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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday 27th June

I had a quick catch up with Candido this morning regarding outstanding issues and can report, on some of those, as follows,

1. The Dipuradora at Cuesta de los Pinos is presenting more problems and Galasa have been called in to help and advise us as to the best and most complete way to carry out the remedial work or to rebuild it entirely! It is hoped that their advice and a proposed project will be received early next week.

2. Regarding the funds from Central Government to repair those parts which are still un-repaired from the flood, both Candido and Manolo (the TH Secretary) have an appointment with the  regional authorities next Thursday at which they will put forward our proposals to use these funds. The pronblem is that there is €400,00 in grant money but we are supposed to also put €400,000 into the pot which we do not have. However, we have already spent many thousands on remedial works which this grant should cover so we will have to see how they accept this. If we are successful then roads which were washed away such as Calle Finlanda, Hungria and many others will be able to be repaired.

3. Regarding the trench cut across the main road between La Vida and Los Llanos del Peral. Afetr much discussions between the farmer responsible and various members of the TH the farmer has now agreed to repair it himself and he is supposed to do that today!  We will see.

4. I was asked by a few people if they could start to play on the new bowling green and Candido said that no we cannot even start to play on it until after the contract completion is signed. He was speaking with them yesterday and he hopes it will not be too long before that part of the process is complete.

5. I again asked about the list of missing street signs which I had supplie to Paco some weeks ago for ordering. Candido referred me to Paco. We got hold of Paco and he said he had some of them but was not sure if he had them all. I will go to the TH workshop next week to check what we have and have not yet received.

6. I asked about the paving we were going to install opposite La Vida. Candido said that the project from which we hoped to obtain the materials had had to be changed but there is another project due to start in September from which we should be able to have sufficient materials to do that with.

The TH is also organising an exhibition as shown below. When dates are know I will post them on here.

On the occasion of the celebrations of the Illescas, an exhibition of farming implements, tools and antique objects from the Valley of Almanzora "Usos y costumbres" will take place at the Renfe, people who want to collaborate can put in contact with the land Association of Esparto or the Department of culture of our City Council, thanks in advance.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pleno Wednesday 25th July

We had a very lengthy Pleno meeting last night from 6.0pm until 9.0pm.

The agenda was not that long but there was much political arguing.

The main reason for the Pleno was to approve various options regarding budgets one of which is regards the grant from central government re the flood damages which if we did not agree before the end of the month we would lose. And we do not want to lose that big wedge of dinero! The various [points about the budgets etc were passed as was the one thing which is always planned in plenty of time - the dates for next years fiestas!! It amazes me that we can be so organised about that but everything else is last minute but that is the way.

We did not have the PGOU for submission as the architect stills needs more time to finalise the alterations following public input. It is hoped that this will be ready for plenary consideration in the next week or two.

The opposition asked a number of questions about the appointment of Anthonio to the help desk in the Town Hall and much discussion took place over this point.

Oh and they are resuming working on the Dipuradora at Cuesta de los Pinos today. Hoping to repair the 4th tank before cleaning and installation of the new pump.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dipuradora (Sewerage Treatment Plant) Cuesta de los Pinos

Spoke with Candido this morning and asked him why the work had not been completed regarding this ongoing serious problem.
He informed me that they had started the work on Monday morning but soon realised that the 4th of the receptacle tanks was fractured and therefore it was not worthwhile cleaning all the pipes (which are currently blocked) as the sewerage would then just run out of that tank. They have the necessary stuff to repair this receptacle and as long as we get no more heavy rain they will do the repair in the next day or so. They then have the machinery ready to go to clean to interconnecting pipes and have the system running. The new pump has not yet arrived but will be installed as soon as it is received. The most important thing is to get all the receptacle repaired and the interconnecting pipes working. Once that work is complete they are going to build a surrounding wall on the ramble side of the plant.
I will keep on the prompting them until they, at last, finish this job.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Missed Plenos & Doctor Crea

I have to apologise but I have missed one Pleno meeting last Friday and will be missing another tomorrow.

The one last Friday I was away for an only got to know too late and it is similar to tomorrows meeting just informed at 2.0pm of the meeting at 1.0pm tomorrow and we are entertaining. Will update with any relevant information when I get into the TH later in the week.

I do not do advertising on here (normally) but a gentleman who helped me with translations during the last elections was Dr Jose Crea. Jose was educated in America and is fluently bi lingual and in addition is a qualified medical man and therefore understands all things medical. His main occupation during the winter months is in running language schools but, during the summer months, has more time and asked if I would let the expat community know of his availability. I have created a one page web site which you can read at the below link and I will incorporate it on the side bar of the blog for your information.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

British Vice Consul's visit.

We had a visit today from the British Vice consul Rosslyn Crotty.

She arrived at the TH at shortly after 9.0am and we had a meeting with the local councillors in the TH before moving to the Renfe at 10.0am for a meeting attended by most of the mayors or their representatives from the region. It was pleasing to see that mayors such as those from Mojacar, Albox and Pulpi were there but towns not represented were Huercal Overa, Almeria, Roquetas, Arboleas and Partaloa, even though they confirmed they would attend! Anyway the Vice Consul explained how the British embassy was happy to help everyone of the expats to register on their towns Padron and to publish how they should go about this. There followed a lengthy discussion about the difficulties experienced by the various Town Halls in ensuring 100% registration and the Vice Consul agreed to try and help tackle some of these problems. I will release more details as and when I get the official press release from the embassy.

