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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Los Llanos del Peral Communal Pozo

We have a serious problem with the communal pozo which serves the area of Avenida Poetas in Los Llanos del Peral.

We are far too frequently having to pay to have it emptied. It should last for at least a year but it was cleaned on the 8th August and was full within a few days.  This can only have occurred by someone putting a huge amount of water into it.  Probably backwashing a pool. This obviously leads to smells and peoples toilets and waste water backing up.

If you, or anyone you know in this area, is doing this please ask them to stop. We will try and have it cleaned again but cannot continually afford to pay for this every month. It is scheduled for comnnection to the mains sewerage pipe but this may be months away yet.

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