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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IBI and OAP Questions

The meeting that we were supposed to have to discuss the questions which people had informed us they wanted to ask the representative from Almeria about was (as often happens here) put off until a future date about half an hour before it was due to start! That does however give anyone,, who has not yet informed me of any question they would like answering (relevant to services or assistance etc for OAPs in Spain) to do so.

Secondly a number of people have queried what they need to do regarding the declaration for IBI form 902 which I signed last week. I am informed that many of you may have actually signed this form at the time of purchasing a property (for example Andreas did 7 years ago when he bought his). So please do not be concerned. I will be getting a list from Salvadore, of any and all people, who have not got a completed form 902 in their files in the Town Hall later in the year.

Lastly the joy of Spanish politics. I was handed a piece of paper when I was in the Town Hall this morning which was a personal denuncia and I have to go to Court on the 14th March. However, I do not know the person who is denouncing me and have no idea what I am being denounced for. The only thing the Town Hall could tell me was that I won't be going to prison. Thats good news anyway!

Details for Andalucia Day

For your information details of upcoming Town Hall events,

For the celebration of the Andalucía Day, the Town Hall of Zurgena will open the park facilities in the Renfe (Old train station), Tuesday February the 28th, so that all the neighbours who wish to attend and enjoy the park facilities could prepare and take their own “Typical Meals” to promote local coexistence.

The park barbecues, park furniture and firewood will be available for the neighbours.

The Town Hall will collaborate by providing the families and/or groups of neighbours that want to participate, with 2kg of flour and WE WILL ALSO MAKE TWO PAELLAS AS AN APPETIZER.

We invite you to enjoy a day outdoors in the company of family and friends.

                           ORGANIZED BY: CULTURE COUNCIL.

Additionally the following,


Starting up with the performance of the Comparsa (carnival singing group) “Los Visitantes” (first prize winner of the Almeria Carnival Contest 2012), at 10.00 p.m. in the Municipal Theatre of Zurgena. Free Entrance.

Afterwards, we will continue the carnival party in the Third Age Bar of Zurgena (Casa Paquita).

                             Live music by:
                      “DEMERSA Y DIEGO”


First Prize:     120€
Second Prize: 80€
Third Prize:   Jamón- HAM


                               ORGANIZED BY: CULTURE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

IBI Update, Trip and OAP Questions

I was in the Town Hall this morning when I had the opportunity to speak with Salvadore (the councillor responsible for the records being supplied to the Diputacion for the assessments of IBI).

I visited his office and saw the piles of papers he has compiled for submission to the Diputacion. He has already submitted quite a few but my file was still on his desk. So I signed the declaration which many of you will have done already. I asked what the process would be next. He informed me that once the Diputacion accept the declarations, he is submitting, they would place the records onto their computer. This would generate a notification of their assessment and the detail upon which they have reached that conclusion. We then have 3 months during which to record any objection or alteration needed. I asked how we were going to ensure that everyone received this notification and Salva said that he was hoping to use the Polizia Local to notify people, after which, he would supply me a list of any properties for which we have not received notifications, so that I can inform people. He assures me that all residents will receive IBI bills this September. I asked him if he could give me any idea, of a time frame for receipt of these notifications, and he told me that he did not know, other than it would have to be before May. He told me that they had put all the records on for the Pool Bar area in L.A. yesterday but that they were off the system today. They (the Diputacion) are still learning the new software that is being used.

Some of you may have noticed the Bandos which appeared last Friday, regarding the sponsored trip to Aguadulce for 5 days for €10. I knew about this last week but was told that I could not put anything on here, as it would afford readers an unfair advantage over many of the elderly Spanish residents and, whilst it is open to all residents, it had to be done on a 1st come 1st served basis and therefore to be fair the old system had to apply (which was why I drew your attention to Bandos in the last post). After deciding that the criteria for qualification for the trip was over 65, I then received a call that, as the councillor for the 3rd Age, I could go on it, however, I thought that unfair and had already made alternative plans.

I have still only received 2 questions, to put to the man coming up from Almeria (at the request of PP), to help people understand the services etc available for OAPs. I would have thought that many more questions would have been needing answers than that. If you have any issues you are unsure about in relation to benefits or support which may be available in Spain to OAPs please let me know.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


A Bando (notification of items of interest for residents) has been published and is available to see in many public locations.

Friday, February 10, 2012

That Decree & Legion & Pensioners Meeting

Just a few points.

