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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Press Release re Landslide

Below is an article from the press re the landslide.

We have a meeting of the councillors tomorrow evening and I believe a Pleno meeting to follow quite soon.

Landslides on a hill near the village of Zurgena (Almería) has forced the evacuation of three new homes, so totaling 14 people will have to stay out of their homes before the "serious and imminent risk" of collapse by falling lot of dirt and rocks.

   This has been shown to Europa Press the acting mayor of the municipality, Ana Sola, who has stated that, pending the completion of technical reports geological experts performing municipal and county council, residents will be welcomed in other properties provided by the City.

   Sola, who has called the situation "unpredictable" because it is a "natural phenomenon" and has not ruled out further evictions, has indicated that the priority is now to "ensure the safety" of the inhabitants of the houses located in the October 19th street.

   In line with this, and after emphasizing the first acts to establish a security perimeter and area to limit the possibility of further landslides effective by the Civil Protection, has revealed that the Government Sub Almería, Andrés García Lorcha, visit Wednesday the municipality to start designing a plan of action.

   Sola has recognized that the solution to a "problem with the added handicap of not knowing how it will behave the hill" will be "expensive and not easy", so it has demanded the "collaboration" of all administrations.

   There are seven houses affected by landslides that forced in the early hours of Monday evict the first four people, a young couple and a woman and her son, who spent the night at the home of relatives.

   The first earthworks took place at around 01.15 hours. The monitoring device consists of Guardia Civil and Local Police in the area remains the possibility of further landslides that may occur.

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