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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bowling Green

We recently had a meeting in the Town Hall with the secretary with a view to progressing the hand over of the bowling green to a maintenance/management organisation. I am pleased to say that the feeling of those involved, in the TH, was that we should try and have local people, who want to use the facility, to be the ones to manage it. So a process has been agreed to try and make this happen. It is too early to say with any certainty but the TH do want this to be the way forward rather than a 3rd party organisation from outside the area. There is already a steering group for the green and they are now in the process of obtaining the necessary documentation to enable them to open discussions with the TH with a view to managing it. So hopefully within a month or two and if all parties are agreeable we could have local people in control of the green.

Selling or Scrapping a Car in Spain

To help people avoid any issues when selling or getting rid of a motor vehicle I have outlined below the procedures that follow relative the the Town Hall. If you do not follow this advice the car will remain in your name and any fines taxes etc will be enforceable on the registered owner.

A. If the there is to be a change of ownership the car papers have to be presented in the Guardia Civil Trafico in Almeria (or done through a gestoría). Thereafterwards the Guardia Civil will comunícate the changes to the Diputación of Almeria and the Diputación will send to the local town hall the official list with the changes that must be done to the vehicles registered in Zurgena.
B. If the car is being scraped (scrapyard), it has to be done through an official scrapyard named by the regional authoreties (junta de andalucia....), the car details and the communication from the scrapyard will be sent to the Guardia Civil Trafico in Almeria (it is up to the scrapyard to do the paperwork), afterwards the Guardia Civil will comunícate the changes to the Diputación of Almeria and the Diputación will send to the town hall the official list with the changes that must be done to the vehicles registered in Zurgena. 
Normally when someone sales or scraps a car and comes into the town hall we tell them:
If the paper is from the scrapyard they are told to save the paper because the TH cannot make any changes until they have been sent or supplied with the list from the Diputación. If there is a mistake in the list sent to us (sometimes it happens) the person will come in with the paper from the scrapyard and the TH can fix the mistake. thats why I tell everybody to save that paper. The TH cannot act until that paper is received.

If the car has been sold to some one else then there is no paper issued that the TH need to see, as the car changes are done directly in the Guardia Civil Trafico or through a Gestoria.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday 30th July

We have a problem with Buzon No 2 opposite La Vida. The lock has completely broken and the boxes are insecure. I have removed the post and will deliver to those who have any. I have arranged for a local locksmith to attend asap but probably not until pm tomorrow.

We have a Pleno tonight but I do not think anything exciting.

Had meetings this morning with bar owners in La Alfoquia regarding the complaints about noise etc and hopefully this will resolve the issue.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Integration Day

This weekend the 5th Annual Integration Fiesta takes place in the area of the Pool Bar. The programme is as below.

Incorrect Number

On the previous blog post for the help desk I made an error and showed the wrong telephone number for Andreas. His office number is 950 449 006.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Street Cinema

There is to be a street cinema showing of Los Boxtrolls tonight at 10.0pm in Zurgena in Calle Juan Andres Toledo, near the school.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wednesday 23rd July

Update on this week so far.

I had a very encouraging meeting with Diego of the Polizia Local about their ways of working and how to make the service work, to as good a level as possible, in the future and we shared a few ideas and issues.

Then spent some time with Luis going over where we were with a number of issues. I can confirm that all the new councillors are working very hard in their differing fields to progress all our issues and projects. In fact I was given a mild telling off for not doing more myself! Apparently, due to the role I have now been given, I should be more bossy and demand things. Well Sue (my wife) knows I am not like that!!! However, he is pushing both me and the other councillors to progress our individual responsibilities. He reinforced the fact that I should use all of the resources at my disposal to do my job better.

In relation to the PGOU we are all working together with the regional authorities to move things on and to this end I am to be given briefings later this week and next week about the situation.

I have meetings with the secretary about contracts on Friday and, as a member of the Commission for the Hacienda, another meeting on Friday afternoon.

We are still trying to organise some intercambios but we have had difficulty is getting good enough support from the Spanish community. However, Jose feels optimistic that after the holidays e.g. in September that we will be able to get these established.

Jose has asked if he can take next week off and as Andreas will be taking a week later in the month and I am off most of August it is the only time he can be off when we still have some cover for the help desk. So there will be no Spanish classes between 27th and 31st July.