The meeting ended at 1.35pm and we adjourned for a drink before going to the Campsa building in La Alfoquia for a beautiful meal prepared by Bonillos Catering. It was a first class meal, exceptionally well prepared and served. So if anyone needs a caterers to provide a first class service I can recommend them.

I eventually arrived home at 5.15pm so quite a long day. But I was good in that I did not avail myself of the many complimentary drinks and wines available.

Can anyone help with the following two names as I have post for them.

Albert George Stannard and James Francis Blaschke.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday 12th June

Had a quick discussion with Candido today about the allocation of funds for the remedial works necessary which we are hoping to use the central government grant for. My main concern was the lack of attention to the sewerage works at Cuesta de los Pinos as the smell emanating from there is getting worse by the day! He said he hoped to have positive answer for me tomorrow. They have almost completed the work on apportioning the funds but we are still having problems getting the ok from the Diputacion regarding the breakdown of these. So I will ask again tomorrow.

Secondly he was busy with the technician finalising the new system of WiFi and it looks as if it is going to be much more reliable and secure than the old system. They have also taken delivery of some more of the better aerials (Nano stations 5 meg running 13 and 16 DBi) and these are available to buy at cost price from the Town Hall at €60 and €78 respectively. I am reliably informed that the cheaper one will be good enough for all but the most remote locations but both the technician and Enrique one of the Town Hall workers can install these out of their normal working hours , fees dependant on difficulty of install. Just contact the TH (Andreas) if you wish to get them to do this.

And as a reminder the costing for connections is as follows,
1Meg €3 + iva, 2meg €6 + iva, 3meg €12 + iva.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kids Summer School

Attention fathers and moms! Registration for the Zurgena summer school for children from 3 to 12 years is already open. If you like your child to continue learning this month of July while you practice a lot of cultural activities, games, workshops and coexists with other children, you are in time of filling this inscription and submit it in our two schools or at the reception of the Council.

If you are interested in registering your kids for the summer schools please call into the Town Hall and complete an inscription form by the 20th June.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Water Palaces, Bits Friday 6th June

Firstly I am aware that to my knowledge 3 persons, within the Palaces area, have received letters from Galasa informing them of the intention of Galasa to cut off their water supply shortly. The Town Hall is most aggrieved about this action and the Mayor is to discuss it with the Director of Galasa next Monday. In order that we have a complete list of those affected please contact me over the weekend by email or phone if you have received such a letter from Galasa.

Also spoke with Candido to see whether we can release details of what we can or cannot do with the money from Central government regarding the reparations from the flood. He informed me that it is (as seems usual here) very complicated. The Town Hall Secretary Manolo has been on the phone every day this week trying to advance our efforts to utilise this money but the Junta keeps asking for our detailed justifications for the expense, yet they have all the evidence. The problem apparently is due to the fact that we had undertaken some repairs for which money is included so it is necessary to calculate what we can offset. Manolo has said that if we do not get a satisfactory response in the next two working days that he will drive down to Almeria and take all our papers to try and get some clarification of how we can proceed. This money will only be available to us to use for these purposes for 3 months and we have already had the notification for 10 days so we need them to move!

The people running the gymnasium basically gave up as they felt they were not making enough money out of it. This will now necessitate a new contract process which as I understand it they will rebid for on better pecuniary basis for them. Hopefully not too long a process.

Regarding Calle Miguel de Cervantes in Palaces Candido is to discuss with New Horizon villas who are responsible for that area with a view to contracting a company to treat the area for vermin and to secure the open pipework.

I gave Candido the list of street signs required (again) for Pacos information and the requirement for the parabolic mirror on Avenida Europa.

I discussed the issues around Calle Adriano Los Llanos del Peral regarding the state of the street furniture and the green area. Candido said he would get the Town Hall workers to see what can be done to improve the state of this area.

The event held at the Renfe last weekend did very well by raising €800 for local schools which Peter and Gary handed over to the Town Hall this morning.

More english books have been handed into the TH for the benefit of the new library so I think w are getting quite a good collection of english reading material and DVDs etc which will be available when the library opens properly. If you have any books which you think you could donate please just drop them off at the TH.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday 5th June

Called in to the Town Hall regarding dates for the next pleno in order to plan ahead and it has been decided to hold our next Pleno on Wednesday 25th June. I would expect that that meeting will be the one when we agree to forward the amended PGOU to the Junta for approval or otherwise!

One issue I have been made aware of recently is that, over the past couple of days, a number of residents of Palaces, have received letters from Galasa threatening them with disconnection from mains water unless they can produce Licences of 1st Occupation. As regular readers will know it is not possible (yet) for the Town Hall to issue such certificates and so we do not understand why Galasa are doing this. We are urgently trying to discuss this issue with Galasa and find a sensible way forward. I will post as soon as we get a response.

I hope to discuss, with Candido, the outcome of his and the THs deliberations regarding the apportioning of monies from Central Government for reparations due to the flood of 2012, tomorrow. I do know that it has been a difficult task to sort it all out.