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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Position

Thank you to so many of you for your words of support.

I have today delivered to the Town Hall a letter for Candido outlining my issues and concerns and informing him of my intention to review my position with a view to deciding a) whether to continue as I am (not an option given my ineffectiveness, b) resign as a member of Partido Andalucista and continue as an independent or c) resign from the council entirely. I have also told him that I will make no decision until Monday the 5th August at the earliest.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Use of Bad Language

I am not normally one to use swear words but on this occasion I found it the only suitable words of communication.

Last Friday, when Candido said he could not see me, I saw him sitting in the pub having a beer!!

This past week I have called into the TH a few times to try and raise your issues with him (bear in mind that each time it is a cost to me in time and money which is not recompensed) and failed each time.

Yesterday Andreas managed to get hold of him by phone and he agreed to meet me anytime this morning I drove in at 11.0am after informing Andreas I was on my way so that he could pas the message to Candido but when I arrived Andreas informed me that he was not answering his phone. It was ringing but he was not answering. As he knew why Andreas would be ringing e.g. to let him know I was on my way or was in the TH I can only assume he decided he could not be bothered.

Regular readers will be aware this has happened a few times over the years and, due to pressures on him I have let it go. However, if he cannot spare the representative of 50% of the electorate (the expat community) one half hour a week to discuss their issues I don't see the point in carrying on.

I left Candido two messages (this is where the bad language came in), through Andreas, both of which I will not repeat on here, but basically informing him that if he has anything he wants to communicate to me he knows where I live.

I apologise, to those of you who are waiting for answers to questions, you have raised with me of the Town Hall, but I cannot keep carrying on like this. Should there be any developments I will post on here and I will consider my position on the council. I was intending carrying on until the next elections but may well finish sooner.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slow Times

Sorry about the lack of updates lately but regular readers will be aware of the slow pace of things during July and August. Fiesta last week was one reason.

I do however have an appointment with Candido tomorrow morning and will go through my list of over 20 points which I hope to get some answers for. Please bear with me.

Friday, July 12, 2013

For Info of Dog Owners

Below info from a NHW coordinator. Not NHW but of interest to dog owners. This occurred near Arboleas.

Yesterday I went with SEPRONA to the area where my dog was poisoned and killed.
The officers told me that hunters throw poisoned meat from their cars to kill foxes and protect their partridges.
For those that think it's a waste of time contacting SEPRONA read this.
An officer came back this morning to show me  7 MORE pieces of meat (3 x 1 x 1 inches ) which he believes is contaminated with the poison.
2 officers and 2 sniffer dogs were deployed last night and this morning in the area I showed them yesterday.
They will be sent to Malaga for analysis and if they come back positive the Junta apparently
will close the Coto to prevent hunting.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cuesta de los Pinos Reparations

The Town Hall has commenced work on rectifying the washed out roads of Calle Irlanda and Calle Finlandia. They are today levelling the area, concrete filling some areas, and making a start on clearing and creating a new green area between Calle Finlandia and Calle Irlanda. This will be a great improvement on the previous scrubland.

It should take about 10 days, with luck,  and the T.H. apologise for any inconvenience, but, I am sure we all will be pleased to see those two roads repaired, to allow access to those houses which have had difficulties since the floods.

The T.H. are financing this work with paid assistance from New Horizon villas.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rubbish Etc

Just a reminder that if you have any large items of rubbish which you wish the Consorcio Levante to remove you should place them by your basura prior to the 12th or 27th of any month as these are the days they collect such items.

We have got permission for the British Legion to plant a remembrance tree near the Renfe.

I have also asked for attention to be given to a couple of tracks that are deteriorating and again asked for safety tape etc for the roads still in a dangerous condition.

I did not have a lot of time this week due to having visitors so will try and get more time for the other issues next week.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday 2nd July

Popped into the Town Hall this morning in the hope of catching Kiko or Candido, but missed both. They were both at other locations in meetings etc.

Did manage to sit down with Luis (the TH architect) and agreed the format for the street plans. We have agreed to show the individual plots in each area to assist in ease of identification for property addresses. So hopefully this can be progressed and the first one erected before the end of the summer!

Also just to mention a local carpenter I used to install a door frame and door into an existing archway. Although he does not speak much english he can call upon one if needed and he did do a very good job at an excellent price. He is Cristobal Granero mobile 661463830 email