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Friday, May 4, 2012

Councillors Meeting 4th May

We had out weekly meeting in the TH today. Starting at 12.30pm (well 1.10pm actually never mind thats not too bad)! Amongst other things we discussed was our intention to change the recreation areas around somewhat in La Alfoquia. It was a simple matter to decide how we should rearrange the facilities to benefit everyone, both the kids and the elderly. Additionally we are arranging for the area to be cleaned once more and reopened. Then we discussed what we should do about the one outstanding project eg the mini golf course for Cuesta de los Pinos (18,000 euros). Ana asked us if, with the financial situation as it is, we should reconsider this project. She proposed that we could use the money instead for renovation of a building which e could use to provide training for the increasing number of unemployed in the area. I agreed that that would probably be a better use of the money if that was what the majority thought. We then had a lengthy discussion about a recent application for another pig farm. This one to be located 2 kms NW of Llanos el Peral. Due to the complexity of the issue, and the precedent this could set, it was decided that this should be agreed by a full Plenary session. We also discussed progress on getting area cleaned by their owners and what we should do where out requests failed to obtain the correct action. There will be another organised walk in the mountains on Sunday 13th May. I will circulate when, and if, I know about the detail. On the 14th May they are hoping to update and improve the Town Hall website. On the 10th May there will be a programme launched to improve recycling etc.

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