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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cultural/Culinary Day & Likely Trip Dates (Amendment 9th Oct)

Below is a translation of the circulation to the Spanish community which is also posted on here for other nationalities.

Volunteers are needed to present a recipe, photos of prep and, if appropriate, a history of the dish (preferably from their home country) which can be prepared for the audience to taste during the event.

The event is to be called Second Culinary/Culture Event by Senior Citizens on 25th October in the Renfe at La Alfoquia.

All interested in participating can register either at the Town Hall with Jim Simpson or at the Guadalinfo office in La Alfoquia. Applications will be accepted until the 20th November.

I am asking that all persons who wish to attend the event to register with me to ensure we can accommodate the numbers and have sufficient food /drink.

On this occasion it will be a case of only those registered may attend. So let me know prior to the 20th if you intend going.

The planned trips now look likely to be held on the following  dates

Adra 30th October

Calasparra 2nd December.

Just need to confirm prices and times and will post again.

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