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Friday, November 25, 2016

Bravery Presentation

Today was the United Nations Day Against Gender Violence and we celebrated it with an event on the Pleno room of the Town Hall at which all the choildren from Zurgena primary school attended. They displayed their art work on this theme and sang us a lovely song.

As part of the day the Town Hall of Zurgena was able to make a presentation of a Bravery plaque to a British resident. It had been a closely guarded secret and the recipient only found out at the time.

Susan Ramsey who hails from Stockport in the UK set off from her home in Los Carasoles, one Tuesday evening in late September, to attend her Spanish classes. The sight that greeted her, as she rounded a bend in the country track she as on, was a frightening one. In front of her a younger man armed with knives was violently attacking an elderly lady. Susan stopped her car got out and immediately and without thought for her own safety put herself between the attacker and the victim. She assisted in disarming the man and protecting the woman from further harm. Possibly even preventing a murder.

The Town Hall was pleased to be able to present Susan with a specially commissioned plaque for her bravery which was presented to her by myself and the Mayor Luis Diaz Gacia and Deputy Mayor Lola Antas.

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