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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cultural Trip, Gorafe.




The Town Hall of Zurgena announces our next Cultural Trip for the month of May to be on Saturday 22nd April leaving from the Petrol Station in La Alfoquia at 0800.
The trip will visit the ancient site (from 2,800BC) of the Dolmens or burial tombs and are some of the best preserved in Europe.   

Leave La Alfoquia 0800 (to be confirmed)
1030 Visit the Interpretation Centre (Bi lingual)
1230 Visit to the Antique Aqueduct (1 km walk)
1400 Lunch
1530 Visit to the Megolithic Park (150 metre walk and 1 minute uphill)
1630 Visit Ends return to La Alfoquia
Price €18 including transport, guide and lunch

Places limited please register at T.H. before 14th April.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Market

There is to be a Spring Market, organised by the Business Association of Lubrin, Zurgena and Arboleas, held on the 30th April at the Renfe Building in La Alfoquia. This is just to let any of you know, who may have a spring themed activity, or product ,which you may want to include at the market. As a guide it is intended to have old agricultural tools, candle making, goat cheese making and tasting, orange tasting etc. There will also be speeches own the spring theme.

This is just for that purpose at the moment. Once everything is finalised we will issue the appropriate publicity.

If you have an interest in registering for the market please contact me or ring 687338671.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Last Weekends Cultural Trip

Following requests here are a few pictures from last weekends cultural trip to Lubrin and Uleila del Campo.


  The whole group

Breakfast at the honey farm

View of Lubrin

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Budgets and Operation Costurero (Amendment)

We have an evening meeting this Thursday 23rd March to agree our budgets for 2017. There will be discussions around the priorities for the coming year but most have already been covered so hopefully the meeting should not be too long.

Today sees the start of the long awaited trail resulting from Operation Costurero. The original arrests were made in this case 10 years ago. In the UK I think such a passage of time would render the case closed due to the length of time passing. I do not know how some of those involved (in both the cases of the property owners and defendants) have kept sane for such a long period of time. I only hope now that we get a just result.

We are looking at organising the next cultural trip for 23rd April but will post when final details are known.

Does anyone know a Belgian couple who live in Los Llanos del Peral. We need them to reconfirm their padron. Jean Pierre Gerard MARYSSE and Linda Gabrielle KESTELEYN.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

International Womens Day

On Friday 17th March we will be celebrating the International Women's Day from 7.0pm.

At 7.30pm the Mayor Luis Diaz Garcia will welcome everyone followed by a short speech by our  Parliamentarian Da. Adela Segura. There will be a timeline of the evolution of women. There will also be an exhibition of photographs of women who changed the world.

There will be a buffet after the event which will cost €5 for each participant.

If you wish to participate please let me or anyone in the Town Hall know. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

IBI Errors & Iberdrola Rep

Firstly I have recently become aware of a recurring error with the IBI bills.

The Diputacion have in the normal process been updating all their records regarding properties across the Province. In the normal course of events and if you own a property which was built in the last 15 or so years you will have or, will in the future, receive a bill for the current year and the previous 4 years, which is maximum they can go back.

However, and this is where I have found a regularly occurring error, the Diputacion when updating records relevant to properties older than 15 or 20 years e.g. old cortijos or similar have updated their records to include things such as pools outhouses etc and raised new bills for the 4 + 1 years as above but they have not in every case deducted the amounts already paid.

So if your property is one where you were you were previously paying a small figure of IBI and have received new bills for IBI of an increased amount then ensure that they gave you credit for the amounts you already paid. If you have any concerns that you have not had that credit pop in and we will check it out. I have now been made aware of 3 people who this has happened to and they had not been credited with previous payments.

I was introduced to a multi lingual British young man last week called Steve BIRD. Steve is now working with Iberdrola the electricity supply company. My discussions with him revealed that if you are a reasonably high user of electricity he may be able to save you money. His contact details are email and his phone number is 694488221.

Friday, March 10, 2017


A few days ago Ruth from the Sleepcentre in Albox made contact with me and we discussed the issue of recycling beds.

Ruth informed me that many times they take what are very good condition beds to the tip when she felt there must be some way to donate to those in need of a bed. She did ensure that all beds donated were agreed to with the customer.

A quick conversation between myself and social services soon made us realise that there is a need from many families for beds.

Today we made the first delivery of a double bed and mattress and a single bed and mattress to a family who were absolutely delighted to receive them.

It strikes me that the British community in Zurgena and the wider valley are playing a great role in supporting local charities with money and books to the schools (from local bars), food to the needy (from the church in Los Llanos), computers to the schools (from David Shear Albox Computer Club) Harmony with local charities and many others. (I am bound to have missed someone off).

It is really heartwarming to see how by such actions we improve our integration into the society we have adopted. These acts are very much appreciated I can assure you.

It is often I who get the thanks, which is very unfair, as I am only acting as the contact point for all your generous acts. So may I take this opportunity to thank all of you who contribute to all the above charitable acts on behalf of the people who receive or benefit from them.