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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Any Athletes out there?

The Town Hall has organised a running race next Sunday the 4th October. If anyone is interested in taking part drop me an email.

It is over a distance of 8kms (adults) and 300 metres (kids). Can think of one or two of you who may fancy it.


Just to add that the adults race starts at 11.0am and the kids at 10.0am

I am also advised that we will be having a magician performing for the kids on Friday  the 16th October at 8.0pm.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Favourable Court Result (Update)

The Audience Provincial (Superior Court) has this week made a final ruling on another one of the outstanding court cases regarding building licences in Zurgena and included, in the judicial summary, was the fact that the 3 judges, sitting on the case, ruled that the land was urban and that the issue of the licences etc had been done correctly by Zurgena.

This case also creates a further precedent supporting the THs case for the outstanding ones. This Court is the highest that can rule on these matters and there is therefore no avenue left open for any further appeal in this case.

You can ignore the way La Voz has reported this as we do not recognise its interpretation of the ruling and will examine how they have reported it.

The case relates to the issue of 5 building licences for houses built on a piece of land between Cucador and Los Carasoles. Of the 5 licences granted only 2 houses were built and both of those are unoccupied.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Annual Petanque Tournament

I know you are all getting really good at bowling but you have a chance to shine at another sport, next Sunday, September 27,the  "LOCAL CIRCUIT PETANCA 2015" will be held. The tournament begins in our town. If you are interested in taking part please be at the esplanade in front of the Renfe at 9:00 am for registration. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Harvest Festival Donations

The Church of Los Llanos del Peral held their Harvest Festival service yesterday and then donated the proceeds to be distributed to the needy of our villages.

The member of the Council with responsibility for the distribution of aid to the poor has a list of families which require help an the food will be divided into parcels for distribution to those families.

I also understand that the church intend placing boxes in various locations such as the Town Hall, CATS in La Alfoquia and others where people can deposit any contributions they wish and this will be likewise distributed.

In the photo below are from left to right Janet Smith, Luiz Diaz Garcia (Alcalde), Richard Gall, Dudley Reily, Allan Drummond, Margie Gall and myself.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harvest Festival Service

The people who run the Anglican Church in Los Llanos del Peral have asked that I publish the fact that this coming Sunday at 11.0am they will be holding a (non communion) Harvest Festival Service at 11.0am. They are following this with a bring and share lunch which previously has been very well received.

If you are interested in joining them you are most welcome. The church is beginning to become quite integrated with the community and their collection of foodstuffs is now being shared with the poorer families of our villages. So I commend their services to you and any donations of non perishable food on the day or thereafter will go to the poorest in our communities

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blood Donors

After being told that there was not a problem with UK people giving blood it turns out that that is not quite the case. If you are from the UK over 60 and/or lived in the UK during the mad cow era then they will not take your blood.

Sorry to anyone who attempted to give blood today but I was relaying what I had been told!

Friday, September 11, 2015

List for Padron

Below is the latest list for people who should confirm that they are still on the Padron. Just call in with your NIE or passport please.

David John Arnold, Paul Stephen Kearney, Carmen Kleifges,Norman Adrian Lowe, Susan McCarthy, Angela Margaret McCourt,Leonard McCourt, Colin Spink, Gloria Margaret Spink, Stephen A T Long, Annie C Wilson.

If you know of any of these people please inform them. Thank you.

I have had a productive day spending time with the Director of the school in La Alfoquia discussing various issues of child safety and interaction with the Polizia Local. Also spent time with the Guardia Civil with a view to rolling out some internet, security type courses for adults and young people. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

IBI Dates & Instalments &UPDATE

Just to clarify when payment of IBI is due as I may have confused the issue.

If this is the first year that IBI bills have been raised for your property the Deputacion will have raised the previous 4 years bills. These have to be paid by 21st September otherwise they attract a small increase in penalties if payment made after that date. In some cases the Diputacion have raised the 4 years bills and not yet sent the 2015 ones.

The bills for this year (2015) have to be paid by the 20th November. So if you received a 4 previous years bill last year then you only need to await the 2015 one and pay that by November

From the blog of last summer the following is appropriate if you wish to spread the cost of your IBI bill,

¨ If the total bill is under €601.2 then you can apply for 3 months extra, if it is between 601.20 and 3,005.06 then you can claim additional 6 months to pay and if between 3,005.7 and 6,010.12 then you can apply for 12 months period. In each case however delayed payment will attract a small interest charge but not sure how much this will be."

I will ask how much the additional charge for delayed payment is.

Regarding the instalment process I have clarified the process and now understand that on completion of a form, which I can obtain from the Town Hall, which  is sent together with copy of passport and NIE to the Deputation. If they accept the application for instalments they then reply either to the applicant and/or the Town Hall informing them of the amounts to be charged monthly to their bank accounts. It follows therefore the you need to have a Spanish bank account. We do not know the amount of the charge to do it this way but it is a small percentage. If anyone wishes to follow this procedure please let me know asap and I will supply the form etc. It is a simple form to complete.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rain Damage

I have today forwarded to the councillor for Public Works pictures of the areas where the rainwater caused damage to the roads or road supports or flooding. There are quite a lot to attend to although some have already been sorted quickly, but others are requiring attention.

Education Course

Below is a public information poster translated into english for your information. This is one of a number of initiatives which are held to further local level education.
If you are interested in taking part please email for further details.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Busy Day

Well that was a manic day.

First day back after the holidays usually is I think!

Had a short time with Luis to go over outstanding issues the first of which was the PGOU. I explained that it was talking longer than I thought to get movement and wondered what we could tell people (as we had, in the run up to the election promised fast action). He suggested that the best thing to do was to hold a meeting at which we could invite the various delegates from the Junta to attend and this would have a dual purpose of informing people and showing the people who mattered the frustration of the residents. So I hope once we get  date suitable to all concerned that we can get a good turnout. As soon as we can organise I will post.

The Polizia local have seen a change in staff in that one has left to go to Purchena, but we have a new member of the team, Jose Anthonio from Huercal Overa. I have not yet met Jose Anthonio but hope to in the near future. We are considering establishing a Junta de Seguridad to bring together all parties responsible for security to ensure we apply best practice. Also whilst mentioning the Police I am continuing to press for the funds to obtain bullet proof vest for the officers (becoming more pressing due to recent incidents elsewhere).

The application for the CIF for the Bowling Club committee needs another 2 forms submitting!! I will ensure they are done tomorrow.

We are assisting the church (of Los Llano del Peral) to organise distribution of their Harvest produce to the needy of the villages. There are 75 families who qualify for such help and a list is maintained for who has,, or needs help this the.

IBI bills are in th process of being issued for this year although the last day of payment is not until the 20th November. After that date charges can accrue.

We may also call a meeting to help garner views on what the community wants from Jose Manuel. The difficulty is in managing his time between the classes, medical appointments and assistance to me. Wildest re any decisions on this.

The Spanish blood transfusion service will be in attendance in Zurgena on Monday 14th September between 1900 and 2200 hours at the Town Hall. If you are a blood donor please attend. I am informed that appointments are not needed juts go along on the day.

The new library hours are Monday and Wednesday 1000 x 1230 and Tuesday and Friday 1730 x 1830. Pam Tilley (our stalwart Library volunteer) will be manning the library on her own for a while as Anthonia suffered an injury during last weeks fiesta.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to Normal

I returned from my holidays yesterday evening and already have a number of issues to discuss next week.

I intend going into the TH most days next week and will try and resolve the outstanding issues. If you contacted me prior to 8th August and I have not yet replied then please remind me of your issue so that I can ensure my list is complete.