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Friday, May 25, 2012

Solicitors and Bits 25.5

Yesterdays meeting with the solicitors helped me  understand why Isa gets annoyed, with me asking about expedientes. She let the chief of the chambers have it both barrels yesterday about her inability to get answers from them. One example was of over 6 phone calls in one day without any response. So where I was thinking that it was Isas fault it plainly is the solicitors. Sampo agreed with me to send a letter to the solicitors asking for an update on the outstanding expedientes next week.
There were a number of other discussions about various things one of which was the Secretary we used to have a year or so ago. It transpires that there were a number of issues about his work which we needed to address otherwise it would reflect on the Town Hall.
We also discussed the financial arrangements we have with them as we feel we are not getting best value for money.

The coalition councillors met in Anas' office as usual today and had a good thrash about issues which were of concern. One was the issue of our inability to issue building licences but that did not mean that people should attempt to build things without submitting projects and applying for the licences. We agreed that we needed to enforce that.
We then discussed our Provisional Plan for this year which includes a number of the previous projects including the surfacing of Avenida Poetas. The discussion was around how we could raise the €9000 which we ned to have before the Diputacion put in their funds.  We agreed that we should try and take an advance on the IBI of one third for each of the next 3 years. Candido is to attend at the Diputacion next Tuesday to seek agreement so that we can plan ahead. In relation to the road surfacing both Kiko and Candido said that we should be able to complete it within 3 to 6 months. As explained before the previous project was a PA plan and as PP now have the mayoral role the plan had to be redrawn.
We then discussed the situation regarding the 8 houses which the Town Hall owns but for which no rent is being paid. It was agreed that we look at discussing this with the occupants and reevaluating their needs.
There were 2 applications for street closures for parties. The one for Calle Luxemburgo (for a Jubilee event) was agreed but one for the village which impacts on the main road needs further consideration due to safety issues.
I forgot to ask about the court case against Manolo at Huercal Overa so will have to try and ask next week.
At the conclusion of the meeting Candido informed me that he now has the signs for the streets we requested some months ago for Palaces. He hoped to fit them in the next couple of weeks.

Also a message from Andy Mortimer re the Legion

There is an open day at the Legion Base on Friday 1st June. There will be a parade and a swearing in ceremony for civilians. There is no need for invitations but I have been asked to let the security people know who intends to come. Anybody interested in coming should send their names and Id. or Passport numbers to me at: by Tuesday, please.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
PS. I will be holding a coffee morning at Hotel El Puntazo for anyone interested in hosting a student for the upcoming intensive course in Mojac√°r from 18th to 29th June.
PPS. Please forward this email to anyone you feel might be interested

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