good price. If you do please let me know. Partido Andalucista (which is the party I have been associated with for the past 8 years) is responsible for getting this investment in the green and we would like to hold some sort of competition, albeit without all the infrastructure, in the next few weeks. So if you know of somewhere or someone who could provide the basic equipment please get in touch.

The work on repairing Calle Finlandia will start after the easter holidays as will the work on the end of Calle Escocia. As regular readers will know the reason for the delay has been the difficulty in the TH getting the necessary funds from Madrid.

The previous list I gave to Candido regarding areas wanting tidying up etc is being worked through as is the minor repairs to roads etc. Please bear with us as there is a lot to attend to.

The situation with Tanatorio remains the same, which is that there is no electricity supply and there is an internal political situation which is restricting us from getting this sorted.

We then had a lengthy discussion about movements and thoughts about the compilation of the lists of candidates for the various parties for the upcoming local elections. Until the horse trading is complete it would not be appropriate to decide which party I would support. Suffice it to say that I cannot see myself in anyway supporting PSOE who have and continue (as far as Zurgena is concerned) to cause us many problems and restrictions. We are winning these battles, particularly in the courts, and it looks now as if we may see the end of these spurious actions before too long. This fact is enhanced by the cases that we have recently won with good clear rulings in support of the TH actions at the time.

As usual any questions or queries please just email or call.

Friday, March 27, 2015

One More Day one More Frustration

Sorry folks. I tried again today to speak to those who matter but failed, as no one showed up. This is getting very annoying again!! I keep promising people that I will get answers but when I try to speak with Candido, or sometimes others, I fail. Apologies to all who were waiting answers I will keep trying until I get the questions answered.

This is now two weeks since I spoke with anyone but I bet they will want to speak to me nearer the elections. It does reinforce my determination to finish my role within the Town Hall by the end of May e.g. at the next election.

As an aside it does appear that we will be able to do the trip to Carboneras on the 16th April but we are a few short of the numbers we had hoped to get. If you know of anyone who may be interested in the trip please let them know and ask them to either contact myself or Noelia in the Town Hall. I think it is excellent value for a day out at €25 including the services of the guide, the coach and the 4 course meal. Please spread the word.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Empty Town Hall

Called in supposedly to meet with Candido but on arrival the cupboard was bare. Both Candido and Luis (the Mayor) had both departed on an urgent request to meet with the Regional Authorities in Almeria. I believe it is to do with some important aspects of politics, which could impact on many things in the area, but the detail is being kept from all other councillors at the moment. I will publish as soon as I get any clarification. What tangled webs they weave.

Checked with the others in the Town Hall as to whether any objections to our PGOU have been received and no one knows of any. So in that regard things are looking good. If no objections then the plan stands!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cardoneras Guided Visit

Bookings for the Carboneras Trip, organised by the Councillor for Culture, Noelia Garcia Jimenez for Thursday Aril 166th departing at 0930 from Zurgena, can be made at the Town Hall, but, to make it easier for residents I will be available at the Pool Bar La Alfoquia from 1200x 1300 this Wednesday 25th and from 1300 x1400 on the same day at La Vida. Cucador Norte for anyone wishing to make a reservation.

The cost (payable at the time of booking is €25 per person. And bear in mind this includes the coach, the services of a guide for the visit to the castle, and the antique windmill and a full meal at a local restaurant in Carboneras. This is the first time the TH has organised a trip primarily for its English speaking residents and, whilst there are many organisations doing so, the TH is in the position of not making money from the trip and in fact partially subsides it, so it would be good to see a high level of support. The coach is a 50 seater and so far there are seats available. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


Sorry folks unable to update blog this week due to a number of factors which included a bit if ill health (for me) and a lot of work on (for Candido).
I have agreed to meet with him next Tuesday to get updates on all the outstanding things and whether any objections yet raised by the Junta to the PGOU. I was aware that none had been received by Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Street Lights

The TH workers are connecting the wiring for the street lights on Avenida Europa (the road past La Vida) this week and Paco tells me that hey should all be operational by this time next week.

