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Friday, August 25, 2017

Hooray Holidays

Just to inform you that I shall be on holiday from Sunday 27th August until Sunday 24th September.

It does mean I will miss the Zurgena Fiesta!

During my absence I will monitor my emails etc but please bear in mind there may be some delay in responding.

For any matters that require more immediate response or attention please contact Andreas on the help desk or Jose Manuel on his mobile 687531499 (although he will not be in the office he has agreed to provide a telephone service during this period).

I have provided the other councillors with a list of the matters which have been reported to me as outstanding and I have given them the details of the people who need to know any results.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Presentation to June for Aqua Aerobics

Today, on behalf of the people who have been enjoying the Aqua Aerobics, I made a presentation to June Hamilton.

June ran the Aqua Aerobics last year as a self employed individual and was able to charge a small fee for doing so, however, this year due to the complications of being set employed, she was no longer self employed and therefore the Town Hall could no longer allow her to hold her aqua classes.

After discussion the Town Hall discovered that as long as she did not charge any entrance fee she could still  have the aqua classes. June, being June, was quite happy to do that as she said at the time she does not do it for the money but for the pleasure of helping people stay fit and active. Otherwise there would have been no Aqua this year.

Last year she averaged 15 to 20 persons per class but the year it was 40 to 60!!

The attendees so enjoyed the classes that they held a collection for her and it was this, that I was honoured to present to June.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Spanish Classes

Manolo will be restarting the Spanish classes in the 3rd Age room below the Municipal Library in Zurgena from the 4th September.

He will be there in the afternoons from about 4.0pm until 6.0pm but you can also contact him on or after that date on his phone 651 090 728. But registration will take place from 1100am that same day.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Zurgena Fiesta Programme

Please find below the programme for the Fiesta de San Ramon Nonnato between the 26th August and 3rd September 2017.

Saturday 26th August
1730 Basketball in the street
2200 Kalafa Rock band Plaza del Olmo

Sunday 27th August
0900 Petanque tournament

Monday 28th until Thursday 31st
Dominoes Tournament

Tuesday 29th to Sunday 3rd September
2000 x 2230 in the Municipal library Photographic Exhibition entitled "Spaces"

Tuesday 29th August
1700 Sports School Football 7s.

Wednesday 30th to Thursday 31st August
1700 Football 7s for adults.

Wednesday 30th August
Day of the Children
2000 Veterans Football 7s.
0000 Fireworks to signal the start of the fiesta.

Thursday 31st August
0930 Free Chocolate and churros for the 3rd Age
1300 Half Day Fair with municipal bars open.
1900 Celebration of our Patron Saint San Ramon Nonnatto with procession.
0000 Music from Orchestra Kaos 57, Gira Albert Tours and a duet.
0030 Gala crowning the Queen of the Fiesta and the elction of the Infant and juvenile queen, Miss Simpatica, Miss Tourism and Mister 2017.

Friday 1st September
1100 x 1300 Water Games in the Plaza Cinco Martires.
1300 Half day Fair with municipal bars.
1700 Water Slide in Calle Victoriano Lucas.
0000 Music from Orchestra Pentagrama and a duet.

Saturday 2nd September
1300 Half day Fair with municipal bars.
1700 Table Tennis tournament in the floor below the municipal library.
1700 Childrens Run in Parque Gines Parra.
1900 Horse run in the rambla of Rio Almanzora.
0000 Music from Orchestra Pentagrama and the duet.

Sunday 3rd September
1300 Half day Fair with municipal bars.
1800 Foam party in the sports area next to the rambla.
1930 Dog Show with dogs exhibiting skills such as substance searching etc.
0000 Music with the group Brisa.
0100 Fireworks at the castle to signal end of the fiesta.

Felice fiestas!

Friday, August 18, 2017

For all you Rockers out there

The Town Hall has organised a rock concert for Saturday 26th August as part of the Zurgena Fiesta weeks activities. Admission is free and it starts in the Plaza del Olmo at 2200.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trip and Walk

Firstly there is a trip to the Balneario (spa baths) in Archena on Thursday 14th September.

The price for the coach, food and entrance to the Spa Baths is €25 and registration is required in the Town Hall prior to the 7th September.

Ignore the entry for the walk that was on here the date was totally wrong. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

National Holiday Tuesday 15th

Just tomato you all aware that the Assumption of Mary National Holiday will be held on Tuesday 15th August. As this is a national holiday it is a bank holiday.

We are however pleased to say that the Municipal Pool will be open that day for the usual activities including the Aqua Aerobics.