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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fiesta Palaces and Possible Fiesta for Los Llanos del Peral.

This weekend sees the Fiesta of Palaces.


Wednesday 24th 8.0pm Flower Offering to the Saint, 8.30pm walk with the patron saint to collect donations.
Friday 5.30pm Fireworks followed by a  race at 6.0pm
Saturday 11.0am Children's games, Popular Games, 2.0pm Giant Paella, 6.0pm Mass at church, 8.0pm Procession through the village, 11.0pm Music from the band Vega Sur, 1.0am Coronation of the Queens etc

We have also been approached about holding a Fiesta for Los Llanos del Peral to be held on the weekend of 6th to 9th July. Nothing has yet been confirmed but his is just to make those residents aware of the potential date.

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