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Friday, February 5, 2016

Last Call for Civil Protection & Renfe Deposits

The TH is trying (at long last) to establish an emergency plan for the area. This necessitates the identification of area representatives who would communicate information to their communities. Obviously NHW coordinators are probably best placed to fulfil this role. But anyone who has an interest in their areas´ protection could volunteer.

The role would be uniformed (provided) trained (provided) and expenses covered. The main function of the role would be similar to NHW eg to communicate instructions or advice from the Town Hall or security services in the event of a major event such as the floods of 2012 or earthquakes!!

The person responsible for compiling the list is Lola Antas and she has to complete her list of volunteers by the end of next week. So if you have a bit of spare time (not a lot) and are community minded please let me know. We would just need you to call into the TH with your NIE or passport and a photo of your face.

Secondly as from the start of this year the Town Hall is going to ask for a deposit for the use of the Renfe building. This deposit is just to cover any damages. It will be €50 but will be refundable after the event.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2 Lengthy Meetings

This week I have attended two rather lengthy meetings.

The first was on Tuesday evening from 7.0pm until 10.0pm and was primarily discussions regarding what we wanted included in the Provincial Plan for the next few years. I am pleased to say that all the works I asked for were included in the application. This includes all the roads streets which require much work to repair and stabilise.

The second was yesterday with the Chief of the Local Police to discuss current and future management and control of their activities with special attention to security of the citizens. We are in the process of forming a Junta de Seguridad to include Guardia Civil, Polizia Local, Delegate for Security and others to look at security in the valley. Other villages will be invited to attend when this body is established.

We are hoping that we can get all our budgets for 2016 approved next week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And Again!!

Another Court decision in favour of the Town Hall of Zurgena.Copied from the Spanish Press yesterday.

The Criminal Court No. 4 of Almeria has cleared the local excorporacion of Zurgena members who were accused of authorising the construction of a residential 94 housingon undeveloped land, considering that City Hall had the technical and legal reportsfavourable to the granting of the license, so the judge has appreciated the absence off ntent in his action.

In his ruling, the judge Marta Inés Sierra attends the position of City Clerk following practiced test in which warns that «at no time had the suspicion that they were doingsomething irregular», and that "never requested the word in full because he thought thateverything was right».

They also point out that the Junta de Andalucía, which was aware of all such agreements adopted in plenary, did not challenge any of the licenses that were granted, so it wasn't until requested review of nursing licenses in previous years when they had knowledge of the possible irregularity of the same.

New Road Layout

I have received a few complaints about the new road layout in front of the garage at La Alfoquia.

The Junta own this road and have decided in their wisdom to make these changes. It may be that the changes were made due to the traffic flow.

We, the Town Hall, had received no advance notification of this alteration and we are making representations to ascertain why these have been done and if they are to remain to increase the warnings and signage as to the change of priority. 

Monday, February 1, 2016


I have been asked by one of our councillors to ascertain if we, as a village community, can qualify for the services of various medical professionals at a health centre.

What we are looking at, is identifying what demand there may be for the following services,

Day Care where you have a relative who would benefit from spending a day in the centre possibly relieving you of the demands or just allowing them a change of aspect.

Physiotherapy where you have a need for regular physiotherapy at the hands of a professional.

If there was a blood pressure and blood test availability.

If you believe you or a relative could benefit from any of these services please let me know. There are grants available which are dependant upon each persons degree of infirmity. So we cannot say at this stage what the financial implications are but they are the same for the Spanish as the english speaking community.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cabo de Gata Walking Trip

Our organised walk through the Cabo de Gata park today was enjoyed by almost 100 people. We filled two coaches an the nationality was about 50% Spanish to English speaking (that include about 6 from other nationalities).

The weather was perfect for walking lovely sunshine about 20 degrees with a gentle breeze.

The guided walk took us from the lighthouse at Cabo de Gata, through the various emblematic areas of the park with explanations by local guides as to the history of the land.

The walk was over 15 kilometres which some us found testing! Below are a few pictures of the day.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pleno Meeting today

We held a Pleno meeting today which had 3 points on the agenda. All three were applications for pig farms. One past the cemetery, one in Palaces and one between Los Cabreras and Llanos del Peral.

All three were refused as not being of public benefit and we had received complaints against such land use.