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Friday, December 16, 2011

Error & Bits

Firstly I have been made aware of the fact that I incorrectly reported a certain aspect of he last Pleno (thats what happens when I try to do things without checking with Andreas that my interpretation is correct). I had alluded to the fact that the motion for the reduction in the fees charged to the market stall holders had been proposed by PSOE. That was giving them more credit than should have been as it was nothing to do with them. Not only that but they have copied and pasted that part of the blog onto their Facebook page. Nice to know they are checking my posts!
In fact the idea was a PA one and PSOE in fact even voted against it in the pre pleno commission meeting. So not only did they not propose the idea, but they claimed credit and not only that but they actively voted against the motion. Why? I do not know as it would seem to me the least we could do in these straightened times. They also made no mention of walking out of the Pleno.

We also discussed this morning the idea that one business man has proposed where we allow him to take over the Renfe building and in return for his maintaining and cleaning etc he would be opening a small drinks and nibbles type premise within it.

We also discussed a joint method of managing press releases to ensure comprehensive and accurate reports were made.

I again asked when we could get the election signs down and he said it was on Pacos to do list it was just a question of getting the time.

As a result of a request from a resident of Palaces I asked Candido if there was anything we could do to  prevent cars parking in the hammer head of a cul de sac. He said that it was the Town Halls responsibility and that we would look at whether it was a location suitable for a no parking sign and yellow lines.

I also asked Candido if in the early part of the New Year we can look at getting the street maps. You may recall I suggested this some time ago and it was received as a good idea but nothing has yet been done with it. What I would like us to do is to have plans of each developed area with a key to the locations of each street on an alphabetical list. Candido agreed to take this forward early next year.

Below is a list of events for Xmas. The fuller list is on the Town Hall wall.
21st December Xmas Fiesta in the schools of Zurgena 10.30 and noon.
23rd december Masterclass of Funky in the Sports Hall of Zurgena at 2000.
25th December Service in the church San Ramon Nonato 1900
27th December Childrens event in Guadalinfo 1600
28th December Childrens event in the old Town Hall 1600.
5th January 3 Kings Celebration arrival in Zurgena
Distribution of gifts La Alfoquia 1800
ditto Zurgena 1800.
7th January Xmas carol service in the church of San Ramon Nonato 1930.

Probably last post of this year. My best wishes to you all for Xmas and the New Year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

HLM Articles

Last week I had been reading the article entitled Council Corner in the HLM newspaper. In that article there were a number of pieces regarding previous years, and the current years, budgets. The facts as related in that article were incorrect and have led to an in depth discussion between Candido and Kiko. At first I thought that there was going to be serious falling out (which would be a very bad thing given the fragility of a coalition and the likely outcome of such a falling out.) However following these discussions things have settled down.

The article in the paper at the moment is not a joined up article, in that the councillors responsible for certain tasks, have not been made aware of the article or the suggested situation. I will discuss it with Candido and Kiko and see if there is a way that before anything goes to the Press it is agreed by all the councillors, particularly those with a responsibility for whatever is being discussed. It is crucial that we are seen to be acting together on all issues

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pleno Drama

We held a Plenary session of the council today at Zurgena. Due to start at 12noon but as usual late starting at 12.30pm. It was attended by all 4 PSOE councillors, Ana as acting Mayoress, Sampo as deputy with all 4 PA councillors. As usual the meeting was opened by the Mayoress and the first point of order being the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting. This at first drew an objection from PSOE regarding one point which Ana accepted and agreed to amend. Then Luis (PSOE) raised an issue regarding councillors rights to be respected and heard during Plenary meetings. It seemed to me that this had been explained by Ana (as the effective chair) of the meeting as to how many people from a political party could raise points etc during a Pleno.

We then moved onto Point 1 of the agenda, which was the approval of the Presupuesto General de Zurgena for 2011. Once this point was opened PSOE raised an objection through Maria Jose which related to Candido. He replied and as far as I could make out Ana was then asking Sampo to respond on behalf of PP however, Luis seemed to take exception to not being allowed to speak at that particular junction and, following a grandstanding display, he and the other PSOE councillors walked out at 12.43pm only 12 minutes into the meeting!

