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Monday, October 24, 2016

Spanish Officers Homestay

A friend of mine (Andrew Mortimer) runs a Language School for Spanish Army officers learning English and part of their courses include a weekend stay with an english speaking family in order that the students may more intensely learn the english language.

Andy has 18 students which he is seeking homestay hosts for for the period Friday 4th November until the afternoon of Sunday 6th November. The students will be in class from 0900 until 1330 each day but will stay with the most family the rest of the time. He is considering basing some of these students in Zurgena and is looking for families willing to provide a room and home for these students. Expenses are available.

I am just posting this to see if there are sufficient volunteer hosts to accommodate them in Zurgena. If you require further details just let me know. If interested please email or ring.

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