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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meeting re Decree re PGOUs

We held a meeting this morning with the technical architect regarding the latest (!) decree from the Junta about the submission of PGOUs. As you know ours is almost ready to submit having complied with various edicts from the Junta. It was in a state where the architect needs to make amendments due to representations from members of the public and then submission for approval (or return).

Our debate which lasted for over an hour and a half revolved around whether, following the latest decree from the Junta, we should amend our plan in accordance with this decree or submit it as is. At the conclusion of the debate we held a vote and I voted in favour of submitting the PGOU as it stands and if they wish to object or ask for alterations at least we have got it into their office. Otherwise we would still be in the situation we were years ago. The vote was split as others felt we should appease the Junta by making some alterations, but the vote in favour of submitting the plan as it is was carried. The timescale now is for the  amendments from public allegations to be incorporated by the 1st September, a a commission for the plan meeting on the 10th September and a Pleno to approve the final PGOU on the 24th September.

Secondly if any of you, who attended the meeting held in the theatre, regarding the issue of small building licences, wish to progress their particular application, after hearing Jose Crespos' presentation please get in touch. He needs to decide whether to undertake the necessary work or not. Basically what he was saying was that if he could get a group of about 10 persons, maybe those who recently applied for a small licence for partition of their property,  if they wish he could start the work and not make any charge initially but if he won the fees would be a total of about €8,500 plus IVA, shared between the parties. So if you are interested please let me know.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday 14th

Popped into the Town Hall today to check a few IBI bills. Remember you only have until the 20th August to pay previous years without a penalty charge.

Hardly anyone in the office today, as is usual for August. Hope to catch up with Candido next week as I understand here may have been a few political issues whilst I was away.

I guess fully normal service will not resume until September!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Holidays Over

Just to let you know I returned from my holidays last night and, although the TH will not be fully operational during August, I will be calling in from time to time to chase things up. If you have an issue which has not yet ben dealt with or you are one of those who was unable to inform me, in time, of your need for information on your IBI bills please drop me an email over the next few days and I will try and get whatever you need.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23rd

Last posting before my holidays. I am off until the 11th August now.

Following your requests, I managed to sort out 33 IBI queries this morning and for those who bills have been raised I have advised them of the amounts for each year, the payment dates and references. However, I cannot be held liable if I have made any mistakes. The emails I have sent are purely informative and for a definitive statement you will need to get a copy of the actual bills which I have placed in my box in the Town Hall and Andreas has access to them. For those lucky few who have not yet had bills raised I have also informed them and advised them to check again in September although it looks like they may well save a years bill!

I was told that the reason why it seems excessive, the year on year increase, this is apparently due to the authorities not having upscaled them in line with inflation for some years prior. This situation I am told will last for another 4 or 5 years and then the amounts will not be increased for a further period of years. Maybe!!

The Dipuradora for Cuesta de los Pinos is almost completely repaired they have managed to repair some of the internal pumps and machinery and they have the necessary new ones. Candido himself has been inside the tanks to examine them. Not a job I fancy! The last repairs will hopefully been completed within the next week or two.

Regarding the discussion about the €400,000 from Central Government re repairs following the floods. We are still in negotiations with the Junta but we do have to show 50% paid by us for each project. Candido is hoping to en sure that 2 of the projects are those for the repairs to Calle Finlandia and Escocia. It is a case of watch this space for news of agreement on this project.

We have had to do more work on the PGOU as the Junta changed the law again!! However, we are not changing the numbers of houses or areas of definition it is small scale alterations that have to be done before we can submit it. It is hoped that all these alterations and the amendments following publication will be incorporated and submitted before the end of September.

I did ask if New Horizons could do a bit more of the tidying up in Calle Miguel de Cervantes and he agreed to ask them.

Candido had a great deal on his mind today and so I did not pursue the few other issues I still have on my list. We are getting into the time when little happens so I don't think much will spoil over the next few weeks.

