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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Sorry for the delay but we have at last finalised the agenda for our culinary day next Wednesday 25th October in the Renfe.

1030 Opening by the Mayor Luis David Garcia
1045 Presentation of the benefits of a healthy mediterranean diet
1100 Breakfast.
1130 Presentation of recipes and preparation of dishes.
1330 The best bit eating and drinking of the dishes supplemented by others.

The Town Hall of Zurgena is particularly grateful to the following for providing their time and foodstuffs to prepare their homeland dishes.

Fernanda Gasseling and Petra van Wijnen preparing Hutspot met Gehakbal, Traditional Dutch dish

Mahin Chevers is preparing a traditional Persian Stew.

Andree de Jong is preparing a typical Indonesian Satay dish possibly with curried eggs.

Reni Majid from Islamabad is preparing a traditional Pakistani curry.

Beryl Booth is bringing chicken drumsticks and a cheesecake.

Spanish Dishes yet to be announced. But will include a dish from Palaces.

It is needed for logistics for us to know how many are attending so please call me 610194260 or drop me an email with numbers before Sunday 22nd . We are probably restricted to about 40 persons.

Also if you wish to wash down the dishes with alcohol please bring your own wine or beer. Soft drinks will be available free of charge. Everyone is welcome to bring any other food they think would be enjoyed but the first 4 above will do short presentations on their dishes.

These days have been very successful in the past year or two and I hope this will follow the same and is a great opportunity to mix culturally and food wise with our Spanish and other nationality neighbours. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bird Scarer Quietened

We have finally managed to identify and cause the noisy bird scarer located between CATS and the Pool Bar area to be silenced. We have finally ascertained that no one in the municipality of Zurgena has a license for such a machine and the person using has been advised that he will be subject to fines should he use it in the future.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Adra Trip Full & Food Day

The Town Hall trip to Adra is now full.

The next event is the Culinary/Cultural Day on Wednesday 25th October and I have been contacted by a few people who will present their dishes on the day (including some more exotic places from where our residents originate). I expect it to be another successful day. As usual if anyone wishes to attend and join in the food and drink it would be appreciated if they would bring along some beer or wine.

I will circulate more details when we have finalised the agenda but I do need to know numbers so we can ensure sufficient food for everyone. So if you would like to come along and join us please let me know.

Those who have agreed to present a dish please let me have a photograph of what it looks like and its description for the publicity.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Post Boxes Cucador Norte & PGOU meeting & BBQs in the country

I have lost my list of persons who would like one of the post boxes serving Cucador Norte, below Bar La Vida and I now have two available.

If you have previously asked for one please let me know.

We are still waiting for further clarification regarding a few points from our technical architect, who is involved with the negotiations, before the Mayor can decide when to call the meeting.

The ban on barbecues and agricultural burns throughout Andalusia, as well as the passage of motor vehicles through forest areas and areas of forest influence in the community - 400 meters around forest areas - was to end on Sunday, October, but the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has extended this ban until the end of this month.

The measure, confirmed by ALMERÍA TODAY, has been taken after being requested by the Infoca's own firefighters, as well as by political groups like Equo, due to the exceptional weather conditions that we have been suffering, especially with the drought that plagues the country. The high temperatures and the scarcity of precipitations cause that the water stress of the vegetation is now greater than at the beginning of summer 

In the province of Almería, especially sensitive are recreational areas like the stream of Celín (Dalías), the area of ​​La Piza (Maria) or the most eastern part of the Almerian Alpujarra -Alcolea, Laujar de Andarax, Bayárcal, Paterna del Río-.

From 1 January to 8 October, Infoca has carried out a total of 813 forest interventions on Andalusian soil, 79% were cones, ie less than one hectare of burned land, and the rest are fires. In addition, the Infoca has acted in another 211 claims, 167 in agricultural land and 44 urban fires. Therefore, more than a thousand interventions in Andalusia so far this year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Water Off Galasa Update 1815 11.10

Just been informed by Galasa that they are to cut off the water supply for most of the areas the village for between 4 and 5 hours due to the work needed on a major pipe fracture. Timed at 1215pm 10th October.

They are now saying that the works is more complicated than first thought and it may be 12 noon tomorrow or even 5.0pm before the water is reconnected.

I have just spoken with the Mayor who was called by Galasa short time ago to say the repair was completed and the water supply should be back to normal as soon as all pumps are fully primed about 1 hour

Saturday, October 7, 2017

IBI Records Update

I have received a few enquiries from people about their properties being photographed either by a drone or by a man with an iPad going street to street.
It is actually a person working for the Diputacion de Almerias´ Catastral Office. They are updating their records and checking that the property records they have are accurate as to what actually exists in reality.  Normally, of course, the Town Hall forward details of any licences for any extension to a property which may mean an increases in the size or the outbuildings on a property. But as the Town Hall have been prohibited from issuing such licences they are trying to update their records by their own means. I imagine that next years bills will reflect any new extensions, pools, garages etc which people may have added to their property without licences, that they have discovered.

Adra Trip

The first of zurgena Town Halls autumn cultural trip has been finalised and is a visit to the town of Adra. The poster below gives details of the itinerary for the day 30th October and the cost (including all guides, translator and lunch) is €13!!

Registration is required with payment prior to the 25th October and is first come first served.
Sorry for some reason cannot enlarge text in pic so it is as below.