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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday 16th June

Spoke with Fran our councillor for Public Works this morning regarding some of the outstanding matters.

He contacted Galasa regarding the water supply for the Bowling Green and they will have it installed by Wednesday of next week. We are currently doing a lot of work around the area of the swimming pool for it to be open next week and that includes a lot of tidying up etc. and Galasa are involved with this. That is the commitment they have given us as next weekend we have the walk and 24 hour football tournament so things are in place to have that work completed.

I gave him the list I have of issues from La Alfoquia Residents Association and will send an email regarding those matters direct to them.

I also gave him a list of the areas you have requested to be tidied up Calle Adriano, Calle Nervion (green area) Calle Macedonia and the areas who have asked for more street lights including Calle Francia, Calle Macedonia, Calle Alemannia and Calle Chipre. He has a list of those requests which will be attended to as and when he has available manpower.

He is trying to get some signs for the bad visibility bit of Avenida Europa until we can do something more permanent.

We only have a few permanent workers and they are kept pretty busy but when we have larger projects, which we need workers for, we apply to the Junta and they send them. They have agreed to send 3 teams of workers over the next six months and it is those worker who will utilise to do the more task intensive jobs. Such as the new roundabout by the petrol station.

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