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Monday, March 12, 2012

Courts Again

Did not get to the Town Hall alst Friday as Sue suggested I get on with some jobs at home!!

Called in today and firstly spoke with Candido regarding the recent article in La Voz regarding details of a Court Case in November regarding the houses at Barranco de los Pinos and Cortijo Zurano. It also made reference to operation sewing box, the case where a number of local officials were arrested some 4 years ago. I asked him what his thoughts were regarding the article and I think I could have guessed the answer. He informed me that it was nothing new and he had no concerns. He said that the case they were referring to was another of those spurious allegations regarding the grants of building licences which have been going through the courts for the past few years. He felt confident that this would end the same way as the others. He also highlighted the timeliness of the article coming as it does 8 months before the Court case but 2 weeks before the elections!

We then discussed the case, for which I have to appear, before the Courts on Wednesday. He told me that the Town Hall, solicitors would take the case and we faxed, to them, all we knew. He said he would get them to ascertain if there was anything else to this case and we would meet just before the hearing at 11.0am Wednesday. Should be fun!

Left details of the issues re the roads near Palaces and the lights at Calle Rosal for their attention.

Regarding the questions for the man from Almeria re help for the elderly I saw Sampo and asked him if we were still going to have the opportunity to put those questions which people had provided to this man. He informed me that it was still intended to have him come to Zurgena but that it would now be after the elections.

Also I have taken to trying out Twitter for those of you who use it. Don't know if it will be ny use but will see.

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