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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday 30th January

Our delayed meeting from Friday was held today at 1.30pm. Prior to the meeting I asked Isa if she had any updates on the outstanding requests regarding court cases. She had not heard back from the solicitors yet and so, again, I gave her the details of the 3 people who are still awaiting answers.

Our meeting lasted for a couple of hours so I did not have time to raise the more minor issues I have outstanding. So I will do that later in the week.

The main purpose of the meeting was quite serious as it was to discuss and agree a way forward in these straightened times. I am happy to report that we found a way to reduce our outgoings without any drastic measures.

Will update the blog later in the week.

Friday, January 27, 2012

27th January

Had a meeting in the Town Hall this morning unfortunately Isa (secretary) was not in and won´t be until next Monday. Which was okay as the meeting was cancelled half an hour before it was due to start and rearranged for Monday.

I have another list of people names from the Junta where the individuals are asked to pop into the Town Hall to confirm that they should still be on the Padron. I have not been able to contact these people so if you know them pease ask them to pop in, if they are still here, or should still be on the Padron.

John Lawrence Coles, Sharon Elizabeth Goulding, Ian Michael and Margaret Barr Haining, Johannes Hehemann,Alan & Gina Hadfield, Alun Paul & ClaireJenkins, Thomas & Evelyn Aherne, Joan Bourne,Sharon Marie Longworth, Janet Margaret Smith, Barry Caulder, Shirley Tomlinson Walker, Robert Anthony Neal, Jacqueline Ann Paxton, Peter Derrick Reld,William Bruce Robson,Brian David & Margaret Scanlon, Janet Margaret Smith, Jack & Cynthia Senior,  Lillie Mae Stewart, Raymiond Roy Threader, Donald Sean& Rachel Mary Thomas, John & Joan Trimby.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16th

Had chance to discuss a few outstanding issues with Candido today.

Firstly I asked him to give me his take on the recently published Decree from Josefina Cruz of the Junta. He stated that it is of no benefit to Zurgena residents as it is a process they are putting in place to help those, whose houses do not have building licences and are not on urbanised areas. He told me that, having digested the content, he is of the opinion that for it to be of value it would only apply to, say a very remote, Cortijo which could not be included in an area of urban land. As all the properties within Zurgena either have a building licence, or the Town Hall was prevented from issuing one, and that they could all be included in the urban areas, as defined in our proposed PGOU. Therefore of no benefit to our residents.

I again asked if there was any change to the granting of small or general building licences. He said that there had been no change. I was asking as I wanted to replace a one metre wire fence with a block wall. He advised me that due to the lack of norms there was no general permission or likely grant of permission for such work but did give me some advice.

I asked about the resurfacing of Avenida Poetas in Llanos del Peral and the main access road into Palaces. He replied that we had been in discussion with the Diputacion about the grant of the contracts for this work, and 5 other road surface projects, and they have now decided that it is in the power of the Town Hall to issue the contracts and that we will be approving these at our next Pleno meeting. So hopefully within a few months the contracts should have been assigned and completed. I also reported the defects in a number of other roads which would benefit greatly from attention. He noted all these roads and said he would include them in the works for the next month or two.

I also reported the street lights which I had been informed were not working and he also noted them.

I reminded him of the no parking area, signs and lines, which we had previously discussed for Palaces. He apologised and said he had forgotten about that one. He noted it and would try and get it done soon.

I also raised the recurring complaint about the almond factory and he said that both he and Ana (the current Mayoress) have been having discussions about various issues emanating from this factory and hoped they would resolve the issues shortly.

I also thanked him for getting the street lamp post repaired in Calle Adriano.

He was busily engaged in trying to resolve the issue of problems with the internet which was affecting about 100 residents. Apparently a telephone engineer working in the area had disconnected something which had led to this situation. As this engineer did not know when he could get back to Zurgena Candido was trying to locate the problem. He sends his apologies and is doing his best to get it sorted.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Called into the Town Hall this morning to do a couple of jobs and spoke with some of the people there. They were saying that Candido and Ana had been on Spanish radio yesterday discussing the latest pronouncements from Josefina Cruz (the main official from the Junta re Planning issues). It transpires that she has been making statements about how they (PSOE) were going to find a way to legalise a large number of properties which were in limbo, legally, in Andalucia. Both Ana and Candido stated on air that this did not really apply to Zurgena as 99% of properties in this municipality were of legal standing. They felt that Ms Cruz was making these noises  to try and limit the damage they may suffer in the March elections. Remember this was the same person who instructed all the Mayors of the Almanzora valley that it was their fault so many expats had come to live here and asked them to demolish a set number each!
Our position is and always has been that we want them to accept our PGOU which they have verbally agreed to but which they keep stalling.
Have a meeting with Candido tomorrow so will see if there is any further info from them.
Unfortunately Candido was called away at the last minute to a Mancomunidad meeting in Seron so will have to try again next week.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Well that went quick. Happy holiday with family over Xmas and New Year only to have return flight delayed due to horrible (gale force winds and driving sleet/rain) weather at Leeds Airport.

So now back to normality. If you have previously contacted me regarding an issue, which has not yet been resolved, please let me know and I will try and take it forward. I have a few outstanding bits but I will start a new list for the New Year.

Happy New Year to all.