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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Drones and Padrons

Just a short message regarding the use of Drones. Initially there was no legislation regarding the control of such devices however last year a decree 137 was passed which restricts the flying of drones over private property. The Police have been informed of this decree and will respond to any complaints.

Secondly a further reminder regarding the Padron. It is in your interests to ensure that you are on the Padron to ensure entitlement to various benefits. You also need to check it every two years. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

PGOU Update

Below is a translated version of a press article released yesterday by the Town Hall of Zurgena regarding the state of our PGOU.

This explains what the current situation is and identifies what further work is required to complete the PGOU. This additional work is currently under way and it is hoped that all requirements, for the full approval, will be completed as soon as possible.

16.01.18. The municipality of Zurgena begins a new and historical stage after the final approval of its General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) by the Territorial commission of Urbanism. This is the achievement of a historical process for the city of Zurgena that will allow the future growth of the municipality within the security and urban normality.

The document approved by the Junta de Andalucía contemplates the consolidated urban land of the historical nuclei of the municipality as the town of Zurgena, Chicago, La Alfoquía, El Cucador and Palacés. Other nuclei of the municipality, such as Los Menchones and the Llanos del Peral, are pending only on the approval by the Board of the corrections sent by the city Council and which presuppose the completion of the last procedures corresponding to the Local administration.

The decision to "definitively approve partially" the document was notified in June 2017 by the Territorial commission of Urbanism dependent on the Junta de Andalucía. However, it was just a matter of a few days ago when the city Council received the communication that "the issues remaining in the absence of approval are corrected". With the green light, to the PGOU of Zurgena, the neighbours are granted all the rights necessary to realise the urban projects, that they deem necessary, such as rehabilitations, demolitions or the building of housing. Until now only the urban nucleus of the town was contemplated, despite the historical character of the rest of nuclei and Zurgeneras neighbourhoods.

The mayor of Zurgena, Luis Díaz, has congratulated "all the people who have participated and worked for the elaboration of this General Plan" and has especially recalled "the work and assistance of the former territorial planning delegate, Antonio Martínez, whose Collaboration has been essential to achieve this step. "

The PGOU of Zurgena seeks to improve the quality of life of the residents and is a plan for the future for the locality by contemplating 30% of the land for the construction of official protection housing (subsidized), which will give facilities to young people and families of the municipality To be able to obtain a decent home without the need to leave this municipality. In addition, the PGOU accepts different green areas proposed, such as the urban park bordering the railway station, this is  thanks to the acquisition of this area by the city Council, as well as other green areas which will form the promenade and recreation area of neighbours and visitors. For example the area next to the Ginés Parra Park of the town. The same document also includes two large industrial areas dedicated to the settlement of companies in the municipality located in the places of the Covaticas and the Cucador.

In consideration of progressive and stable growth, the PGOU elaborated by the City Council of Zurgena identifies the reserved spaces for the construction of general systems like electrical substations and water purification that will improve the current infrastructures and the Provision of basic services for the citizens of the municipality. In the absence, of some corrections for the integral approval of the document, the process for which was started more than ten years ago, the approval of the Territorial Planning Commission comes as approved by a PGOU previously supported in the plenary of Zurgena with the supporting vote in favour of all political parties.

The mayor of Zurgena, Luis Díaz, who is also representative of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in the Urban Planning commission of Almeria, has expressed his "great satisfaction with this historical approval for Zurgena that will allow the Future sustainable development of the municipality but also the present. " Although "some tools offered by the General Plan will not be able to be put into practice immediately, by administrative matters, the mayor has valued that" the PGOU offers us many resources that already allow to change for the better the lives of many residents of Zurgena. " In the same way, he has been convinced that "the collaboration with the new delegate in this field, Raúl Enríquez, will be a close and the most efficient as possible relationship for our neighbours."

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Burst Water Pipe

Sorry for delay in getting this out but there was a burst main water pipe in Cucador this morning which has left areas of Cucador and Los Carasoles without water.

I am advised that they are working on it and hope to have the supply restored before 1.0pm

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

IBI Discount & Spanish Classes (amendment ) & Cucador Norte Road Repairs

As promised, and as something I have managed to achieve, we will have the facility to apply a discount to IBI bills and car tax bills of 5% for all those who pay by direct debit.

As many of you have been enquiring regarding the IBI discount I can confirm that during this financial year all those who pay by direct debit will automatically receive a 5% reduction. The same applies to car tax and car parking licences. You do not need to do anything.

If you have not been paying any of these by direct debit previously but commence to do so this year, you will need to complete a form. I will be in possession of the appropriate form by next week.

The Spanish Classes recommenced yesterday, in the room below the library. I am advised by Manolo that he has no spaces available until June in his class.

I am advised that the company who have the contract to repair the roads in the Cucador Norte area (Nila) will be starting work on these roads before the end of this month. I apologise for the delay but we are in the hands of the contractor and they have been completing other areas before starting these works. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gymnasium Reopening

The Gymnasium in La Alfoquia, by the side of the bowling green and football pitch, is reopening to the public on Saturday 13th January.

A new contract has been agreed with Andres from Kronos Gym in Albox. The success of this venture will determine its long term future. So if you enjoy an occasional or regular visit to a Gym please make this your first choice. June Hamilton will be organising a number of classes for all abilities.

Entrance and use of the gym facilities, on the opening day, will of course be free, so I encourage you to call in on the opening day between 0900 and 1230.

This is your chance to ensure the facility remains available.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year & Xmas Decorated House Winner & Tapas Draw Winner

Firstly may I wish all the readers of this blog a very Happy 2018.

I returned to work today after 12 days in the UK but found a few of the team still on holiday. Got a bit to catch up on!

However, I was able to present to Lola and Paco the winners of the Tapas draw, Mrs Diane Postles from Palaces (see photo below of Diane with the Deputy Mayor Lola Antas, Councillor Paco Rojo and her husband).

She is to select a weekend and a location (where we have a choice of rural properties) to go and stay  for a weekend during 2018.

Also the winner of the Best Xmas Decorated house was won by Maurice and Christine Friend of La Alfoquia. The winner being selected by our press reporter Guillermo Miron. I have attached a (not very good) photo of the house and of Maurice receiving his prize of a Hamper from the Councillors.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas House Decorating Competition & Square Closure

Just to inform you all that the Town Hall will be visiting the entrants homes, for the above competition, to take pictures of the displays for judging on the evening of Friday 22nd December.

If you wish to enter the competition and have not yet done so please let me have your names addresses and telephone number asap. Closing day is morning of Friday 22nd.

Also to inform all that the square at Plaza del Olmo in Zurgena will be closed to traffic Saturday 23rd Sunday 24th and Monday 25th December and again on the 28th 29th and 30th December for the Medieval Market