This left us to continue the Pleno without any PSOE councillors, which was as we are obliged to do. We then discussed a number of other points one of interest was the contract to take over the lands and buildings owned by ADIF (the railway authority). This is necessary for all councils in the valley to comply with the agreed Green Route  besides other financial concerns. This was obviously agreed. It was also interesting to note that the PSOE party had a motion tabled regarding reducing the fees chargeable by the Town Hall for market stall holders, but as they were no longer in the meeting Candido proposed it and we agreed it!

For information Andreas will be back to work this Friday but I guess he will be busy. I have already booked him so that I can clarify some matters so I suggest that if you business in the Town Hall that you prefer to resolve through Andreas you leave it until next week.

The meeting ended at 1.05pm.A bit earlier than of late!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids Day

Was asked if I would assist today at a kids event in the Town Hall and agreed.

It was quite interesting as the local primary school, sent along 50 kids with their teachers for a lesson on local government. The kids were addressed by Kiko, Candido and Ana who explained the workings of the Town Hall and the structure of government in Spain. The Polizia Local also were present and did a presentation on their roles. After questions from the kids, some quite difficult ones, they elected their own council and pretended to hold a plenary session with discussion and votes. They seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe it was because they all got a big bag of sweets after.

We apparently as a Town Hall have to entertain a meeting of all the Mayors and Deputy Mayors from all the Town Halls of the Mancomunidad of Almanzora on Friday. Hope I can make it but may be busy with the Post boxes if Matt and I cannot get the locks changed tomorrow which now seems unlikely.

I did pass the latest list of non functioning street lights to Candido.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Governing Councillors Meeting

Ana, who is standing in for Kiko whilst he is off injured, called a meeting today for the councillors of the coalition for 1.0pm today. I was already going to be in the office today due to a new list of random checks from the Padron list needing to be done. ( see below).

Our meeting started at 1.15pm and Ana had quite a list of issues for us to discuss. I was obviously hampered by not having Andreas with me, due to him being on paternity leave. It therefore made it very hard work for me to keep up in understanding what was being said. I managed for most of the meeting but towards the end when tempers and arguments became more heated and the speed of conversation increased I lost it. So I will have to catch up later. In the main we were in agreement with what to discuss and progress at the next Pleno but there was obvious disagreements about some of our projects towards the end, although I believe the mini golf (amongst other things) is going ahead. I left at just before 3.0pm.

Regarding the Padron list (this is a random list generated by the Junta every 6-12 months which each Town Hall is sent for verification that those named should still be on the Padron, for funding purposes) I have managed to contact most of the people on the list however, those named (surname first) below I was unable to contact, or I am unsure whether they will get my message. If you know of any of the people please ask them (if they still have a property here) to pop into the Town Hall with their NIE or passport to confirm that they should still be on the padron, when next they are passing.
Aldridge Pamela Mary,Arnold David John, Baber Karen Ann, Barr Natalie Helen, Bunting Adele, Calway Ann, Coxon Lee John, Chick Noel, Dodsworth Stephen John & Julie, Gillam Peter Anthony, Goulder Micheal Richard, Hartley Christopher John & Sarah, Hembery Anthony Michael& Jennifer, Hodgkiss Melvin George & Yvonne, Holmes Richard Anthony, Jeffcott Dorothy, Kerswell Peter John &Valerie, McCarthy Susan, McGrory Daniel, MacPherson Jamie Richard, Miller Beryl Anne & David, Morgan Deborah Jane & Keith, Neal Margaret Ellen & Robert, Payne Anthony Ronald & Sharon, Reld Peter Derrick, Senior Jack,&Cynthia, Scott Dawn Patricia & Paul, Thomas Donald Sean & Rachel, Trimby Joan & John. Apologies if these people have already been contacted (as I discovered whilst going through my list that 20% I had already contacted!)