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Friday, January 27, 2012

27th January

Had a meeting in the Town Hall this morning unfortunately Isa (secretary) was not in and won´t be until next Monday. Which was okay as the meeting was cancelled half an hour before it was due to start and rearranged for Monday.

I have another list of people names from the Junta where the individuals are asked to pop into the Town Hall to confirm that they should still be on the Padron. I have not been able to contact these people so if you know them pease ask them to pop in, if they are still here, or should still be on the Padron.

John Lawrence Coles, Sharon Elizabeth Goulding, Ian Michael and Margaret Barr Haining, Johannes Hehemann,Alan & Gina Hadfield, Alun Paul & ClaireJenkins, Thomas & Evelyn Aherne, Joan Bourne,Sharon Marie Longworth, Janet Margaret Smith, Barry Caulder, Shirley Tomlinson Walker, Robert Anthony Neal, Jacqueline Ann Paxton, Peter Derrick Reld,William Bruce Robson,Brian David & Margaret Scanlon, Janet Margaret Smith, Jack & Cynthia Senior,  Lillie Mae Stewart, Raymiond Roy Threader, Donald Sean& Rachel Mary Thomas, John & Joan Trimby.

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