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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Pleno for 2010

As a matter of urgency (whenever is it not) a Pleno meeting was held today at noon.
The purpose of the meeting was to agree the accounts for 2009 and basic expenditure for 2010 in order to apply for funds from the various authorities in order that we can meet our financial requirements for the coming months. I have a copy of the breakdown of these if anyone wishes to see them.

That was the only matter for discussion at the Pleno.

I was given details of a letter from Almeria regarding the timescale for anyone wishing to ensure they are registered to vote. It states that anyone who wishes to register must do so before the 15th January and these registrations must be forwarded to the Office of Electoral Censor by the 20th January. It is expected that all those who voted at the last election should get the forms in time for the next elections but anyone who didn't and wishes to ensure they can vote needs to call into the Town Hall before the 15th January.

This will be the last blog post of 2010 and to all the readers of this blog can I wish you a very happy Xmas and, hopefully, a progressive and enjoyable New Year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14th December

Managed at last to have some time with Candido this morning and below is a list of issues discussed and their results or otherwise.

Firstly I was aware that yesterday there had been many raised voices and discussions betweennt he various members of the council and enquired as to what that was about. It transpires that the main discussions were about the financial status of the Town Hall. We are in dire straits although not quite as dire as many others. It transpires that we paid for the Tanatorio work and now have to await reimbursement of that before we can have enough to pay the wages! A bit of an error! We need to have a pleno soon to agree that last years budgets so that we can apply for a loan for next year and enable us to pay the people and finance normal operations.

I then raised the issue of the pubic discussions on forums etc about next years elections. I informed Candido that on some forums they had discussed the fact that Zurgena's PGOU would go nowhere and was not being worked on and also that he was not going to be standing for reelection. On the latter issue he had attended a meeting with the President of the Partico Andalucista who this comment was attributed to. The President denied ever saying anything of the sort and that it was a made up story. He also said the same was true of the former comment. He, Manolo and Luiz (the architect) were all actively working on the pGOU and as he had intimated previously hoped to present it to Pleno in February or March and try and get approval before the elections in May. He provided me with a paper copy of where the PGOU was at the moment but said I should not release it as there are many changes yet to be made to it. He also added that due to the fact that the regional authorities keep changing the person responsible for negotiating the PGOU we are tyo go ahead with what, we understood to be the agreement of the previous holders of that office, and present that to the new one.

I then asked about next years election and Candido's position. He said that whoever started that rumour knows more than he does. He said yhe only problem about the next years elections was that there is only one fully paid up member of the P.A. and that is himself. We had a general discussion about what we need to do for next years election and he urged me to suggest further expat citizens who may wish to join the Partido Andalucista and therefore have a say in the compilation of the list for the election and have input into the Manifesto. If anyone out there is interested please forward me an email so that you may be considered for membership. He is particularly keen to see some ladies apply for membership as the only female member of the council (spanish) s resigning). I understand it only costs a few euros each couple of months and obviously to ensure I can have input on the list and manifesto I will be joining the party and becoming a proper card carrying member. So please consider this. We do need to get down to sorting things in advance of the elections and he urged me to get the expat community to give the manifesto some thought so tat any ideas we have are considered for inclusion. This is your chance to have a say.

There had a been a small problem for a number of people with the WiFi however, that problem has been resolved and should not recur.

Did manage to get a couple of Certificates of Expediente and will contact those individuals by email.

Also got a copy of the route of the motorway from Cucador to La Conception (well the bit past Palaces anyway) although he did say this may be years away due to the financial situation in Spain.

We have received some of the documents for us to start work on the IBI bills. I will be assisting Salvadore with this start
ing in the next weeks.

The regional authorities have awarded the contracts for the following works, the guard rails along the road to Llanos del Peral, the tarmac and lights for Palaces and some work on the bowling green. We should see progress on these issues in the next few weeks.

I asked about the Court Case for the Palaces case as requested by one of the residents but without a good deal more information it would not be easy to find . I will contact the individual to ascertain what I need to know to be able to trace that case.

I also asked about the issues which I was awaiting response from Paco on regarding the street surface in Cucador, the lighting in Cuesta de los Pinos and a couple of other bits, including the idea of increasing the fence round the football pitch at La Alfoquia. He noted each and said he would also speak with Paco. He asked whether people would rather the lights were switched on sooner or await the installation of the extra lights. I suggested that given how the winter is passing by sooner would be better.

I thanked Candido for allowing the expats to use the village hall in Llanos de Peral. He replied that he was pleased they were able to use it as that is what it is for and that it will be even better when completely finished.

I was unable to speak with the secretary as he was off work sick. I will try later in the week regarding other certificates of expediente and licenses.

I also spoke with Jose from the Correos today. He had called round following my email to him regarding the rumour that the Post Office in Zurgena was to close. He was a bit annoyed and wanted to know who had started this rumour as it is not true. I told him I did not know who had started it but that I would publish his comments on here. Zurgena Post Office will remain open except for Bank Holidays. There is also the possibility that it may move to the old doctors surgery in the New Year when it becomes available as it will be better for the operation.

Just as an aside, due to the sporadic nature of these blogs, if you wish to keep up to date with it, without having to check it, you can use the 'follow' feature on the side bar which will inform you of any updates.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Frustrating Day

As you know I have been waiting for Andreas to return to work following his fathers admission to hospital. Yesterday was his first day back so thought I would leave it until today - mistake!

Called in but there was no one working Juan Jose was off, the father of the secretary Jose seems to be very poorly and dying so he was not in, Maribel and Isa both off so Andreas on his own. It seems that family considerations certainly take precedence over work! Maybe thats the way it should be.

My lengthy list only saw a couple of points clarified firstly regarding IBI and working on our calculations this is awaiting a password from Almeria so that other documents which are online can be accessed from our offices. So that is not going to be before January.

Secondly regarding the WiFi new rates. If you feel that it is unfair that the rate you have paid in advance is excessive given the new rates you can try and see if they will uprate your connection for the remaining period but I would only do that if you have a good number of months to go. Otherwise the new cheaper rates will be applied to all from 1st January 2011.

I will try again on Monday and Tuesday to see the other councillors, the secretary and Candido.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andreas Update

Just to let people know that Andreas' father is recovering and the investigations have revealed no cancers. So that is a big relief for the family. I believe he hopes to be back in the office next Thursday. Monday and I think Wednesday are bank holidays.

We were able to allow some of the residents of Llanos Del Peral hold a Christmas Carol evening in the newly refurbished iglesia in the village. Apparently it went very well and they even had some Spanish locals there. I will feed that back to the Town Hall as they are keen to see such facilities used by all the residents. From the organisers words they may well make it a regular event.

As those of you who are resident will know by now, the first part of the new road is open from Cucador to, up by the bridge. There is however no access from that end into or out of La Alfoquia. The only way in or out is by the Cucador turning.

Due to one individuals change of plans I have one available postal box for the Cuesta de los Pinos developement. I have lost my waiting list. So if anyone is interested in having this box (price 30 euros one off purchase price) then please let me know. First come first served.
Sorry now gone!