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Monday, November 19, 2012


I have just been told about a large landslip in Zurgena. I believe it is at the bottom of town passed the supermarket and just as you head out towards Arboleas. I have no further details at the moment but worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of going that way.


Detachment of the "Las Lomas" Hill passing through the Avenue on October 19.
City Hall advises: we are putting the human and material means necessary to safeguard the physical integrity of the neighbors and restore normalcy as soon as possible. However please note that given the emergency situation, you maintain maximum precaution when it comes to circulate through the area. We sympathize with the families who have been evicted and they want to get our commitment to all the means that are at our disposal to soon return to their homes.

It would appear to not have affected the road through.

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