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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alsa Bus Timetable

Do you know that from Zurgena you can travel daily to towns such as Huércal-Overa, Albox or Baza for € 1.26, € 1.16 and € 8 respectively? There are also trips both daily and on weekends to Almeria, Arboleas, Granada, Olula del Rio, Serón, Overa ... Here is a list of trips and the link to the Alsa website, from where you can buy directly any ticket and check the available schedules for our trips from Zurgena.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Medical Translation Service & Trip Friday

First of all we are pleased to announce that at last we have renegotiated the contract with CAT Services for the provision of translators at both doctors surgeries.

The system will operate as before with the patient contacting CAT Services who will make the appointment and arrange the attendance of the translator. The cost of the translator will be borne by the Town Hall and therefore no cost to the patient.

Secondly there are a few places left on the coach trip this coming Friday to Laroya and Macael as circulated in previous blog post (23rd January). If interested please let me know asap.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Flamenco Traditional Performance, Commercial Trip to Balneario

Unravel the mysteries surrounding Flamenco Dance and song whilst enjoying a first class authentic Gypsy Flamenco Performance.
This special event is being offered to the English speaking community in response to many requests to explain what Flamenco is all about.
The show features a top quality Cuadro Flamenco (consisting of 2 dancers, male and female, singer and guitarist) from Granada combined with a narrative in English. The audience will leave the theatre with a much deeper understanding of genuine Flamenco whilst feeling the excitment of the performance generated by this group of Flamenco Performers preserving the original authentic art form.
This is not like the touristy trap type shows in many areas. This is traditional and genuine. Tickets available form me or as below.
The below trip is organised by Huercal Travel Agency in Huercal Overa. This is not a TH trip but is shown at the request of the agency. Their office is up the road at the side of the cinema on the left
It would be a wonderful day in one of the most popular hotels.
Unlimited time for SEA SPA. 
Lunch Buffet is included inside the 4* hotel THALASIA COSTA DE MURCIA, en La Manga del Mar Menor.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Road Redesign

The new roundabout in La Alfoquia is just a small part of a larger programme to redesign and enhance the town.

We are also in negotiations with the Junta to take over the main road from just before CAT Services up to the Corner bar. If we are successful we will then install a second roundabout at that junction, by the Corner Bar.

This of course also impacts on our plans for the area of the Renfe which, if you have any interest in, I would suggest joining the proposed Railway Association. We already have 20 persons on the list but we need many more. There is no commitment other than to have your name on a list, just email me. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Day Care Option *****UPDATE*****

I have been made aware that there is a day care option for all residents. The process is they are collected about 0930 and transported to the centre. There they are given, breakfast, dinner and a snack and returned to the village.
It is subsidised if income levels allow or private cost is €650 per month. I am enquiring if people can avail themselves of this for just an occasional day.

Have today spoken with the lady who runs the day care centre in Los Gallardos and there are options about the level of use an individual may wish to make. The minimum is 3 half days a week 0900 x 1330 and this includes (or can preclude dependant on circumstances) transport breakfast and dinner and exercises or activities. The price would be altered to suit the individual needs. This is an option worth consideration if your partner requires some alternative support. Anyone interested please contact me and I can arrange a visit to the centre.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Licensing of New Vicar

Today at the invitation of the Church in Los Llanos was I honoured to be asked to represent the community in the licensing of the new vicar for the Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Calida, Reverend Canon Vincent Oram. 
As part of the process I had to make a presentation, of something to represent community, and Susan Ramsey kindly lent me her bravery plaque (thought that was particularly appropriate) which I duly presented to the new Priest. The service was conducted by the Archdeacon of Gibraltar in front of a full house.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Railway Association

As has been mentioned in the past the current administration is looking to develop a plan to expand and enhance a Railway Historical Centre in La Alfoquia to capture and reflect the importance of the Railways in the Almanzora valley with an emphasis on the role La Alfoquia and the English engineers and companies had in this era. .A project which I personally think would be a fantastic attraction for the area

Whilst this is a long term project there are certain steps we can take now which will enhance our ability to garner financial and buraucratic support which will be vital in making our aims achievable.  The first stage we hope will be a railway themed event prior to the Fiesta this July but that will be small fry compared to our future aims

I have been advised that, if we create a Railway Association, this will greatly help our impact and our ability to influence the decision makers and help us move things forward. All I need to do for my part is to compile a list of persons interested in being members of this association. There will be no cost and no duties just an intimation of an interest in and support for a Railway Association.

So this is the purpose of this post. It is a plea for as many of you as possible to contact me with your names and NIEs so that I can compile a list which can form the basis of the association. In return you will kept abreast of any and all developments as and when they occur.

Please, if you see the potential for this idea, drop me an email to
with your name, contact number and/or email and your NIE. I am looking for as many as possible and hopefully hundreds which would really help.