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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

English Language Easter Tour of the village

I have been asked by our councillor for tourism to publicise the below for this weekend.

"The Councillor of Tourism in Zurgena continues his support for the sector of tourism.
In Zurgena the Eastern week and its traditions are very important. The “brotherhoods” proudly carry their figures around the town according the tradition.
During the 1st Tourism Fair of Almanzora Valley organized in March in Zurgena one new company called Cultur-Almanzora was presented. They offer guided visit in Zurgena and also explain more about Semana Santa in Zurgena.
You are invited to join the walking visit on Thursday 17th at 17.00pm and Saturday 19th at  17.00pm, starting in front of the Town Hall. In english and spanish, free of charge.
After the guided visit you can enjoy the “processions” and the church services with the local traditions."

There now you have no excuse for participating in the easter traditions!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Week

As those of you who have lived here any time this is easter week and as such little activity takes place!
I have just been informed of the programme for easter weekend (in Spanish) and replicated it below.
Any questions just let me know.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Money Money Money!

Sorry there has been little to update the blog with this week. I guess that is partly down to me spending my time looking at changing my car, instead of working at the TH!

So as a result had quite a busy morning this morning. Firstly I was assisting the people who are organising an easter event in the theatre in Zurgena. It is a programme of theatre, music and dance primarily in Spanish to celebrate the christian celebration of easter. It is to be held on Wednesday  16th April at 8.0pm in the theatre in Zurgena and admission is free. All are welcome.

Secondly I had some time with Candido when we could discuss various issues.

I asked when we could go and get prices for the second street plan, which is for the Llanos del Peral area and we are going to go to some companies the week after easter to get prices, to see if we can get the same quality product as before, but at a better price.

I reminded Luis that we had still not obtained a new memorial for the British Legion and he asked those present to try and locate some suitable marble and when we go to sort the street plan we could also get a price for the work on the marble.

I explained about the annoyance to residents, that the orange grove farmer had caused by digging up the road, between La Vida and Los Llanos. Both he and Luis said, almost immediately, he will replace the tarmac and repair it to its previous condition. I got the impression they were as annoyed with him as some residents were! They had already spoken to him about this.

I asked that we order a new parabolic mirror for the junction of Calle Dinamarca and Avenida Europa as soon as we could, as it does constitute a road hazard. They agreed to do so.

We discussed a number of other issues which we will address the week after easter and, when I am able, I will publish on here.

I informed them that, it had been reported to me, that a company called Greenyroom was advertising on the internet, plots for sale in Los Llanos del Peral with the ability to reserve a plot at €6,000 and asked if something had happened that I was unaware of. They were aghast and said that anyone attempting to sell these plots was doing so illegally as far as they knew.

After that meeting we held one of our regular administrating councillors meetings at 1.0pm. I will give Luis his due he is trying to develope a more open and inclusive administration. We discussed where we were with a number of issues including the extension to the school, opening of the municipal library which the Town Hall wants to stock english books as well as Spanish, (so I may well be launching an appeal for books to assist in this quite soon), the improvements needed at the medical centre and how we can manage that, probably involving a temporary move, various small works in Palaces Zurgena and La Alfoquia (all of course involving money).

Another topic which we discussed was one I had previously raised and that was the state of our parks the one by the Renfe in La Alfoquia and the one by the rambla in Zurgena. Again it is the issue of finance. We feel that particularly the one at the Renfe if it is to be as originally intended with water running through and animals in we need to have a person in attendance and we do not have enough staff.

We also discussed the management of the Town Hall staff in these straightened times and options to save money. No decision was made but various options to improve these areas are to be considered.

We also discussed the need to regularise the collection of rates from places such as bars, houses and industrial units as we are not getting in as much as we should be. It was agreed that we need to telephone Madrid to try and get some additional financial assistance, due to the fact that year on year we need 33 percent increase in funds due to Lo Loma and other unforeseen events.

