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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Leos Day of Golf

As many of you no doubt are aware there is a campaign to raise funds for a little British boy. Details as below. There is a special day arranged at Desert Springs and I have been asked to publish details on here.

A very special little 4 year old, Leo Bermejo, whose mum Karen and dad Jorge live in Palomares, has suffered five brain tumours over the last 17 months, undergoing four operations to remove them, the latest of which was at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool a week ago.  The best chance of curing this once and for all is for him to have proton beam therapy treatment, followed by intensive physiotherapy and speech therapy.  He and his mum have flown today to Oklahoma for the proton beam therapy in a clinic which has successfully treated other children suffering from this same, very rare, type of brain tumour.  Fund raising has now paid for this initial treatment in the USA.  However, more funds are needed to cover the costs of the physiotherapy and speech therapy plus specialist equipment Leo will need when he returns to Spain at the end of the treatment.
John has arranged for Desert Springs Golf Resort to host a day Golfing for Leo on Monday 27th February.  The competition is a Texas Scramble, for teams of four players, with a shotgun start at 9.00 a.m.  There will also be a raffle on the day to add to the funds.  If anyone would like more details or to enter a team please call John on 617 770 309.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some Remedial Works

The Councillor for Public Works has informed me that the following small remedial road surface works should be undertaken in the next week.

1. The track to Calle Ulla.

2. The turnaround by the rambla opposite New Horizons.

3. Road to Almajalejo.

On the list of persons who need to confirm they should still be on the padron this month are a few we have been unable to contact.

Philip John WALSH
David Gary CARTER

If you know of any of these individuals please ask them o pop into the Town Hall to confirm their status on the Padron

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cable Theft

Today the Town Hall electrician went to repair the street lights in Calle Malta, Cuesta de los Pinos and discovered that thieves had stolen a whole length of electric cable and that was why the lights were out.

It is my experience that such thefts do not occur in isolation and I fully expect there to be other incidents. Please keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity that may be thieves staling cable.

The cable will be replaced tomorrow.


We have a problem with the Gymnasium in that the person who was contracted to run it has decided to cease this activity with the consequent result being that the gym is now closed.

This seems to me to be a waste of a resource and I do know a number of you enjoyed having this facility open and usable.

I have had a discussion with the secretary who informs me that in order for the facility to be used all we need is someone who could be responsible for opening managing and insuring the premises. All of which can be done on a very simple basis.

We are open to any suggestions. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know and we can try and find a way forward rather than have this excellent facility just standing empty and idle.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Zurgena Carnival 2017

Just a few photos of the carnival this evening in Zurgena. The participants gathered in the Plaza del Olmo then processed around the village returning to a marquee in the square where the judging took place. Each group performing a song and dance type routine.

A very happy and family orientated event which the children in particular thoroughly enjoyed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another Food Donation

Thanks again to th congregation of the church at Los Llanos del Peral (who celebrated two years of using our village church for their services recently) for the latest donation of food for the less well off in our community.

The 20 bags will be distributed over the next few days. I had the pleasure of delivering some prior to Christmas and saw the pleasure it brought to some of the recipients. Thanks again on their behalf.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zurgena Carnival (Update) & Parque Gines Parra

This Saturday there will be a small local carnival.

This will involve local residents and children dressing up in costumes and processing from La Alfoquia to Zurgena where prizes will be awarded to the best outfits.

The procession leaves the square in Zurgena at 5.0pm and processes around the village.

The remedial and improvement work to Parque Gines Parra has been completed this week and I am sure you will agree it is now a much better place to visit and take the kids.