One I asked how the meeting had gone on Tuesday past. You may recall that when I spoke with Candido last week he informed me that there was to be a meeting of all the Mayors and councillors who wished to question the Junta regarding its (the decrees) effect on their towns this Tuesday gone. As I had not heard anything I asked the Sampo if he had heard how it had gone. He then went and asked Luiz the architect who informed him and us that the Junta had said it will not have any effect on Zurgena. Which is pretty much how Candido told me after its publication.

Secondly I am organising a small trip to the Spanish Legion base near Almeria, the date of which, is the 8th March. The day will comprise as follows,
1045 Meet at cafe near the base (people will be making their own way)

1100 x 1200 Visit to Legion museum, hosted by the Officer students

12:15: Visit to one of the Battalions. 

13:30: Lunch at the mess with students. 

15:00: Farewell till the next visit.

I have a number of people who have booked their places (if you have not received an email confirmation from me today please let me know) but I still have room for a few more. Ladies (well behaved) are welcome. If you are interested please let me know asap at the usual email.

Lastly but not least the following,

Our partners in the coalition in Zurgena, the PP party of Zurgena and Almeria have organised a public meeting for 3rd Age Residents (pensioners). The idea of the meeting is to let the residents state what their needs are and be able to find out what help or assistance is available to them. The first meeting which will be totally in Spanish with be on the 15th of March. Before this happens we would very much like to hear from our english speaking residents as to what issues or problems they have. This will allow us to plan the content of the meeting and allow for the appropriate question session. Sampo, John Hare and myself , as councillor or the 3rd Age, will be having a meeting on February 22nd to plan the content.
If you have any questions or things you would like mentioned at such a meeting please get in touch either directly to myself or to John Hare at johnhare
So get your thinking caps on and forward any and all issues which you feel should be covered. As examples I can think of a few such as the availability of disability aids (wheelchairs etc) financial or social support. Just let us know.

Friday, February 3, 2012

3rd February 2012

My meeting with Candido for yesterday was cancelled at the last minute. It transpires that he found out a case against Anthonio was due to be heard in the Penal Court in Almeria at the last minute and so dropped everything and drove down to Almeria and, once in court, turned off his phone. But in any event the case was not heard and is in fact now listed for 3rd March.

We did have another councillors meeting today at 1.0pm and so spoke with Candido before that meeting.
I asked firstly about the IBI bills as it seems no new bill are appearing. He said that we need to discuss this with Salvadore, the councillor who has done all the work. He was under the impression that the bills were coming out and that payments would commence in September of this year but Salvadore would be able to let us know more. I also mentioned the issue about the addresses that the Town Hall have not reflecting people's postal box addresses and he said we could try and find a way to resolve that issue with Salvadore. I had hoped to see Salvadore today as he was supposed to be at the meeting but he was delayed and I will have try and see him next week.

I raised a number of minor Public Works issues and Candido said we are really short of cash at the moment an so many things that need to be done are having to be delayed or stop gap masures put in place. One or two items would be attended to but he asked that we be patient. The money which the Town Hall receives from all sources, Junta, Diputacion etc has all been reduced and we are having to make cuts.

I referred Candido to the article on the front page of the Sol Times this week and asked if this was relating to the Decree which I mentioned in a  blog entry last week about Josefina Cruz and he said that it was the same thing and as such from his understanding was of no benefit to our residents. He did inform me that there is to be a meeting of all the Mayors and Councillors concerned next  Tuesday in Almeria where they will have an opportunity to question the Junta regarding this decree and to see if there is something in it that is of benefit.

Regarding the road across the rambla from Cucador to Palaces, obviously the ramble bit cannot be surfaced, however, it is hoped that within the next few months the Cucador side of the rambla will be concreted to give it some basic permanence.

I did discover that the Pleno, where we previously discussed and agreed to do a number of road works (about 12 months ago), was attended by the previous Secretary, and he did not minute the meeting and they are now having to see whether a new Pleno meeting is needed or not before going ahead with the issue of approval of works. If my memory serves that would include Avenida Poetas and about 5 other projects.

Finally, for your information, the basic way of communicating, matters of interest to the residents of Zurgena, is the publication of notices called Bandos. These are placed in public places and should be read by residents when published. I have asked that where appropriate (most cases) the Bandos are published in english and the council agreed. There are occasions when it would not be fair to publish information on this blog or in the press when the old fashioned method would be fairer to all.