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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Called into the Town Hall this morning to do a couple of jobs and spoke with some of the people there. They were saying that Candido and Ana had been on Spanish radio yesterday discussing the latest pronouncements from Josefina Cruz (the main official from the Junta re Planning issues). It transpires that she has been making statements about how they (PSOE) were going to find a way to legalise a large number of properties which were in limbo, legally, in Andalucia. Both Ana and Candido stated on air that this did not really apply to Zurgena as 99% of properties in this municipality were of legal standing. They felt that Ms Cruz was making these noises  to try and limit the damage they may suffer in the March elections. Remember this was the same person who instructed all the Mayors of the Almanzora valley that it was their fault so many expats had come to live here and asked them to demolish a set number each!
Our position is and always has been that we want them to accept our PGOU which they have verbally agreed to but which they keep stalling.
Have a meeting with Candido tomorrow so will see if there is any further info from them.
Unfortunately Candido was called away at the last minute to a Mancomunidad meeting in Seron so will have to try again next week.

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