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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nearly Normal

Well things seem to be settling down a little bit following the horrendous storm and floods. Whilst there are still many infrastructure issues to be resolved at least the basics are in place. In view of that I need to review the outstanding bits from just before the storm,

1. ICPs A number of you contacted me wishing to be included in any list of houses who wanted to have them fitted by an authorised electrical company. I have since received a copy of a  letter, which a resident from Cuesta de los Pinos, received from Endesa. This letter seems to indicate that they are intending changing all meters to incorporate an ICP. If this is the case then any, and all, of you who do no, as yet, have an ICP fitted but, are receiving your electricity from Endesa, will be getting a new meter which will include the ICP. In view of this I have not yet progressed the request to get one company to do all until I clarify exactly (if I can) what Endesa intend to do and whether it will cover everyone.

2. Regarding the WiFi and the problem with the connection continually dropping and having to be logged back into, I had received 6 responses from people who had this problem. If you have not yet informed me of this being a problem for yourself then please let me know a) username b) name and address and c) how you connect to the Town Hall WiFi with type of aerial. This list will be provided to try and help the TH identify and correct the problem. Sorry not sorted earlier but sure you appreciate why.

We have still not had our budget planning meeting but of course this is now down to Ana. I hope it is not too long in being held.

All your messages of appreciation, for the work of the Town Hall during the recent troubles, has been passed on to those responsible. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There is to be a demonstration today at 5.0pm at the broken bridge at Carasoles.

This is to show our anger at the closure of the bridge and the difficulties it presents for the bigger vehicles and coaches. It will also send the right message to the Junta about the strength of feeling at the previous lack of consideration of our plight.

It is also to complain about the delay in getting the access to Palaces open.

If you have half an hour to an hour spare please come along. The press will be there at 5.0pm and the television at 6.0pm.


Thanks to the dozen who made it tonight and featured on live Spanish Television. It helped make the crowd bigger for the cameras!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mancomunidad Meeting tonight

Many thanks to the 50 expats who gave up an hour of their time tonight to support the Town Hall at the Mancomunidad meeting. I have to apologise for their being no interpreter but I could see that the majority of those present were up to speed with their understanding of Spanish!

Basically the meeting was opened by the President of the Mancomunidad, which is a representative body of commercial, political and personal bodies from the whole valley. There were reps from the other Town Halls, business and commercial organisations on the top table. The meeting considered 3 motions which they sought to have agreement on. These were all related to issues of the support and lack of support from the Junta during the time since the storm. They covered issues such as the lack of action to minimise loss to businesses and people in the valley, the help we expected, and should get, regarding traffic problems and I lost the last bit!

The meeting approved the following motions.

1st demand the opening of diversion for the heavy traffic as a matter of urgency, within a maximum of 24 hours, considering that is is damaging severely the sector transport of the Valle del Almanzora.

2 Demand the resignation of the Provincial Deleada and the Minister of development, for his incompetence when it comes to give a quick and effective solution to the diversion of the road A-334.

3 Demand the return of the different traffic sanctions brought to drivers during the days that remained open the offset by the Town Hall in Zurgena, and the days after its reopening by the Board, given the serious damages to the sector transport, businesses and entrepreneurs of the region and the rest of drivers in general. In addition we call damages ocasionasionados to that sector, given the increase in costs of long alternate routes posed by the Board in the beginning.

Candido gave a diary outlining the situation as pertained to Zurgena Council during the days and weeks since the storm. He highlighted the lack of response from the Junta, the action by the Junta which forced the closure of the road and the officiousness of the Police in threatening to issue tickets. He explained what we had done as a council and the difficulties we faced and the fact that everything Zurgena had done since 2004 was deemed illegal by the Junta and now it seems even emergency roads are. He also highlighted the fact that we had worked as an all party council where politics did not interfere with getting things done.

Some members of the Mancomunidad spoke of their gratitude to the Town Hall for their actions and of the need for the meeting to express strong solidarity with Zurgena and to press for our (the whole valleys) situation  to be more effectively considered and helped.

It was important that the meeting showed togetherness from all the represented bodies, including our neighbours, so that the message we send the Junta is truly representative. I, and the Town Hall, were therefore grateful to all who attended and filled the hall to help show our support for the motions which were all carried unanimously. Those of you who attended will be featured in the Spanish press in the next few days.

Thanks again.

The Town Hall Facebook page is summarised above.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Los Carasoles & Tonights Meeting

We are pleased to be able to announce that our diversion through the rambla at the broken bridge at Los Carasoles is now reopen.

I have been asked  to let you all know that the meeting tonight (the Town Hall at 5.0pm) is to increase the pressure on the Junta to deal with our roads and infrastructure problems more efficiently. The meeting will be attended by the Mayors of all the Town Halls on the valley, representatives of businesses and they have asked that the more who support it the better to show our strength of feeling. So whilst you may not speak spanish your mere presence will help to send the right message to the Junta to attend, more thoughtfully and efficiently to our problems.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Latest from the TH below, seems we may now not need our meeting I will post when known for sure. At this moment they still want people to attend to demonstrate their feelings for way this road closure has been conducted.

