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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday 25th June

Attended the meeting in the Town Hall this evening of the ruling councillors to be told that there is to be a Pleno meeting on Friday and we needed to discuss issues preparatory to that meeting.

The main issue was the one to finalise our request for the funds to do all the road surfacing (this includes Avenida Poetas and the other road at the back of Los Llanos and many others). Apparently we have completed and submitted all the paperwork necessary but we have one problem. The male secretary we had who caused us a few problems did not minute the Pleno when we discussed and agreed to apply for this grant and the Diputacion will not grant it without this so we will have to redo this in the next Pleno to ensure they have everything they need.

Additionally it transpires that Ana is now off sick. So now we will have to have our 3rd mayor and this time it will be Candido. For this meeting anyway!

I also had a conversation with Sampo regarding the problems people have had with their water supply in the La Alfoquia area lately. He informed me that the main deposito for the area is broken and they are working on fixing it but it will take a few weeks. Galasa say they are trying to minimise the effect by trying to balance the water pressure across the area. I asked if there was anyway they could inform people if there was a danger of them being cut off for a period, but, it was explained to me that they do not know as the supply is dependant on demand. I would suggest that if you are in the area affected you prepare for possible cuts for the next few weeks. Sorry I have no more helpful news, as apparently it is a big job, but they are working hard to repair it.  

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