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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mancomunidad Meeting tonight

Many thanks to the 50 expats who gave up an hour of their time tonight to support the Town Hall at the Mancomunidad meeting. I have to apologise for their being no interpreter but I could see that the majority of those present were up to speed with their understanding of Spanish!

Basically the meeting was opened by the President of the Mancomunidad, which is a representative body of commercial, political and personal bodies from the whole valley. There were reps from the other Town Halls, business and commercial organisations on the top table. The meeting considered 3 motions which they sought to have agreement on. These were all related to issues of the support and lack of support from the Junta during the time since the storm. They covered issues such as the lack of action to minimise loss to businesses and people in the valley, the help we expected, and should get, regarding traffic problems and I lost the last bit!

The meeting approved the following motions.

1st demand the opening of diversion for the heavy traffic as a matter of urgency, within a maximum of 24 hours, considering that is is damaging severely the sector transport of the Valle del Almanzora.

2 Demand the resignation of the Provincial Deleada and the Minister of development, for his incompetence when it comes to give a quick and effective solution to the diversion of the road A-334.

3 Demand the return of the different traffic sanctions brought to drivers during the days that remained open the offset by the Town Hall in Zurgena, and the days after its reopening by the Board, given the serious damages to the sector transport, businesses and entrepreneurs of the region and the rest of drivers in general. In addition we call damages ocasionasionados to that sector, given the increase in costs of long alternate routes posed by the Board in the beginning.

Candido gave a diary outlining the situation as pertained to Zurgena Council during the days and weeks since the storm. He highlighted the lack of response from the Junta, the action by the Junta which forced the closure of the road and the officiousness of the Police in threatening to issue tickets. He explained what we had done as a council and the difficulties we faced and the fact that everything Zurgena had done since 2004 was deemed illegal by the Junta and now it seems even emergency roads are. He also highlighted the fact that we had worked as an all party council where politics did not interfere with getting things done.

Some members of the Mancomunidad spoke of their gratitude to the Town Hall for their actions and of the need for the meeting to express strong solidarity with Zurgena and to press for our (the whole valleys) situation  to be more effectively considered and helped.

It was important that the meeting showed togetherness from all the represented bodies, including our neighbours, so that the message we send the Junta is truly representative. I, and the Town Hall, were therefore grateful to all who attended and filled the hall to help show our support for the motions which were all carried unanimously. Those of you who attended will be featured in the Spanish press in the next few days.

Thanks again.

The Town Hall Facebook page is summarised above.

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