I went down myself this morning to see the mayhem and discovered that the machines and deliveries that are taking place are to create a situation where the temporary road can be reopened. Maybe sense has prevailed!

Neighbors! Seems to be that we have succeeded! This morning are the machines works public working to open access. Perhaps by Monday we will enjoy again of our offset. Congratulations to all those who have done so possible with your comments. Thanks to all the neighbors who have opined. We have listened and it will do the right thing, reopen access that is in perfect condition for the transit and not to endanger the safety of our neighbors making through roads much more dangerous. We return to give thanks because together we are going to get!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Monday Meeting

The below posted by the Town Hall. My understanding is that we are looking for people to attend to show the strength of feeling about this roadway. It is to be held at 5.0pm.

"We inform you that on Monday, October 15, will be held at the Plenary Hall of the City of Zurgena, a Special Meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Almanzora to discuss the bridge of the Rambla del Peral and reopening the detour City Council made to communicate with the A7 A334. Also attending the Almanzora Business Association and will be open to all those neighbors you please attend.
We count on your support!!"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Wonderful Junta & Update

Below is the latest information from the Town Hall regarding our temporary route past the broken bridge.

We will now have to close the route at 4.30pm today. Will post any further developements.

Due to the ineffectiveness of the Junta de Andalucía in giving an effective solution to cutting of highway A-334 on the way through the Carasoles neighborhood in the municipality Zurgena, the City Council was forced to open access provisional by the rambla to the municipality and the rest of the region, given the emergency situation in which the population after the torrential rains of the past was September 28.
After repeated discussions with the delegation of public works which was in knowledge to this new provisional access created by the City Council and, after days without a delegation instrument in any way of management in this regard to give an effective solution to the road cut, the Town Hall in Zurgena is forced to close provisional access once the development delegation to speak in the sense that this access is fully ILLEGAL and the liability for any incident would by the Town Council.
From the Town Hall in Zurgena, we challenge the Junta de Andalucía so under his tutelage, responsibility and maintenance, reopen the diversion, which is in perfect condition for vehicular traffic.

I have put forward a suggestion that they put up a sign saying that drivers use this illegal road at their own risk but I fear this will not be accepted.

The best and safest route now will be to take he road up to Los Llanos Del Peral following the temporary signs to Almajalejo and across the rambla into Almajalejo and onto the road close to the motorway by Huercal Overa.

Monday, October 8, 2012

In case you missed it

Pleno meeting approved our letter to the various authorities to be treated as part of the emergency area.

Below is a lift from the Town Halls Facebook page. You will see that this includes everyone not just those with house insurance, for whom the Consorcio is the correct line for compensation.

FLOODS affected during the floods of September 28, 2012 was launched a service to victims for the purpose of giving information of various subsidies and actions carried out: according to information received, the aid that PROVENGAN of the Government CENTRAL and QUE VAN A be TRAMITADAS by the Town Hall of ZURGENA are compatible with the from of the Consortium for insurance.
For the victims with insurance in force:-will have to go to the consortium of insurance.
It is very important not to pull the affected goods and widely documented losses until the expertise by the Consortium.
-In addition, must report to the City Council in Zurgena depending on model standard drawn up to the effect that is available in the Town Hall.
For all the victims of the floods:-must report to the City Council in Zurgena according to standard drawn up to the effect that is available in the Town Hall.

Once approved by the Central Government order regulating the aid available to those affected by the floods in Zurgena 2012 opens a Municipal technical office where they will be logged and processed all requests for those affected by the disaster.

Update 8th October

We had a meeting this morning just to go over what we need to cover at the Pleno meeting tonight. The primary purpose of this meeting is to apply to the relevant authorities for us to be included in the emergency area and so qualify for various state funding to repair our infrastructure. The damage to the public infrastructure in our little municipality amounts to an estimated €11.3 million. That is only public infrastructure and does not cover private properties which obviously is still being assessed. We feel quite certain that we will be included in the declared emergency area and so will be able to start putting things right fairly soon, but this will also depend on a number of factors including what we are able legally to do with regard to contracts being issued ahead of us getting the funds.

A full list of the infrastructure needed to be repaired/replaced includes all the damage to the streets, water treatment plants etc and I am led to believe that these will be prioritised.

Regarding the road from Palaces to the motorway again the Junta have been conspicuous by their absence and so the Town Hall will take on the job of trying to get a better route through. They will be starting on that tomorrow.

I will stop sending emails out through the NHW scheme as from today, as I only used that due to the urgency of the communications, and, as things have settled down a bit now, the urgency of communication has lessened.

