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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Secretary

Iw as called to a meeting this evening to discuss the situation we faced regarding the Town Halls secretary. Those of you who have followed the blog will know what problems we have had over the years with this position. We have been told that although Isa does a great job standins in for the legal position of secretary she cannot perform this role as it needs to be a particularly qualified and independent person. As Ana is back in harness she had been making enquiries and found that the person who is secretary at Olula del Rio is willing to work 2 days a week for us for €1000 a month. We discussed this issue and agreed that as it is a lefgal requirement we had better comply. We are to hold another meeting tomorrow afternoon to meet this person and agree a contract.

Secondly Ana told us that the architect in the Junta is still saying that our PGOU cannot advance in its current state but we need to look at exactly what he is saying and have a full meeting once his position is made more clear.

We also agreed to look at setting up our regular weekly meetings again now that all the councillors are back in harness.

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