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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cuesta de los Pinos Post box C2-B49-69

Unfortunately the front panel of the above post box has been blown off in the wind overnight. I have recovered all the post, to prevent it blowing away, and I have listed below those persons whose post I am in possession of. If you can contact me to arrange collection as and when. I will also try and contact you by email this is just to make sure all channels are tried.

I am trying to get hold of Metal Matt or another metal worker to repair the box. Once I know how much it will be to repair I will let those of you with boxes in this caseta know. If it isn't too much I will just pay it. I would be grateful if as people pass they keep an eye open for any further deliveries before we can get it repaired.

David Burns, G. Clough, Micheal Jones, D Jones, Brian Cynthia Tipper (including a notification of a letter to sign for), Colin Smith, Ian Johnson, Ken Willingale.

DOES anyone know of a good metalworker who we can get to repair it. It seems Metal Matt is not returning my calls. Whoever we get I would also ask to quote for the manufacture of 7 metal outdoor metal display cases (as this is something else I cannot get Matt to quote for) for our street plans. If no response I will speak with a local Spanish metalworker. Just thought there may be someone out there who wanted the work. 

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