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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Red Palm Weevil Update

Just a warning and a bit of information regarding an increasing gardening problem in our area. You may well already have heard about it, but, thought I should mention it on here as it is important that everyone understands the nature of the pest, as I have suffered from an infestation.
We have a few large, and very we'll established, Phoenix Palms which have been in the garden for over 10 years.  About a month ago  I noticed that the outside leaves of one of the palms were dying off much faster than usual and further investigation revealed that part of the base was rotting away and I could hear a loud clicking sound coming from within. I broke off the dead bases of previously cut branches to find over a dozen large grubs about 1 to 2 inches long within the base of the plant (my neighbour subsequently found over 20 in the roots of his dying palm).
I then did my own research on the internet and discovered that this pest was brought to Spain a number of years ago and was in palms brought from Egypt. That the Spanish government had banned such imports but that it was too late and the bug had already spread. The weevil itself is quite large at about an inch and a half and is obviously red! It is particularly active in the summer months and is attracted to the cut branches of this particular palm although it has been known to affect others palm type plants.
Once you notice a palm is infested, I am told, that it is probably too late and therefore almost impossible to eradicate from that palm and only preventative measures can be taken to protect any non affected plants. The infested plants should be dug up and destroyed by fire (for which it is necessary to obtain a licence at this time of year).
Any existing, non affected, plants should be treated and after much research I have been told that the best treatment is by use of a chemical insecticide called Imidacloprid. This is available at the moment from the Armourers shop at the side of Mora Oil petrol station in Arboleas where the temporary road is. They sell it in small bottles for €3.95 and €5.95 under the brand name 'Coiraze'. They also stock it in one litre bottles in the name of 'Pritt' at €25. As I have a few palms and they need to be treated monthly I bought the one litre size. Whilst I was there I bumped into friends from other areas of the valley who had the same problem!
Apologies if you are already aware of this problem but thought, in the interests of all gardeners, it would be better to spread the word by all means. If you have anything else about this bug which you feel should be added to this post please let me know.

UPDATE I have spoken with Sergio who runs the new garden centre in Los Carasoles and he will get some stock in of this product as soon as he can.

Tuesday 23rd September

Called into the Town Hall this morning and although there was only a few politicians in I was able to move a few things forward.

1. The pump for the dipuradora should be fitted towards the end of this week. Weather permitting!

2. I have now got the new street map for Los Llanos and will be going with Candido tomorrow to try and place an order for that one soon. I got the old bill out for the one for Cuesta de los Pinos (Cucador Norte) and it €650. So we may try and get one cheaper.

3. Added to, or rather, ensured that, Paco had the tree pruning in Jardines del Almanzora, La Alfoquia on his list and he has.

4. The Spanish lessons are being held in the room next to the old 3rd Age bar in Zurgena from 4.0pm each day. I understand you have to ring the doorbell to let them know you are there!

5. Have had a couple of complaints from residents about the noise now coming from La Vida, into the early hours from outside of the bar. We will speak with the management about this matter.

A few other things are moving along and we should have our PGOU approval Pleno soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday 18th September

Was in the TH this morning for a meeting and made sure that the missing street signs have been ordered and they have!

Still looking at a Pleno for approval of the final PGOU on the 24th. If any change will post.

The pump for the Cuesta de los Pinos dipuradora due for delivery in the next week!

The TH sponsored Spanish lessons have resumed and are being held in the room above the 3rd Age bar in Zurgena (up the right hand side street off the square) from about 4.0pm each afternoon. If anyone is interested please go along and let them know so that they can ensure they continue.

Nothing much else to report but things getting back to normal a bit more. My visitors leave soon so will be able to progress the outstanding things next week.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Concert 20th September

Dear friends, in the city hall of Zurgena we sell tickets for the concert "Music Night of contrasts." Our friends Peter and Gary organize a concert to raise money for schools and children of our town. 

There is a bar and meal. Tickets are numbered and
 include seat. Unique opportunity to see music stars that normally act in places like Marbella Star Lite! 

Participate and enjoy good music and company with solidarity! The concert will start at 20.00. Tickets 10 € / person. 

Renfe Station Zurgena be filled on Saturday 20 September. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dipuradora and Village House

Just heard that, at long last, that the pumping machine required to repair the Dipuradora in Cuesta de los Pinos should arrive in about 10 to 14 days for fitting!

I have been asked to put on here the fact that the family of Amelia (who died last month) wish to sell her village home in Zurgena. The house is a single storey 3 bedroom house in Zurgena village of about 30 years of age. It has a number of typical Spanish features and has a large roof terrace with great views over the town.  I understand the family will accept offers close to €90,000. If anyone is interested in this property please email me for more details. Apologies for including what is basically an advert but as regular readers will know there are occasions when I feel it suitable to include such things.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday 4th September

Called in to have a talk with Candido today about some of our outstanding issues and made a little progress.

Firstly although we have lost a €50,000 grant we still think we will qualify for sufficient funds to do the major repair works such as the dipuradora for Cuesta de los Pinos (although despite my best efforts this is not going to be completely finished until about mid october, but temporary improvements are promised), the road repairs to Calle Finlandia etc an th other works necessary following the floods of Sept 2012.

The area maps can be prepared for more areas. I have a rough draft for Los Llanos del Peral. All I need to do now is to get a copy of the original bill for the first one we had done, for comparison purposes and get some quotes from more companies. Will try and get on with this in the next week or two.

Political party activities and posturing are already starting in preparation for next years local elections and this does somewhat complicate issues but hopefully will not impinge too much on the work to be one. As a reminder we have scheduled for this month the PGOU Commission meeting on the 10th and the PGOU submission Pleno on the 24th.

The library, it is hoped, should be open in a  few weeks.

The following people are on the latest Padron check list. If you or anyone you know is on it please ask them to pop into the TH to confirm (if that is the case) that they should still be on the padron.
Jeanette and Mark Bastin, Patricia Brand, Helen and Terry Burnell, Bernard Carroll, Leslie and Mary Davies, Julie Dodsworth,Robert Charles Duggan, Liam Joseph Evans, Angela and Ian Gould,Beverley and Michael Holt, Eva and Thomas Lewis, Keith Graham and Mary Moore, Doreen Rigby, Callum and Rebecca Shaw, John and Kathleen Smart, Bernard Smith, Lewis Snelgrove, Brian Charles Wailes, Margaret Catherine Smith,Victor Henry Davey,Brian Stewart Kear.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday 3rd September

Called in to the TH today for a few appointments and a bit of work. I had a little difficulty in that I could not speak with Candido, as I suspect there may be some political issues going on that I am not privvy to, yet!

Spoke with Luis re some of my outstanding points and he agreed that all issues of a non political nature that come under the jurisdiction of Paco and the TH workers I should pass through Andreas to Paco directly. He will be responsible for completing the works and if I have any unresolved issues I should take them up with Luis. I then gave Paco a list of issues which I asked him to attend to as soon as he can. These included improvements to the fork junction in the road up to the pool bar, the fork junction approaching Los Llanos del Peral, the traffic situation outside La Vida and a couple of others. He promised to see what best could be done at each location and implement such measures as soon as he can afford the manpower.

Issues which people had emailed me about and which are not general point I will answer by direct email to the originators eg the wifi, capcha issue, the possible industrial building in La Alfoquia and a couple of others.

Should get back to more normal service soon. I had family out for a few weeks and still have visitors mid September but should be able to make some progress.

Re the Dipuradora, Noelia and Luis said they expected to hear back from the company responsible today or tomorrow. I will chase up again tomorrow.