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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Display of Flood Photos & Calle Francia & School

There will be a display of photographs from the 1997 flood in the Pleno room of the Town Hall tomorrow and those going on the trip to Almeria will be stopping off shortly for a view of these and a minutes silence. The photos will be viewable during the rest of the day.

Regarding the overgrown bushes on Calle Francia, the occupant is currently in hospital. He has been told to get them cut and he has agreed to do so as soon as he is out and recovered. We will keep on his case until he does it.

Yesterday we had a visit from 2 Andalucian Parliamentarians, the Director of Education for Almeria and Delegates from the Junta to our school in Zurgena. They have a agreed a €300,000 improvement scheme for the school which will greatly improve the facilities.

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