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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ayuntamiento and La Legion

Many thanks to the Spanish Legion for conducting the Public Safety exercise in our village today. As usual the Legion officers and men were a credit to their regiments. They were polite courteous, informative, helpful and very professional. Thanks to Capitan Cuevas and his men for supporting our town and helping us to develop our emergency plan. I conveyed this message to the General after the meal on your behalf.
Oh and the army meal was very enjoyable!!

Thanks also go to the 80 local residents who gave up their Wednesday mornings to support this initiative. I hoe they all enjoyed and learned a little of the processes which will kick in in the event of an emergency.

As is usual with such events it throws up issues for us, who are responsible for planning, and the one big one today was what do we do with peoples pets in the event of an evacuation. I will try and address this issue when we finalise our plan.

Photographs should be available once they have been cleared and sent to the Town Hall. I will publish those when I can.

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  1. I enjoyed it very much and was highly impressed.
    Great job and good performance as well in explanation, setting up the camp and the food they made for us.