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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pleno 29th June

We held a Pleno meeting of the Council last night at 8.0pm.

Amongst the items on the agenda were the applications for 2 pig farms. Not approved. The agreement for the percentage pay for staff who are off wok due to illness and last but not least a change of name for one of our villages.

The village of El Palaces will no longer be referred to as El Palaces but as Palaces. It may sound a small change but it has been a source of annoyance amongst locals for  many years. So all references signs and maps will be amended to take this change into account.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Business Registration

As a result of trying to sort out the legal situation, for an expat, regarding being self employed I have discovered a company who can do an excellent job with helping people register as self employed and can advise on the best route and cost to ensure compliance with the employment laws in Spain. Surprisingly there are a number of options some of which are very reasonable in what has to be paid to ensure National Insurance equivalent is accrued.

The lady is Ms Amparo Ramos Gallego and she has an office up near Sola´s place. Their email is and web site Telephone 671532482. If you ned any help setting up a business just get in touch.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Trip to Archena

There is a Diputacion organised trip to the Spa at Archena on 30th June 2016.

The trip includes the coach travel, food and entrance to the spa and thermal bath. The price is €25.

If you are interested you need to register at the Town Hall before 3.0pm Tuesday 28th with your passport and NIE.

Referendum Result

Well that was a shock to me I was truly surprised by the outcome but life goes on.

As far as immediate actions are concerned nothing changes. Both Cameron and Donald Tusk (President of the EU) have confirmed that nothing changes regarding the status of British people in the EU or vice versa. Any changes to that will be part of the lengthy negotiations which will take place over the next few years.

Spain has its own issues to deal with in the upcoming election this Sunday and it still looks like a possibility of no party being able to form a government. The local people I talk to cannot see Podemos and PSOE forming a coalition and that is the only likely group that, according to the polls, could form a government.

The world looks a different place today. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Junes Gym

June Hamilton held her trial gym yesterday evening at Palaces and although we thought no one was interested a few did turn up and June has agreed to start holding them regularly each Monday and Thursday at 8.0pm

Below is a picture of those who went last night. You can see various ages!

Water 21.06

As many of you already know there is no water across most of our municipality and beyond. This is due to a burst main water pipe and Galasa are working on it but it may take another 3 hours to repair fully and return the water supply.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Church Race Day and More Names

 The Church Race Day event at Los Llanos village church was a great success and the below message was received from them after the event.

  We were thrilled to have the attendance of so many from within the Zurgena Municipio and, since the event last Thursday, all those we have 'bumped into' during our normal daily lives have spoken of their thorough enjoyment of such a fun and happy day.  Your attendance with Mayor Luiz was the icing on the cake! 
   Since publishing our photos on our church Facebook page we have had over 600 hits with accompanying delightful comments, and because outreach was our primary mission - and fundraising secondary - we are all in a state of shocked amazement that, at the end of the day, we achieved the sum of 720 euros for our church and our missions.  
   If you can pass our  grateful thanks onto the community for their support of the event in any way Jim, then please do so. Thank you again.

Also we are trying to contact the following people who need to reconfirm their padron,

Gordon Chalker, Kevin Ronald & Lesley Rose Cheeseman, Patricia Karen Mason, Linda Joy Howat, Lisa Kim & Tony John  Satchell, Kenneth Miles & Pamela Carole Thomas, Richard Francis Chambers, Thomas Henry & Eva Lewis.