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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Library Open

The Town Hall library is now open as per the announcement below. Sorry could not copy and paste it.

It is open on Monday to Friday 1000 x 1200 and 1600 x 2000.

My sincere thanks to Chris Hancock and Anthonia for their hard work in getting sorted out.

If you do not know the location of the library it is in Zurgena if you go into the main square and take the road which goes up from the telephone box it is on the left hand side next to the bar. Go up the stairs and you are there.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Final Totals

Well after a difficult campaign, where some of our opponents resorted to rather unsavoury tactics, it looks like our, more positive, campaign gained its reward.

The final figures would appear to give us, not just a minimal majority, but an improved position with 7 out of the 11 seats!

I believe the other parties got 2 ZD, 2 Cuidadanos and 1 PP but not 100% sure of that bit.

This really gives us the mandate to push our claim (supported by the Junta) for a speedy progression of our PGOU. (one of our expats won €20 from Luiz, our mayor, by betting we would win the election!)

Once again thanks to all of you for your support and I promise that I, and our party, will do everything we can to move our issues forward quickly. You do not know how appreciative I am of your support in this. When I started doing this job, and today, the only reason I do it, is to try and represent you in all things politic. So your support is the most important motivation for continuing.

I will post the new councils list of councillors´ responsibilities once we have sorted them out.

Nervous Wait

And now the nervous wait, hopefully for not too long.

Thanks for all of you who supported us today it was a very good turnout by the expat community. Now just have to wait and hope we an reach the magical 6 seats. The more experienced local politicians think we may well not have reached that number but who knows.

The result is expected within an hour or two.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Cakes and my PSOE Campaign

Well today is the last day of Political Campaigning ahead of Sundays elections. Saturday is a day of reflection and so no campaigning is allowed. 

I am quite pleased at how our campaign has gone (only 3 houses where people were at home but refused to answer the door or maybe did not hear!). We (PSOE) have concentrated on a positive campaign and  have not, as some of our opponents have done, insulted and criticised our opponents ( I have spies in many camps who report the kind of things some have been saying about me and others but hey ho I guess that is some peoples way of dealing with politics). Instead we have talked with the electorate about the issues that face us and our plans to bring a speedy resolution to them. I got the impression that most understood where we were coming from and agreed with our stance.

I do have to highlight the below picture. One of the very rare benefits of being on the council (none of which is financial) is the opportunity to savour the home baking of Maribel in the Town Hall, besides these lovely Magdalenas, she also makes a gorgeous orange cake which I liberally partake of. So vote for me and let me continue to eat cake!!! Now that is not a party political broadcast you will often hear.

Remember vote PSOE.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Our campaign is going quite well. I have now spent 5 days going door to door and so far only a couple of people have told me to get lost. I take that as a good response!

All my colleagues have been doing the same and it looks like we should manage to have visited every home (Spanish and English speaking) by the end of Friday. Saturday is called a day of reflection which means no campaigning so I am looking forward to my standard, lazy luxurious Saturday.

If we miss visiting anyone and they have any questions or concerns pleased drop me an email or give me a ring.

As i think I previously mentioned I did not work hard enough at the last election and we missed an extra seat by just 2 votes. So I hope all of you who can vote do so. If you or anyone you know needs a lift on the day please get them to contact me and we will sort out a list.

Thanks for support

Monday, May 18, 2015

Polling Day Procedure

To help any of you who have not previously voted in our local elections, or who like me, have not such good memories, below is the procedure to follow on the day.

1. Attend the school in La Alfoquia or the Town Hall in Zurgena between 0900 and 2000 Sunday 24th May. The river dictates which polling station you go to. If south of the river it is the Pleno room in the Town Hall. If north of the river you go to the school down the road from where the Sunday market stands.

2. Go to the correct room and table to present yourself. This is shown on your voting card, if you received one, but if not do not worry not all eligible voters have received their cards and there will be a poster in the entrance to the polling station showing which room and table to go to. If you need to confirm before the date whether you are eligible to vote you can either call into the TH or send me an email.

3. At the table present your identification preferably your passport or NIE. (whichever has a photo id on) They will then mark you off their list to ensure no one else tries to vote in your name!

4. Go to the polling booth and select one ballot paper from the piles there. If you have a ballot paper in an envelope (which has been given you by the party you want to vote for) you may use that but check it is for the party you want to vote for (e.g. mine is PSOE)

5. Place your selected Party list into the envelope DO NOT mark it. Seal the envelope and take it to ballot box and place it in the box.

Thats it done.

I hope as many of you as possible vote in this election and I hope you will support the party on whose list my name appears e.g. PSOE. We carry 32% of the eligible votes in the town and that equates to almost 4 seats. 


Well all our team are active now in trying to visit every home Spanish and British to explain what we are trying to achieve in the upcoming election.

I am grateful for the tremendous support I have had so far in my first 3 days of canvassing. It is good to know that so many people are taking an active interest in the politics of our community.

If by Thursday evening I have not visited your home and you have any questions or concerns please email me as I will try and do a catch up. . Also if anyone needs help to get to the polling station on the day let me know and I will arrange transport.

I will publish a simple step by step guide for what to do in the polling booth nearer to the day.