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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Public Safety Simulated Exercise 24th May & Trip Seron 21st May (Updated 5th May)

The Town Hall of Zurgena, in cooperation with the Spanish Legion, has organised a simulated emergency exercise for the week commencing 22nd May.

Part of the reason we have organised this exercise is to improve the response from emergency services, the Town Hall, Civil protection and the Police. But also to ensure that the residents understand what to do in the case of such an emergency. The simulated exercise will be one of a flooding scenario which we are all too well aware of. 

The exercise has to be as real as possible and to this end we are looking for volunteers to assist on the day. The volunteers will only be acting as affected persons eg not playing a role as such more just being as they would be in real life. 

The part to be played by all the volunteers will be to make themselves available during the day of Wednesday 24th May. At some stage in the morning probably late morning they will be directed to a rendezvous point (close to where they live) where the Legion will arrange collection by army truck and transported to the designated safe area. The Legion will build a temporary Base on the land between the Municipal Swimming Pool and the bypass. There the volunteers will be looked after and provided with a meal. After the exercise they will be returned to their pick up point.

I really hope we can get 50% of the volunteers from the expat (all non Spanish residents) community as the language issue is one of the main reasons we are holding this exercise. There will also be a the opportunity to hear from some of the officers of their experiences in the field. This may be at a different time.

We are looking for a maximum of 150 volunteers but we want 50% to be non Spanish speaking so they can practice any issues that come out of language difficulties. 

I need to compile a comprehensive list for all volunteers with their names, telephone numbers, addresses and NIEs. It is better that we get volunteers from a  number of different areas and age groups. Also people with handicaps or mobility issues would also be welcome as it helps to test the ability of the services to cope with these factors. 

Please, please volunteer. I would rather we had too many volunteer that too few. The potential benefits from a Public Safety perspective are huge as is the ability for our town to form a good  relationship with the Legion for future years. 

So if you wish to help the Town protect you and improve the safety procedures for the area join in this exercise and please submit your details to me. 

The next cultural trip is to Seron and has been confirmed as on Sunday 21st May leaving from Zurgena at 0845 and La Alfoquia at 0900am.

The agenda is as follows

1000 Visit to the museum of stories.
1130 Visit to the historic station of Seron.
1200 Visit to Ham Factory
1300 Visit to cheese Factory
1400 Lunch at Restaurant Cuadrdo with a set menu as follows; Centre Salad, Gurullos, Grilled Pork Chops with chips and egg and for dessert Natillas. The meal will include 1 drink bread and coffee.
1600 Visit to the mining village.
1800 Conclusion of visit.

The cost of the trip is €14.50. Registration for this trip is required with your NIE and telephone number by 14th May.

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