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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water Sunday & Update Sunday 1800

As previously stated the water wagon will be at La Vida and Cucador today at 11.0am. It will also be at  Barrioo Chicago and in the pueblo at Zurgena at 1015am.
  The TH staff have been working to try and open a route from Palaces to behind the cemetery. The last I knew they hoped to finich that last night.

It is hoped that a water supply service will continue for as long as it needed. Details will be circulated by the TH on flyers, Facebook and I will post on here and circulate through NHW coordinators as and when we know the timetables.

Regarding the roads there has been a few developments today. Firstly the Junta have opened a route from Cucador to Huercal Overa through Los Llanos just follow the signs. This will help as currently the only way to access the motorway is through Albox and Taberno. I am also informed that there is work being carried out in Palaces to possibly create a route to Ballabona. As and when I hear this to be open I will circulate.

Finally indebted to Mike Mallen for the below information.

There is a very useful Official Web Site It's Spain's version of the UK's Highways Department/Dpt of Transport.  To access local information:
From the Home page: On the left-hand side select "Información de Carreteras" - 4th box down
Select the first option "Estado de la Carreteras"
Top left side of page has a map of Spain - just below this select top drop down box (Initially marked Todas las CC AA) and select "Andalucia"
This brings up all details of problem areas in our Andalucia in alphabetical order by Province; so, Almeria problems come up first.
To check other regions, return to 3. above and select "Region de Murcia"
Finally; just to round off - DON'T MAKE JOURNEYS UNLESS NECESSARY

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