I will still be checking my emails if there is anything urgent either from yourselves or the TH.

Do not forget the meeting in Zurgena Theatre this Saturday at 11.0am regarding outstanding small building licences or future applications for such licences. This is not regarding your properties original licence but rather thee non granting of subsidiary licences e.g. for pools, walls etc and how to progress any such applications. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Holiday

I have in the region of 15 requests for updates for people regarding their IBI bills from people unable to get to the Town Hall before September. If you are in this position e.g. unable to get your bills or check on their availability before September please let me know.

I am on holiday for nearly 3 weeks after Wednesday and Andreas is off for a week or two from next Monday.

Those whose details I have I will try and get back to you before Thursday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 18th July

Hardly anyone in the TH today as there was a bit of a do last night.

Left a refreshed list of the street lights needing attention for Paco AGAIN! 

Also checked out a number of properties on request with Andreas re the IBI. It does seem as if most areas, with the partial exception of Palaces, have been done.

Will try and speak with the other councillors next week either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

IBI Update

I went into the Town Hall today to try and get clarification regarding the many queries I have received about the recent IBI bills and below is a resume of where we are.

1. The Diputacion (who remember are the sole assessing and billing authority) have managed to raise IBI bills for the vast majority of old and new properties within Zurgena municipality for this year. This is a couple of months ahead of schedule as we had originally been told it would be September.

2. For all old properties, where IBI bills have previously been raised, their bills will be for the year 2014 and will have to be paid by the 20th November.

3. For all new properties the bills will be for the years 2010/2011/2012 and 2013 and will have to be paid by the 20th August. There will be a subsequent payment for this year, 2014, due for payment by 20th November.

4. The notifications of these bills has been, or are being sent, by certificated delivery from the Diputacion. The Correos will attempt to deliver them to the correct properties but they will probably only try once or twice before returning them to the Diputacion. (If you are not here, or not likely to be here soon, please read point 10 below)

5. If you have received a notification from the correos, of a communication from the Diputacion, then the chances are that the previous years bill has been raised and, rather than go through the complicated pocess of contacting the Diputacion, Andreas in the Town Hall can, not only check the state of your IBI bill, but also provide you with a payable copy of the bill (which I have had him do for me).

6. The bills vary a lot in amounts per annum and increase by about 8% each year! As a ball park figure, these are now a bit higher than we originally suggested they may be, and come out at about  €380 for a 3 bed detached property on 850sq ms. But please bear in mind this is a very general figure as so many factors affect the assessments.

7. If you receive a bill which you feel you cannot afford to pay all at once there is a process for paying by instalments, however, it does not give you a great deal of help, even if they accept the need for you to delay paying. Forms for this process are available in the Town Hall from Andreas.
This is a short reume of the help available through delayed payments.
"Additionally I have got a copy of the form which requires completion if you wish to spread the cost of the IBI bill over time. I have to say it does not give a lot of grace. If the total bill is under €601.2 then you can apply for 3 months extra, if it is between 601.20 and 3,005.06 then you can claim additional 6 months to pay and if between 3,005.7 and 6,010.12 then you can apply for 12 months period. In each case however delayed payment will attract a small interest charge but not sure how much this will be."

8. I am advised that there will be an appeal process but have not yet managed to ascertain how this works. I will update when I know.

9. Our advice for everyone is that a) the chances are your property has had an IBI bill raised for this and previous years. b) if you have not received notification from the Diputacion then call in and ask Andreas to check his computer both now and again in September, as there is every chance that even if a bill has not yet been raised it could be, between now and September. c) It is expected that every property (maybe with one or 2 exceptions) will have received an IBI bill by September. Any non payment will obviously over time accrue penalties although I understand they are not as extortionate as the fines system!

10. Finally if you own a property in the Municipality and will not be out in the next month or two and you wish to know what the situation is with regard to your IBI bills then please email me with your address and NIE number and I will check through the TH computer with Andreas and inform you of whether the bills have been raised and, if you wish, the amounts due.