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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pleno Friday 29th June

Got back from delivering some friends to Alicante airport in time for todays Pleno. It was chaired by Candido, due to Ana now being off sick. So, as he is 3rd in the pecking order, he is now mayor (again). Hope no one else goes off sick!

The following were some of the issues discussed,

We agreed to pass a bye law to regulate the uses , installations, and occupations of public places. This is something we have not properly regulated before. After discussions we agreed to pass this regulation and we then went on to approve the taxes to be paid for such things. This was set at €23 per annum per square metre or €2.75 per sq metre per month. (this is for the occupation of places such as footpaths and parks by private companies for heir use eg bars putting out tables and chairs etc.)

The next item on the agenda was an amendment to our financial rules governing the charging of Plus Valia. We agreed to give a discount of 90% to circumstances such as inherited or gifted properties where it can be clearly shown that the transfer of the property is not to be for financial benefit.

We then discussed and agreed a consorcio for the Medio Almanzora and promptly ruled to dissolve it. I need to clarify more fully what this Consorcio was for!

Then we had a miracle! Candido explained that the Provincial Plan for the improvement of many of the roads in the municipality 2010/11 had never been minuted by the secretary we had at that time, (personal opinion he was a waste of space) and so we had to agree to the fact that we had previously agreed to this plan. The miracle being that PSOE voted with us and I think that is the first time I have known that. So it is hoped that when we present this paperwork we should be able to get the contracts issued around September with the work (hopefully) done before the end of the year. This is the Zurgena plan (mentioned a number of times in previous blogs about the money for the roads such as Avenida Poetas and many others)

We then agreed various other bureaucratic measures and moved onto questions, of which the opposition had many. One brought out something I was not aware of and that was the reason why the Tanatorio had not yet opened. The reason for this was that the company who had built it had gone bankrupt before completing the work, they had agreed to do, which included the electrics for the place. Now we are in a tricky situation of how to find the additional monies for this work.

A second point was that Salvadore informed the Pleno that another 230 homes should be receiving IBI bills in the near future. I will try and see if Salva can let me know which areas this applies to and post on here if and when I know.

The Pleno finished at 3.05pm

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bits 27th June

We have more problems with Ana now being off sick, as I mentioned in the last post.

The court case that has recently been won in the higher court was one which involved New Horizons but I have not yet managed to ascertain which case it was. I will try and find out later this week. On the issue of housing, I asked Sampo who is now the councillor for urbanism what the state of play was. He said that he hoped to be able to make a statement to a meeting later in the year as, he informs me, that the situation is complicated. When I asked if he could give me a suggested time frame he said probably about October. I had also been asked if there was an online version still of the PGOU but as I mentioned some time ago this would appear to have been removed from the Town Halls website. I will see if we can get it reinstalled.

A few people had asked if there was any way they could set up a monthly direct debit for the WiFi but having discussed it it would appear to be an option. It was suggested that the best way for people to ensure continued service was to pay annually and then renew a week before expiry.

A suggestion (from one of our regular readers) regarding central notice boards for all things Town Hall based was considered a good idea and I will discuss this with Candido next time we get the chance.

The Alfoquia fiesta will be on the 13th, 14th 15th July. Fuller details when I get to know!

Residents of Cuesta de los Pinos who are connected to the main sewerage are reminded that the annual service payment for 2012 is due now.

Lastly I am sure you are all aware that we have a heatwave forecast for this weekend so be prepared.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday 25th June

Attended the meeting in the Town Hall this evening of the ruling councillors to be told that there is to be a Pleno meeting on Friday and we needed to discuss issues preparatory to that meeting.

The main issue was the one to finalise our request for the funds to do all the road surfacing (this includes Avenida Poetas and the other road at the back of Los Llanos and many others). Apparently we have completed and submitted all the paperwork necessary but we have one problem. The male secretary we had who caused us a few problems did not minute the Pleno when we discussed and agreed to apply for this grant and the Diputacion will not grant it without this so we will have to redo this in the next Pleno to ensure they have everything they need.

