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Monday, May 14, 2012

Continued Efficiency

It never ceases to amaze me how inefficient bureaucracy is in Spain. I told everyone I could think of last week that I was going to be away from Friday morning until Monday evening this last weekend as I was going to Barcelona for the Grand Prix. So what happens, firstly on Friday morning en route to Barca I get a cal to day there is a Pleno organised for 12 midday Monday! Ad I am driving Sue takes the call and tells them again I will not be available. Then Monday morning on the way back down from Barca, another phone call to ask how far I was from the Town Hall (600kms). Then later the same day whilst still en route, "will I be available for a Pleno tomorrow at 8.0pm." I tell them yes. I make arrangements for another appointment, for an unrelated matter, for 4.0pm. Then lastly I get a mesasage to say that this important meeting tomorrow at 8.0pm is now at 3.0pm and so I have to rearrange the appopintment I had just made. I have made a suggestion which may prove tricky, but what about if a member of staff rings each councillor, in advance of arranging a meeting to see who would be available!!! Probably a bit too complicated!

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