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Friday, February 8, 2013

Street Plans

Well, at least I am getting responses from Luis re the street plans. He has been working on them and has produced for me a draft for Cuesta de los Pinos. I have had problems circulating the draft or publishing it on the blog so I have listed below the street names on the plan. Please check that your street is shown, as I will go back to him next week and we should have a final copy for the printers to consider. I have asked that it be black and white with bolder contrast than the draft version.
The next area he is working on is the area around the pool bar and that should be ready in a week or two and I will similarly check with that one before we go to the printers.
The next area I have asked to be covered is Los Carasoles but, as there are a lot of streets in that area which are not, or ever likely to be streets, I will walk the area and ensure we delete those which don't exist to ensure people are not confused.
Following that we will do Los Llanos, Palaces, Los Menchones and Cucador.
I also left for Candido (I could not see him for the 2nd week of trying) a list of the streets, where you have reported lights out or in need of cleaning. I felt it was better to leave him a list rather than do nothing but I will chase this up again next week.
I still have my ever growing list of other issues for Candido and will just keep trying to see him.

List of streets on Cuesta de los Pinos street plan
Calle Albania, Alemania, Andorra, Austria, Belgica, Bielirusia, Bulgaria, Chipre, Croacia, Dinamarca, Escocia, Eslovenia, Eslovaquia, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Grecia, Holanda, Hungria, Irlanda, Islandia, Italia, Letonia, Liechenstein, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Avda Naciones de Europa, Calles Noruego, Polonia, Portugal, Republic Checa, Servia, Ucrania.

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