In addition to information being posted on here the Town Hall has a Facebook page (for those who use Facebook) under City Zurgena and questions or issues can either be directed through me and this medium or through Facebook to 'noeliayanabel'.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Monday Emergency Meeting

I have been informed of an emergency meeting of the Council on Monday evening. In advance of that the Town Hall FB site states

THE CITY COUNCIL ON MONDAY WILL MAKE AN EXTRAORDINARY TO APPLY FOR THE GRANTS NEED THAT WE TELL YOUR DAMAGE.TOMORROW is assess all damages, payments, voqueras cequias branches pedrizas all afternoon is very important. On Monday we declare area catastrophic to Zurgena and only have municipal damage you are on time tell us each inheritance damage even at the eye above.

Basically we need to know of any and all damage caused by the exceptional storm. So please if you have damage and have not yet reported it please call in on Monday with your details and photographic evidence to assist the Town Hall gain classification under the emergency cover.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Water Palaces

Galasa are still trying to find the problem for the water in Palaces and in view of that the Town Hall has arranged for the water lorry to go there this morning about 11.30am.
Please tell all your neighbours.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Consorcio & Update

For those of you who wish to make a claim to the Consorcio under the Spanish rules of compensation for people with insurance this link will take you to a printable copy of the form.

Thanks to Peter Sharpe for creating the link.

Once I know where I can find the form for uninsured I will post but they do have a comprehensive website under consorcio this site explains how and what they do.

The office where claims need to go and contact made is
Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros,
Av Aurora 55, Planta 1,
29006, Malaga
Tel No 952061391
Fax 952061392

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The bypass to the collapsed bridge is now open after very committed work by Candido and the others in the Town Hall. This road is the responsibility of the Junta but, knowing that they would take some time, we took it upon ourselves to create this track.
Traffic can flow both ways.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Los Carasoles

Latest from Town Hall re the bridge at Carasoles (not the bride as one reader pointed out to me in a thee previous blog(

"PUENTE DE LOS CARASOLES, road of the JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA to - 334, QUE UNE BAZA (GRANADA) (A-92N) with HUERCAL - OVERA (A-7)" from 15: 30 hours of today, the City Council in Zurgena has begun to make a provisional detour with machines, to be able to communicate with the Carasoles Zurgena. Currently the machines continue to work, when the work is complete you will be informed.

and this morning

Good morning! Currently work is continuing on the diversion of the Carasoles, shortly, we will be able to use this access.

Tuesday Update

Firstly from the Town Hall no matter whether you are insured or not if you have suffered damage then they are asking that you present yourself at the Town Hall with your full details, insurance details if covered, details of damage with photos and as detailled as possible. It would also help if you have your Spanish bank details.

They are asking that you do that because, as of this moment, our area has not yet been included in the disaster area and the TH want to get that status so as many people as possible can be compensated. So please if you have suffered damage call in with your details and evidence.

If you are not here at the moment you can get a neighbour or keyholder to do this and Andreas witll give out the necessary forms.

Secondly the Junta has done nothing regarding the bridge at Cucador. However the Diputacion have been working on the Palaces to Ballabona road which has 3 areas of breakage. They hope to have the route open although it may involve going slightly off the road in parts.


Town Hall in Zurgena advises: the offset provisional access from Zurgena Palaces or Lubrin, by the cemetery, will remain cut morning from 08: 00 until 12: 00 hours, on the occasion of repairs to the pipes for the supply of water to the homes.
Sorry for the inconvenience. (Translated by Bing)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Water and E15

Update from Galasa received today at 10:50am :

Zurgena and Arboleas will recuperate the regular water supply during the day of today. However it might be a bit "brown" at first due the land and dirt that got into main line during the breakage.
Fingers crossed.

The E15 is now open past Puerta Lumbreras as they are using the other carriageway after structural engineers confirmed it was okay.

Following representations (due to people getting lost) we got some more signs on the road between Cucador and Huercal Overa and it is a lot better.

The Town Hall is asking for people to post any pictures of the aftermath of the storm on their Facebook page. If you do not like using Facebook you can forward them to me and I will post on there.

Claims Update

Sorry for all the confusion. I called into the Town Hall to clarify matters and the following is what I have been told.

If you are insured (house insurance) any claim for loss or damage may well be dealt with, not by your insurers, but by a body called the Consorcio de Compensacion de seguros del Ministerio de Economia. Any claim under this has to be notified by telephone or over the internet at with an electronic signature. Most people will not have this electronic signature and therefore the phone will be the way to claim. So my advice is initially to claim from your insurance company in the normal manner then, when and if, the area is declared a natural disaster area the claim will be dealt with by Consorcio.  You will need a photocopy of your insurance policy, a copy of the receipt from the bank for paying your insurance, your NIE, a certificate from the bank of the existence of this account and a detailled lost of all items lost or damaged with photographic and documentary evidence. If possible retaining possession of it. You do NOT need to go into the Town Hall for this.

If you are not insured then that is when you need to go to the Town Hall. It will end up being the same body who deals with it but it goes a different route. However they (the Town Hall) will collate the claims but they also want as much as the Consorcio. So take in all of the above that you have and they will record it. All paperwork should also be in Spanish.

Sorry for the confusion it has been a difficult weekend. I have passed on the messages of thanks for the work so far done by Town Hall to those responsible.