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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IBI and OAP Questions

The meeting that we were supposed to have to discuss the questions which people had informed us they wanted to ask the representative from Almeria about was (as often happens here) put off until a future date about half an hour before it was due to start! That does however give anyone,, who has not yet informed me of any question they would like answering (relevant to services or assistance etc for OAPs in Spain) to do so.

Secondly a number of people have queried what they need to do regarding the declaration for IBI form 902 which I signed last week. I am informed that many of you may have actually signed this form at the time of purchasing a property (for example Andreas did 7 years ago when he bought his). So please do not be concerned. I will be getting a list from Salvadore, of any and all people, who have not got a completed form 902 in their files in the Town Hall later in the year.

Lastly the joy of Spanish politics. I was handed a piece of paper when I was in the Town Hall this morning which was a personal denuncia and I have to go to Court on the 14th March. However, I do not know the person who is denouncing me and have no idea what I am being denounced for. The only thing the Town Hall could tell me was that I won't be going to prison. Thats good news anyway!

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