Still not heard of any objections tot he PGOU but will leave it until Friday to check.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Street Plans & PGOU

Firstly the new street plans for the pool bar area and Los Llanos del Peral have now been erected (only taken a few years) but better late than never. Tons of you who are observant will notice that there is a mistake in the Pool Bar area one. The "you are here" arrow is incorrect. That is due to us not being able to site it where we wanted to for various reasons. I will discuss with the appropriate councillor how best to remedy the mistake. I believe we just need to take out the relevant panels, redo and replace.

I have not as yet heard any untoward communication from the Junta regarding our PGOU so fingers crossed, as the last day for them to object is either tomorrow or Friday.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day of Coexistence

This is a day for the older residents. Organised by the Town Hall and will include help and advice on healthy living, fitness etc. Food and drink will be provided and there will plenty of opportunity to mix with local Spanish people. There will also, I am assured, be an english speaker there to assist us get the most out of the day.
It is to be held in the Renfe building in La Alfoquia and people will be attending from villages across the valley. Zurgena is hosting the event but all villages are invited.

I have now got some posters for the Carboneras trip for which there will be 50 spaces, although 10 have already been booked. I will arrange to be at a couple of locations to enable people to make reservations next week and will post on here when that is arranged.

Friday, March 6, 2015

New Restaurant

Just to let you know that two of the Town Hall councillors, Sampo and Ana, have started a new business venture. They have revamped and are reopening the bar in Los Carasoles as a restaurant.

To launch the venture they are inviting all to a rice snack and drink tomorrow Saturday the 7th at 2.0pm. It is what used to the fist bar when entering Los Carasoles on the right from the direction of the E7 Motorway. It is to be called Restaurante Kalevala.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday 4th March

Had a good meeting with Candido today to discuss ongoing issues.

He confirmed that he company contracted to install the pipework from Los Llanos down to the depurator at Cuesta de los Pinos is completing the work on schedule and will then move to complete pipework in La Alfoquia.

The work being undertaken below Calle Finlandia is at this moment a clean  and tidy up operation prior to creating a green area in that place. The work to repair the road should also start within the next couple of weeks as the money has at last been received from Madrid!. We are also going to try and allocate some of the funds for that work to the repair of the road at the bottom of Calle Escocia which is, and has been for years a very dangerous situation.

Candido also confirmed that now that he has control, to some extent of the TH workers they are working on clearing the backlog of track levelling and trying which has gone unattended for the past 6 month or more. They are working through a programme to try and get it all dealt with over the next few weeks. These will include the track to Arboleas, Los Llanos and a number of others.

I asked about the progress of the PGOU and he informed me that the Junta have a calendar month to respond to our submitted PFOU (submitted on 18th February). They have until the 18th March to raise any objections or questions and if they raise none in that time then the PGOU can only be approved. So we are hoping for no post for the next few weeks!

We then had a lengthy discussion about the politics in the run up to the elections. This was quite complicated and is open to many changes so their is little point in my releasing it on here at this stage.

I have agreed to supply Candido with my updated list of outstanding issues for the attention of him and the TH workers, in the hope that as many as possible can be attended to. So, if you have contacted me over the past few weeks, and I have responded to the effect that that matter is on the list, it will be included.

I will place posters about the Carboneras trip around the village when they are published but just let me know if you want tickets.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Carboneras Trip

I now have details of the Carboneras trip which the TH is organising for Thursday 16th April.

The price is €25 and includes the following,

Coach travel both ways, English speaking guided tours of an old historic windmill, the Castle and the Paseo Maritimo. Lunch in a local restaurant (menu shown below) and return to Zurgena after lunch. I think you will agree an excellent price.

Payment must be made before the date of departure an can either be made in the Town Hall (to Noelia) or it can be made to myself (I have a stock of Town Hall receipts to enable me to provide these.

1. Entremeses
Ensalada Mixta y Embutidos variados
2. 1st Course
3. 2nd Course
Solomillo de Cerdo o Pescado a la plancha (Tuna, swordfish or sole)
4. Postre
Ice Cream or coffee.
Drinks Red wine, white wine, beer water or fizzy drink.

Please let and friends know who may be interested. This is the first time to my knowledge that the TH has taken it upon itself to organise such an event and it would be good to see it well supported to ensure more in the future. I will try and get posters around the area as well.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Carboneras Trip

The trip to Carboneras, which Noelia (councillor for culture) is arranging is to be on Thursday 16th April.

I will speak to her in more detail tomorrow and post them when sorted.