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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pleno Tomorrow & Street Repairs

We had a pre pleno meeting today (was informed at 1230pm that the meeting was at 1.0pm!) Usual plenty of notification.

Our meeting tomorrow at 12noon is the result of the past 4 weeks of very intense work that the Town Hall staff have had to do. Apparently the Central Govt. under Mariano Rajoy has passed a number of laws, which should lead to greater transparency and accountability (about time I hear you all say) and amongst this legislation has been a requirement for all Town Halls to compile a list of what they owe to businesses etc and once that has been compiled and, accompanied by a plan of how we propose to be able to repay, an application can then be applied for to help us pay those bills.

One little nugget from these discussions was that for the purposes of calculating our income the Councillors used as an average a figure of €250 per house per year. Obviously that is a very 'ball park figure' as some will be greater and others less.

I appreciate that a number of you are awaiting various papers from the T.H. but again this work has had to take precedence. It involved all 3 of the main TH staff working very long hours for the past 4 weeks, to get this ready for the Pleno, so that it can be completed in the timescales set by Government.

One bit of good news was that Candido informs me that we are to get a delivery of tarmac on Monday or Tuesday and so the repairs to the streets can be carried out.

No news yet on the Los Carasoles Court Case however, I have been served with my Court Sentence! It says I have been absolved but there is a 5 day period during which he/I can appeal.

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