Candido did state that the cabling has been ordered for various street light projects (including the long stretch up past la Vida) which have yet to be connected but we will have to wait and see what we get.

Luis did inform us that we hoped to have the PGOU for Plenary discussion before the end of the month and that it would be interesting to see if anyone voted against it!!

It was also agreed that the Polizia Local would move their office back down from the old Town Hall to the new Town Hall in the next few weeks.

Sampo then made a proposal regarding the nursery in La Alfoquia due to the falling numbers it looks like the existing situation will not be able to continue. As an alternative, and one which was in general accepted, regarding the nursery in La Alfoquia. This proposal was for a contract to be agreed whereby the nursery would move from its current location to the bar La Cansa and that the people running it would pay €100 per month and pay for the electric and water and also provide bars for fiestas etc and that this should ensure the continuation of a needed facility.

As usual if you have any questions or clarification of anything just drop me an email.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday 1st April

I am resisting the opportunity to do an April 1st joke, despite feeling I should!

Spoke with Candido today about a few things. Firstly I gave him the list of street names people had requested. He thinks that some are in the store (I could not find them) but he will check and if not get them ordered.

Secondly the rumour about Enrique leaving the pool bar is wrong. It is just that the contracts are open to bidding for the 3rd Age bar in Zurgena and the pool bar. They have to be renegotiated. Enriques' last contract has run its 3 year course and needs to be reapplied for.

Regarding the bowling green we have negotiated with Nila, the contractors, to have temporary fencing erected. Once that is done we have to sign the job off, as does the Diputacion. We are hoping to get Nila to tarmac the area to the rear of the green as well as erect the temporary fencing. A matter of a couple of weeks will pass before it is then handed over to the TH. We then need to decide which option is best going forward, whether to put in the extra infrastructure ourselves or put the thing out to tender and include, in the tender, the responsibility for the additional work to that process. So I guess we will decide on that by early May.

The new technical guy is working on the WiFi and we hope to make an announcement within the next week or so regarding the system and the future.

I raised the issue of the clearing of tracks in Agua Arriba and the one from Palaces. He is taking them onboard and should get something done this next week or so.

Luis (the Mayor) is off sick today so I could not progress the Legions memorial stone.

Regarding Avenida Andalucia in La Alfoquia Candido was able to report that the trees had all been pruned and he has asked Paco to order new wooden slats for the broken benches.

I need to speak with Luis (the architect) regarding the street plan for Los Llanos as there are a few mistakes that need correcting bfore we get prices for its manufacture.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pleno Meeting 27th March

We held a Plenary meeting of the council last evening at 6.0pm. The points on the agenda were as follows, Regulation of the Tanatorio, Approval of the conditions and contract to be considered for the Tanatorio, establishment of beneficial taxation for the opening of local businesses, approval of municipal budget for 2014, modification of the project regarding the road surfacing recently completed, determination of internal fees and finally the decision to start the process over to apply for a new school for the village (this had been started previously in about 2006).

All these motions were passed although not without vigorous questioning and complaints from the opposition. I used to get annoyed at this as it seems so pedantic but I suppose it is important that the administration is fully held to account by the opposition even though it was after 9.0pm by the time we finished.

Kiko was unable to attend due to being in hospital for an operation on his arm, Sampo was away on travels and Ana also sent her apologies.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Regular Bus Service

Announced today is a new regular daily bus service by Alsa as shown on the poster below.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Final Street Sign list

This is the final list for request for street name signs. I will ask them to order 2 of each. If any missing please let me know

Calle Dinamarca
Calle Diego Gerrado
Calle Averroes
Pasaje Canada del Herrero
Calle Albert Einstein
Calle Carl Von Linneo
Calle Sierra de Cazorla y Las Villas
Calle Austria
Calle Palencia
Calle Montenegro
Calle Rio Mino
And Palaces del Era (street name to be ascertained).