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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lunar Walk

The next Lunar Walk is to be held on Saturday 28th April setting off from the Pool Bar area at 1800 hours.

The cost is €5 and covers a distance of 14kms and is described as of low difficulty. To participate go to the following link

All participants will receive refreshments at the end of the walk.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Water Problem

There has been a major break in the water supply and at this moment I am told it may be off all today. I will update as and when we hear from Galasa.

Having just posted some water has started to run through!! It would appear they have restored the supply much quicker than expected.

Latest info from Galasa is that if you are currently without water they hope to have it reconnected by 2.30pm today.

Fly Tipping & A Cleaner

Firstly we are receiving more reports of people fly tipping on the spare land between the pool bar and the motorway. This is not an area where dumping is permitted and people can be prosecuted for this. I am hoping to get some signs erected but this is just so as many people as possible are aware.

Secondly if anyone is interested in a cleaner. There is a Spanish lady who lives in the El Rocio area who is looking for work and has worked as a cleaner. Her name is Maria Angeles Sanz and she charges €8 per hour. If you know anyone who wants a cleaner please get in touch and we can arrange to put her in touch.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Healthy Talk

The Town Hall has arranged for a short presentation on practical health issues to be held on Thursday 10th May at 1130 in the Gymnasium in La Alfoquia. An interpreter will be attending.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stray Dogs

Once more I have to draw attention to the problems being caused by feral dogs.
In the past week I have received a lot of complaints about stray dogs causing nuisance, dirt and disturbance to a couple of neighbourhoods. If the problems persist we may have to expend some of our limited financial resources to engage a company to come into the area and seize and destroy any strays.
It would appear that people are  feeding these animals and by their actions are exacerbating the problems. Whilst it is not against the law to feed strays there can be unpleasant results, one of which is to attract wild boar, which we have plenty of in this area, and they can be very aggressive. The Town Hall requests that people only feed their own pet dogs. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Next Town Hall Trip and Railway Association meeting

Firstly we held the inaugural meeting to establish the Railway Association for Zurgena this morning at  10.0am in the Renfe. The attendance was a little disappointing but I had received apologies from quite a number who were in the UK  or otherwise unable to attend. About 25 persons attended.

Maria Angela gave a commentary to a slide show of the area from the time the Railway was constructed and the history of the Englishman behind the supervision of it. Gustaf Gillman. It was a very informative and interesting explanation about the area and its early development.

After this part we asked for volunteers to ensure we get the association properly established, functioning and legal. I and Maria Angela would like to thank all who attended but especially the 5 volunteers who are to form the committee. These 5 people will be meeting in the next week or so to establish the committee and ensure proper process.

The volunteers are;

Daniel Mc Grory, David Greig, Mike Yendell, Lyn Yendell and Ray Gaskell.  Our thanks to them.

I will circulate all those, who are supporting the Association, of this and keep them informed of developments as and when.

The next Town Hall trip is to the Archeological Enclave of Los Millares,  north of Almeria on Saturday 12th May. The complex at this location was in use from end of the 4th millennium to the end of the 2nd millennium BC and supported in the region of 1,000 people. It was discovered in 1891.

The agenda for the day is as follows;
0800 Depart Zurgena
1000 Arrive Archeological Museum Los Millares
1230 Visit the ceramica de Alhabia
1400 Lunch
1600 Guided visit to the church of Alboduloy and the clock tower
1700 Visit the house of Peregrino and Interpretation Centre
1800 Depart for home.

The cost of the trip including guides, entrances, coach and lunch is €12. Places are limited and will be allocated as usual on first come first served.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Thanks to PiRDA

Once again the Town Hall of Zurgena are thankful to the computer charity PiRDA for their generosity. After installing many computers in our schools and offices they returned to install another machine in the Civil Protection office and upgraded one in the Police office. Thanks to Christine and all at Pirda.