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Friday, September 9, 2016

Activities in Autumn, Spanish Classes in Zurgena, Trip to Almeria

We are trying to update the mobile phone application and other publicity with all the available activities during October ,
November and December.

If you are organising or have arranged any events that you want including in the publicity please let me have details asap.

On another matter the Spanish classes held  by Manolo in the 3rd Age room in Zurgena are due to restart on the 15th September. If you want to register or check whether there is are vacancies his telephone number is  651 09 0728. (just amended it due to being informed that I had the wrong number on)

A date for your diaries is 18th October the TH is in the process of arranging another trip to Almeria and full details will go on the mobile phone app and here when confirmed.

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