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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nearly Normal

Well things seem to be settling down a little bit following the horrendous storm and floods. Whilst there are still many infrastructure issues to be resolved at least the basics are in place. In view of that I need to review the outstanding bits from just before the storm,

1. ICPs A number of you contacted me wishing to be included in any list of houses who wanted to have them fitted by an authorised electrical company. I have since received a copy of a  letter, which a resident from Cuesta de los Pinos, received from Endesa. This letter seems to indicate that they are intending changing all meters to incorporate an ICP. If this is the case then any, and all, of you who do no, as yet, have an ICP fitted but, are receiving your electricity from Endesa, will be getting a new meter which will include the ICP. In view of this I have not yet progressed the request to get one company to do all until I clarify exactly (if I can) what Endesa intend to do and whether it will cover everyone.

2. Regarding the WiFi and the problem with the connection continually dropping and having to be logged back into, I had received 6 responses from people who had this problem. If you have not yet informed me of this being a problem for yourself then please let me know a) username b) name and address and c) how you connect to the Town Hall WiFi with type of aerial. This list will be provided to try and help the TH identify and correct the problem. Sorry not sorted earlier but sure you appreciate why.

We have still not had our budget planning meeting but of course this is now down to Ana. I hope it is not too long in being held.

All your messages of appreciation, for the work of the Town Hall during the recent troubles, has been passed on to those responsible. Thank you.

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