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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Band Nights

I have only just been made to realise what a big event this weekends assembled bands concerts are for our area. It is probably going to be the only time in our lifetime when this happens in our town.

As I previously published the bands will assemble near to the Renfe and starting at 7.30pm one band at a time will process from there along the road towards the petrol station turning right to go down the main road and then turn right into the road towards Latinos. They will then have refreshments in the square and the concerts will start in that square and be displayed on a large screen so that all can see. I believe that the event, in part, will be televised but I do not know.

The bands come from Macael, Taberno, El Ejido, Velez Rubio Pulpi and Carboneras, to name just a few. There will be 6 bands each evening Friday Saturday and Sunday following the same route and timescale. I think it will be well worth calling to see.

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