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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Presentation to June for Aqua Aerobics

Today, on behalf of the people who have been enjoying the Aqua Aerobics, I made a presentation to June Hamilton.

June ran the Aqua Aerobics last year as a self employed individual and was able to charge a small fee for doing so, however, this year due to the complications of being set employed, she was no longer self employed and therefore the Town Hall could no longer allow her to hold her aqua classes.

After discussion the Town Hall discovered that as long as she did not charge any entrance fee she could still  have the aqua classes. June, being June, was quite happy to do that as she said at the time she does not do it for the money but for the pleasure of helping people stay fit and active. Otherwise there would have been no Aqua this year.

Last year she averaged 15 to 20 persons per class but the year it was 40 to 60!!

The attendees so enjoyed the classes that they held a collection for her and it was this, that I was honoured to present to June.

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