Additionally it transpires that Ana is now off sick. So now we will have to have our 3rd mayor and this time it will be Candido. For this meeting anyway!

I also had a conversation with Sampo regarding the problems people have had with their water supply in the La Alfoquia area lately. He informed me that the main deposito for the area is broken and they are working on fixing it but it will take a few weeks. Galasa say they are trying to minimise the effect by trying to balance the water pressure across the area. I asked if there was anyway they could inform people if there was a danger of them being cut off for a period, but, it was explained to me that they do not know as the supply is dependant on demand. I would suggest that if you are in the area affected you prepare for possible cuts for the next few weeks. Sorry I have no more helpful news, as apparently it is a big job, but they are working hard to repair it.  

Friday, June 22, 2012


Just to let you all know that if you wish to recycle cooking oil. A few people have been in touch to confirm that the garage opposite the main Ford dealership in Vera does recycle oil.

Called into the Town Hall this morning but it was like the Marie Celeste! We are to have a meeting of the councillors on Monday evening which I am led to believe has a number of issues to discuss so will update after that date.

Ana has been off poorly for a few days but hopes to be back next week.

The solicitors who made such a good impression on me at my meeting with them a month or so ago are to open new offices in Mojacar next Wednesday 27th June. I do not normally recommend any such businesses but from various personal recommendations and their response to some issues locally I am happy to mention them. If anyone should use them please mention this blog.

Martínez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero (Mojácar)
Parque Comercial Mojácar, first floor, local 52.
It is just on top of the coffee shop in the main square at the Parque Comercial.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Not news from the Town Hall this time but I am hoping to call in tomorrow about a few bits.

This is for those of you who may be interested in supporting local football clubs. When we first came to this part of Spain a few of my friends started supporting Huercal Overa at their ground opposite the bottom corner of where the market is held. Then some 2 to 3 years ago it seemed they folded and so we had to travel to Vera to watch footy. However, they apear now to have engaged a marketing company (and lets face it all companies in Spain could do with it) and there is now a Facebook page for potential supporters.

It is at
Also web site at

If you are interested please have a look and find out what is happening. They have just gained promotion so better quality footy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday 13th June

Called into the Town Hall this morning but not many councillors were in.

First thing I tried to resolve, knowing how Isa had been getting certificates of expediente sorted, following our meeting with the solicitors. The following surnames' expedientes are ready for collection, Raison, Bennion, Flower, Keepin, Symonds and Purdy.
If you have previously applied for a certificate of expediente and not yet received it let me know and we will advise ass to whether you should reapply as it would appear that most have been completed. It is worth noting though that we need to know the name of the person who applied for it as that will be the name it is recorded on in the system.

I was also told though I cannot go into details yet but that there may be more good news of the legal front regarding some more cases. Have to await the appeal period before publishing any detail

Secondly the Town Hall public works dept (Candidos team) have started to improve the road surface of the camino running down to the ramble between Cucador and Palaces.

I have left a reminder regarding the street signs for Palaces.

Lastly I had been asked to find out if there was any way of recycling household cooking oils such as olive oil. Apparently there is no local process for this so we need to ask the Consorcio Levante, who are responsible for the basuras and other rubbish.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back in Harness

Just to let you know I am back from my short trip to the UK and normal service should be resumed later this week.
Sorry for the quiet week or so but should have some information after my next visit to Zurgena Town Hall, probably Wednesday. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dead Animal Problem

Earlier this week number of neighbours reported to me that a large dead animal carcass had been left at the side of the basuras. I contacted the Town Hall and initially some people attended but did not remove the carcass. It transpired that it was a bit complicated. However, after some phone calls a company which specialises in removing such carcasses attended the following day and removed it.
It cost the Town Hall €45!

There is to be no meeting this week and I will miss the next couple probably. May be little news for a week or 2.